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If any of you are having trouble getting to any of the links below with Netscape Communicator, try using M/S Internet Explorer. Don't like it? US Either. Tell Mr. Bill... And while we're @ it for Discussion... Do you see your PC as a Product or a Service? Coming Soon - DRM O/S (Digital Rights Management O/S).

From Lou Warren: We've briefly discussed ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) as it relates to Building PC's, please take note of PEI - Petroleum Equipment Institute's Stop Static Campaign! No joke, this is serious! Please READ IT! (7/2/2002)

images/bullet2.gifDDR News Headlines, from: www.Crucial.com

News Highlights:
  1. Noise Reduction: BIAS Sound Soap will be shipping end of March! (3/17/2003)

  2. Audio:

    1. Cakewalk Pyro 2003 - Digital Media, MP3 & CD Maker - Coming Soon! (3/19/2003)

    2. Cakewalk Project5 Soft Synth Workstation shipping end of March! (3/17/2003)


  3. Wed, 3-05-03: Recording Audio - From Turntable to Hard Drive by Tom Tyner.

  4. Wed, 2-26-03: Our Discussion will include Special Presentations from CPU Magazine & Smart Computing - Join us if you can! For those of you who cannot attend, we'll have a follow-up of the days' activities posted afterwards. Our Speakers, Chris McGreer & Erik Egeberg invite you to contact them for questions regarding their Presentation or the Special Offer (2/28/2003)

  5. Read Joe's latest comments (If I were Building a System Today...) regarding which MotherBoard to use and why - Either the GA-7VAXP (FireWire) or GA-7VAXP Ultra (SerialATA) (2/14/2003).

  6. Coming soon... Maxtor Personal Storage 5000DV, Keyspan USB 2.0 / FireWire combo PCI card and M-Audio's Revolution (2/10/2003)!

  7. USB: Comparing USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 - The Nitty Gritty (12/8/2002).

  8. Backing up your hard drive with Retrospect by Joe Whinery (11/29/2002).

  9. Converting from NTFS to FAT32 in Win2K or WinXP by George Walker (11/5/2002).
  10. Drive Letter Assignments in WinXP Pro by George Walker (10/21/2002).

  11. 2002 Ford Think Neighbor - Electric Car by Gus Hrncir (10/14/2002).

  12. Audio News: Press Releases - Pinnacle Systems Agrees To Acquire Steinberg for $24 million in January 2003. Steinberg is a recognized industry leader in digital audio. This transaction significantly broadens Pinnacle's digital media offerings. Interesting to note this News since Apple recently purchased Emagic making that audio solution a Mac only offering whereas before they had PC's in mind. Steinberg products should continue to prosper under Pinnacle's oversight (12/19/2002).
  13. Audio: M-Audio Launches Industry’s First High-Definition 7.1 Surround Sound Card: PDF File - MSRP $99.00 (12/12/2002).
  14. Warning: Unfriendly Greeting Cards Exposed! E-cards (12/10/2002)
  15. Converting from NTFS to FAT32 in Win2K or WinXP From George Walker (11/5/2002).
  16. Drive Letter Assignments in WinXP Pro by George Walker (10/21/2002).
  17. GigaByte GA-7VAXP FireWire MotherBoard (10/14/2002).
  18. 2002 Ford Think Neighbor - Electric Car by Gus Hrncir (10/14/2002).
  19. GigaByte GA-7VRXP RAID MotherBoard (10/7/2002).


2003 News Logs:

After leaving our Index page, current News Topics reside here for the year, then move onto another page specific for that year past such as 2002 News Archive or onto BuildOrBuy News Topics Of 2001.

  1. www.eWeek.com - More on What's Coming in Windows XP SP2: (12/17/2003).
    1. WinXPSP2_Documentation.doc
    2. www.microsoft.com/WindowsXP/pro/downloads/
  2. www.eWeek.com - No MS Security Issues In December Think Again!: Internet Explorer @ Risk @ Work! (12/17/2003)


  3. CD Recording: CD-burning software prompts patent suit CNET News.com: "A small California storage company filed a patent suit late Friday against software maker Roxio and said the dispute will likely expand to cover other hardware and software companies involved with CD-ROMs." (12/15/2003)


  4. Storage: www.eetAsia.com - Nanoparticle arrays explored for terabit-level disks: "The density of information stored on magnetic films has increased by a factor of 2 million since disk drives were introduced by IBM Corp. in 1957. Drives storing 70 Gbits/square inch are on the market now. Research projects have demonstrated densities three times as high. The dizzying pace, which outstrips the growth curve of silicon VLSI technology, has been sustained by fundamental materials research." (12/15/2003)
  5. PDF Tools: LuraDocument.jpm PdfCompressor Desktop version available! Application allows scanned documents to be converted into highly compressed PDF files for colored archiving (12/10/2003).
  6. www.eWeek.com - Microsoft to Junk Flagship Products, Cites Java Settlement: "The products targeted for phase-out are those that embed Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine technology." Goodbye Win98! (12/10/2003)


  7. Routers: www.ExtremeTech.com - Coming Soon Ultra-Fast, Interoperable Wireless Routers: "...routers to reach 125 Mbps throughput over the 802.11g standard." (12/10/2003)
  8. www.ExtremeTech.com - Review Sony DRU-530A 8x DVD Burner: "Sony ships the first DVD recorder to officially support 8x DVD+R media." (12/9/2003)
  9. www.ExtremeTech.com - OSTA Don't Scrimp On DVD Burner Media: Use Higher Quality Media... (12/9/2003).


  10. Memory: www.ExtremeTech.com - Micron Begins DDR-2 Volume Production: "Micron said it was shipping 256-megabit, 512-Mbit, and 1-Gbit DDR-2 chips to OEMs. DDR-2 Memory will become widely used in the second quarter of next year when Intel introduces its "Grantsdale" chipset, which will begin the transition from the current DDR-1 to DDR-2 technology." (12/9/2003)
  11. www.eetAsia.com - Disk storage systems market stabilizes, IDC reports: "Worldwide disk storage systems factory revenues were $4.8 billion in the third quarter of 2003 - down 0.3 percent compared with the third quarter of 2002, according to IDC's Worldwide Disk Storage Systems Quarterly Tracker. Demand continued to be relatively soft and well below historical levels, growing a modest 36 percent year-over-year to 197 petabytes shipped in the third quarter." (12/9/2003)
  12. Pointing Devices: www.eetAsia.com - Agilent ships 200 millionth mouse sensor: "Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced that it has shipped its 200 millionth optical mouse sensor. The company offers sensors ranging from low-cost 400 count-per-inch (CPI) resolutions for entry-level mice to sensors providing up to 800 CPI resolutions with automatic power conservation" (12/9/2003)
  13. Gateway turns PC into entertainment gizmo - CNET News.com: Intel's vision of Digital Media Adapter... Media Center PC Entertainment Device (12/6/2003).


  14. Wireless: What's in store for Wi-Fi standards - CNET News.com: "...as more companies join the working group and lobby to have new features included in upcoming standards, the process of finalizing standards gets more complicated and takes longer." (12/5/2003)


  15. Post-turkey consumers gobble up goods - CNET News.com: "Post-turkey sales pitch..." (12/3/2003).


  16. www.SingingFish.com - America Online Delivers Next Wave In Consumer Convenience With Expanded AOL Search: Announced November 19, 2003 (12/2/2003).
  17. www.ExtremeTech.com - DDNS Service To Block Faulty Linksys Routers: Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router Patch (12/2/2003).
    1. Linksys Firmware Upgrades: Firmware Update made available 11/11/2003.
  18. www.ExtremeTech.com - Symantec Acknowledges Activation Bug, Posts Fix: "...the bug affected on the order of one-half of one percent of our users." Sure. Better fix? Change AntiVirus Software! Problem? Would YOU like to have been that User? (12/2/2003)
  19. GigaStudio Audio Library News: New Audio Sampler Libraries...
    1. Harmony-Central.com - Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Captured for GigaStudio: "While the library was originally designed for the forthcoming version of GigaStudio (v3.0), Shirokuma gave heed to the calls of the enthusiasts and decided to publish a version of the library for the currently shipping GigaStudio v2." www.orgona.org & www.shirokuma.hu (12/2/2003)
    2. Garritan Personal Orchestra Released. Promoted as "the first affordable orchestral library, sample player and notation program in one convenient package at the groundbreaking price of $249.00. This orchestral package sets a new price/performance standard in the sampling industry." (12/2/2003)
  20. www.eetAsia.com - DVD Forum approves portion of new format: HD DVD Read Only Format -  "An HD DVD format proposed by Toshiba Corp. and NEC Corp. as the next-generation DVD format was finally approved by the DVD Forum's Steering Committee during recent Meetings in New York. The proposal includes both read-only and rewritable formats, but only the ROM format in its 0.9 version was approved by the Committee during Meetings last week by a vote of 8-6. The HD DVD Format is a violet laser-based optical disk system with a capacity of 15GB to 20GB per side using the same disk structure as current DVD disks." (12/1/2003)


  21. www.eetAsia.com - IBM could be a partner in AMD's Dresden fab: "U.S. chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has decided to build a 300mm wafer fab in Dresden Germany, rather than using an IBM Corp. fab in East Fishkill, N.Y. But IBM could still play a role in AMD's future manufacturing plans, the company said." (11/25/2003)
  22. www.eetAsia.com - Intel commits $36M to supercomputer R&D: "Intel Corp. announced during the Supercomputing 2003 conference that it will spend $36 million over the next three years on R&D to fuel use of its Pentium and Itanium processors in high performance systems." (11/25/2003)


  23. Spam: House passes antispam bill CNET News.com: "President Bush has indicated he will sign the measure, titled... ( CAN-SPAM )." (11/24/2003)
  24. SBC raps RIAA subpoenas in court CNET News.com: "Lawyers from the record industry and telecommunications giant SBC Communications faced off in a San Francisco courtroom Friday in a dispute over the record label's legal charges against file swappers." (11/21/2003).
  25. www.ExtremeTech.com - ZoneLabs Firewall Now Protects Against ID Theft: ZoneAlarm Pro 4.5 Firewall (11/19/2003).
  26. www.eWeek.com - New Windows Worm on the Way: "...proof-of-concept exploit code for one of the newly discovered vulnerabilities in Windows..." (11/19/2003)
  27. HP adds zip to desktop PCs CNET News.com: HP adding Athlon64 to PC lineup. "Indeed, the Presario 8000Z is the first of a family of HP desktops that will contain the Athlon 64 chip..." (11/17/2003).


  28. GigaStudio Audio News: www.fx-max.com - Coming Soon... Giga VST Adapter: VSTi wrapper for GigaStudio 2.54 and 3. The program will integrate the World's best known Software Sampler right into your favorite VST Host. Furthermore, using it with FX Teleport you soon will be able to run GigaStudio on dedicated LAN-connected computers as VSTis. No additional audio or MIDI hardware needed (11/15/2003).
  29. MP3.com Changes Hands - "CNET Networks, Inc announced today that it has acquired certain assets of MP3.com, Inc. ...on Tuesday, December 2, 2003 at 12:00 PM PST the MP3.com website will no longer be accessible in its current form. CNET Networks, Inc. plans to introduce a new MP3 music service in the near future. If you would like to receive email updates on this service, including an invitation to a special members-only preview, please sign up here." Good bye to a great service. Now what about those great Artists? Where will they go for exposure? (11/14/2003)
  30. iTunes helper allows MP3 downloads CNET News.com: MyTunes (11/14/2003).
  31. Roxio pushing Napster 2.0 as Free Download... Some things are best left alone. Napster 2 is one of them. (11/14/2003)


  32. Corporate classrooms CNET News.com: Technology & Education in the Classrooms - Our Children Are Our Future! (11/12/2003)
  33. A Comdex mea culpa CNET News.com: Growing Pangs - Know Thy Customer, Know Thy Industry or Reinvent Thyself! (11/12/2003).
  34. Pioneer, Iomega launch DVD burners CNET News.com: Pioneer DVR-A07, 8X Dual Format DVD Recorder (11/12/2003).
  35. 1394 FireWire: www.eetAsia.com - Oxford bridge chip offers 88Mbps transfer rate: "The OXFW912 from Oxford Semiconductor is claimed by the company as the first FireWire800 (IEEE1394b) to IDE (ATA7) bridge chip to maximize transfer rates for both single and dual disk drives. When striping data across two drives, the chip can achieve a transfer rate of more than 88Mbps and maintains its high transfer efficiency even for small data block sizes in single drive applications. Compliant with the ATA7 and UDMA6 drive standards, the OXFW912 IDE interface also provides 48-bit LBA support for larger drives." (11/8/2003)


  36. www.digitimes.com - Taiwan DVD drive makers may overtake international competitors in 2004: Companies shifting focus to the development 12x and 16x drives. "After successively rolling out their 8x DVD+RW models in September and October, leading companies BenQ, Lite-On IT, and Quanta Storage immediately followed with 8x DVD-dual drives." (11/7/2003)
  37. Plan A for Microsoft CNET News.com: "Ultimately, we're the company that believes in the power of the local hard disk," said Gordon Mangione, corporate vice president of Microsoft's SQL Server team. "It's been the thing that has driven the PC revolution for many, many years." (11/6/2003)
  38. msdn.microsoft.com - Longhorn Developer Center: Get a Look @ the next Windows OS (11/6/2003).


  39. GigaStudio Audio Libraries: Harmony-Central.com - Three New GigaStudio Libraries Released: Available from Tascam - Peter Ewers' Symphonic Organ Samples 2, John Rekevics Saxophone and Westgate Studios Woodwind Collection libraries (11/5/2003).
  40. Intel mulls metal over silicon for future chips CNET News.com: "...may appear in 2007 with the 45-nanometer manufacturing process." (11/5/2003)
  41. www.eWeek.com - Novell, Red Hat and the Linux Desktop: 210 Million Reasons... (11/5/2003).
  42. Projectors: www.extremetech.com - Sub-$1,000 Projector Shoot-Out: Dell, Toshiba & InFocus (11/4/2003).
  43. Cancer victims go to court against IBM CNET News.com: "...in a landmark legal case that seeks to hold IBM responsible for alleged toxic chemical poisoning of employees at its manufacturing plants." (11/4/2003).
  44. AntiVirus Solutions: New worm poses DoS attack threat CNET News.com: Mimail.c worm variant (11/3/2003).


  45. AntiVirus Solutions: zdnet.com - News Product activation glitch hits Symantec: "...mistakenly asks for a product activation code every time a PC is rebooted. Eventually, the software informs the consumers that they have reached the activation limit and the software will cease to function." Suggested Solution from Symantec? Don't reboot. As in 'Don't turn your PC OFF'. Sure. Any Questions? (11/3/2003)
  46. Audio Plug-Ins: Got Noise? Get Redunoise! Voxengo introduces Redunoise VST PlugIn - A high resolution Audio Noise Reduction system in PC VST plug-in format delivering an unprecedented quality, offering the most comprehensive control. (10/31/2003)
  47. www.eetAsia.com - Micron releases DDR2 SDRAMS in FBGA packaging: "The company has also shipped its first samples of 4GB DDR SDRAM registered DIMM modules. It claims that it is the first to validate 256Mb DDR2 components with Intel." (10/31/2003)

  48. Taipei Times - archives: MIT students find way to share music by cable, legally "They've basically managed to cut the record labels out of the equation altogether." (10/30/2003)

  49.  Microsoft makes its Longhorn pitch CNET News.com: Microsoft Professional Developers Conference - "...biggest effort since Windows 95." (10/27/2003)

    1. WinFS: Gates trots out Longhorn CNET News.com: "...a new File System known as WinFS borrows from Microsoft's relational database technology." (10/27/2003)


  50. www.eetAsia.com - Nvidia releases GPUs for next-gen gaming systems: "The GeForce FX 5950 Ultra is the fastest GPU in the company's history. Manufactured using 0.13µm process technology at TSMC, the GPU combines fast clock rates with a 256-bit memory bus. It is designed to deliver cinematic-quality graphics and studio-quality color. The GeForce FX 5700 Ultra GPU offers gamers a DirectX 9.0 performance at a mainstream price." (10/27/2003)

  51. www.eetAsia.com - Polight to cease operations: "a Holographic Data Storage (HDS) developer... the key and missing element to enable HDS to transform removable data storage technologies has been the media... funding needed was determined to be un-economic..." (10/27/2003)

  52. X10 files for Chapter 11 CNET News.com: No more X10 PopUps... (10/23/2003).

  53. www.microsoft.com - What You Should Know About the Security Updates for October 2003: (10/23/2003).

  54. www.eetAsia.com - Maxtor demonstrates 175GB disk prototype: "MMC Technology Inc., the media subsidiary of hard drive maker Maxtor Corp., has announced a prototype 175GB disk for perpendicular recording." (10/23/2003)


  55. Multiple Monitors: Matrox introduces new Matrox QID - The Matrox Quad Information Display (QID) AGP Graphics Card represents the evolution of Matrox's cutting-edge Multi-Monitor Technology, offering high-performance quad-display support for dynamic public information displays (10/22/2003).

  56. www.extremetech.com - Sony Announces 8X Burners; Blue Laser Up Next: "...internal DRU-530A, which will ship in December for an estimated price of $270..." (10/22/2003).

  57. Apple whistles a happy 1 million iTunes CNET News.com: Over One Million Served... (10/21/2003).

  58. Audio News: Harmony-Central.com - OMX 64 DAW Added to Open Labs Product Line: Open Labs 64 bit PC DAW  (10/21/2003).


  59. www.eWeek.com - Apple Unveils Music Store for Windows: Another Trap for the Mice! "...Jobs unveiled a Windows-compatible Apple iTunes Music Store..." ()10/18/2003

  60. Windows Versions: www.extremetech.com - Microsoft Delays 64-Bit Windows XP For Athlon 64: "...SKUs are due to ship simultaneously with Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, which Microsoft, as of last week, delayed until the latter half of 2004." (10/18/2003)

  61. Copy Controls: www.extremetech.com - Let My Content Go: Content Protection - Distribution & Access plus Winners and Losers (10/16/2003)


  62. Copy Controls: Patent fight shadows Microsoft lawsuit CNET News.com: Macrovision vs. InterTrust Technologies (10/15/2003).

  63. www.extremetech.com - Maxtor Prepares To Leap Storage Hurdle: "...a new storage technique called "perpendicular recording", maintaining the steady increases in storage capacity the hard drive industry has come to expect." (10/15/2003)

  64. File Sharing: HELIOS WebShare adds fast and secure remote Internet file sharing as a critical 3rd dimension to its suite of leading File Servers - A stand alone product now supporting Windows 2000 / 2003 Server (10/15/2003).

    1. HELIOS WebShare presentation

    2. HELIOS Software Test Drive Download

  65. Desktop Back Ups With Retrospect: Dantz Announces Support For Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003! Thursday, Dantz announced Dantz Retrospect 6.5 for Windows supporting the newly released Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 (both Standard and Premium Editions). Dantz is a leader in backup and restore software for small and midsize businesses. Definitely a favorite of BackUp Solutions! (10/14/2003)

  66. Audio Loops: Native Instruments announces Loop Sampler INTAKT @ AES Convention in New York due out in November. For Users disenfranchised with Sonic Foundry's Acid Pro since being sold to Sony Digital Media, we have new Loop Tool options thanks to Native Instruments! "INTAKT offers beat slicing, time stretching and classic sampling, can load REX files and many other formats, and synchronizes loops automatically to song tempo. INTAKT integrates first class modulation and effects and a 1.3 GB loop library with drum and instrument loops from Zero-G and East West." (10/14/2003)

  67. www.theinquirer.net - Sunncomm backs down from shift key prosecution: (10/11/2003).


  68. Copy Controls: Shift key breaks CD copy locks CNET News.com: Philips Compact Disc Digital Audio - When is a CD no longer a CD? DRM Rocket Science from a Security Researcher's Perspective - Discussing John Halderman's Analysis of the MediaMax CD3 Copy-Prevention System from SunnComm Technologies (10/10/2003).

  69. Security: Microsoft's new security plan CNET News.com: Better takes more time. Sure. In the mean time... (10/10/2003).

  70. Serial ATA: www.extremetech.com - Four Massive Serial ATA Hard Drives: Hitachi 250GB, Maxtor 250GB, WDC 250GB & Seagate 160GB (ST3160023AS) - Native Serial ATA & Marvell (88i8030) Parallel-to-Serial ATA Bridge Chip Converts (10/10/2003).


  71. File Sharing: SurfSecret Win32news: EarthStation P2P Software Opens a Backdoor on Your Computer (10/10/2003).

  72. File Sharing: SurfSecret Win32news: New Software For Universities Detects and Blocks Out P2Ps (10/10/2003).

  73. www.extremetech.com - Driver Madness: Video Card Drivers

  74. October Trade Shows: 115th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention: October 10 - 13, 2003 • Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY, USA.


  75. Software makers promise smoother activation CNET News.com: Product Activation Limitations & Intrusions... (10/7/2003).

  76. www.extremetech.com - Five Multiformat DVD Recorders: (10/7/2003).

  77. www.eetasia.com - LCDs, desktop monitor shipments increase; CRTs down in Q2 '03: "Geographically speaking, DisplaySearch reports that LCD penetration was at least 44 percent in Japan, Europe, and North America and below 20 percent in the rest of world (ROW)." (10/7/2003)

  78. Philips boosts DVD capacity CNET News.com: (10/7/2003).

  79. Speakers: Klipsch ProMedia Ultra-5.1 Now Available! (10/7/2003).

  80. Microsoft Exchange Server Attend a Free Exchange Server 2003 Launch Event: Plus Order or Download your Free Evaluation Kit! (10/2/2003)

  81. Trade Associations: Association of Storage Networking Professionals (ASNP): The first worldwide Association dedicated to the needs of Storage Networking Users. ASNP has launched with 22 Regional Chapters around the world and are now recruiting new members (10/1/2003).

  82. Total Recorder Standard Edition 4.3 has been released! (10/1/2003)

  83. Harmony-Central.com -  M-Audio Announces Support for AMD Athlon 64 Processor: (10/1/2003).


  84. Symantec buys storage software maker CNET News.com: First Nexland Aggregate Routers and now Ghost & Drive Image under one Roof? Best way to eliminate competition? Anyone see a 'Disk Imaging' Monopoly with this idea? Why create Technology when you can but it! (10/1/2003)

  85. www.extremetech.com - 64-Bits in a Small Package: Shuttle's Small Form Factor Athlon64 Box (9/26/2003).

  86. AMD's 64-bit adventure begins CNET News.com: (9/24/2003).

  87. End of An Era... Upgrade to Sony Sound Forge 7.0. Sony now in full control of Sonic Foundry Digital Media desktop products line - Sonic Foundry Sound Forge is now Sony Sound Forge! The multimedia production technologies from Sonic Foundry are now part of the Sony Pictures Digital Media Software and Services family. Upgrade to Sound Forge 7.0 Software now for only $99 and save $50. Special Offer Expires October 31, 2003 - Click Here. How will this change of ownership affect current loyal Customers? Time will tell (9/24/2003).

    1. Sony Pictures Digital Media Software and Services:

    2. For Sony Technical Support or Product Questions:

  88. AMD Athlon 64: AMD Proudly Introduces the Only Windows Compatible 64-bit PC Processors - Socket 754 pin! "The AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Athlon 64 FX processors run on AMD64 technology, a revolutionary technology that allows the processor to run 32-bit applications at full speed while enabling the coming wave of powerful, 64-bit software applications."

    images/bullet2.gifOn October 1st, Log in to the AMD Athlon 64 Promotions Section and, if eligible, participate for a chance to be entered into a drawing to win an AMD Athlon 64 FX processor-based gaming system or AMD Athlon 64 PIB (9/23/2003).

    1. AOpen.com - Motherboards: Athlon 64 - Socket 754 pin (9/23/2003).

    2. GigaByte - Athlon 64 Motherboard - GA-K8NNXP: GigaByte Athlon 64 MB - GA-K8NNXP with nForce3 150 Chipset (9/6/2003).

    3. VIA Technologies, Inc.: VIA K8T800 chipset - For Single & Dual Processor Systems (9/23/2003).


  89. www.extremetech.com - Intel Embraces Enthusiasts: Intel Acknowledging & Embracing Bleeding Edge Users!?! Figuring out the new Business Model... (9/19/2003)

  90. Outlook Help: SurfSecret SpamDrop for Outlook released! (9/18/2003)

  91. www.pcmag.com - Total Security: Privacy, Passwords and Data Security (9/18/2003).

  92. www.extremetech.com - Successor to Cardbus Being Prepped: New ExpressCard standard - A more compact card format (9/18/2003).

  93. Intel slips in a new Pentium 4 CNET News.com: (9/17/2003).

  94. IO Bus Technologies: www.extremetech.com - Low-Power PCI Express Spec Debuts: Intel IDF (9/16/2003).


  95. File-Sharing Companies Offer to Pay Girl's Settlement (TechNews.com): (9/11/2003).

  96. Creative Advances PC Audio Standard To 7.1 Surround: Introducing Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS sound card and Creative GigaWorks S750 & Creative Inspire T7700 speaker systems (9/11/2003).


  97. SurfSecret Win32news: Security Glitch Shows Spammers Email Addresses - A Support Group for Spammers... Article on Wired.com (9/11/2003).

  98. Windows Versions: Sept 10: Windows Storage Server 2003 Launches: (9/10/2003).

  99. Serial ATA: www.EETAsia.com - Silicon Image debuts 3Gbps-capable SATA controller: "The SiI 3124 is compliant with the Serial ATA 1.0 Specification and supports all SATA II extensions to the Serial ATA 1.0 Specification..." (9/8/2003).

  100. New Office locks down documents CNET News.com: DRM Desktop (9/8/2003).

    1. Microsoft Office:

  101. BeOS: Microsoft settles Be suit for $23 million CNET News.com: (9/8/2003).

  102. The Register: Motherboards manufacturers plan to bundle Athlon 64 chips with Athlon 64 Motherboards (9/6/2003).

    1. GigaByte - Athlon 64 Motherboard - GA-K8NNXP: GigaByte Athlon 64 MB - GA-K8NNXP with nForce3 150 Chipset (9/6/2003).

    2. www.nvidia.com/page/mobo.html: NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform processors.


  103. Microsoft Office System Launch Event: Scheduled for Oct 21st, 2003 (9/5/2003).

  104. BetaNews New Windows Update Covers More Products: "the Alpha" release -- of V5 will launch in late September... (9/5/2003).


  105. Monitors: www.extremetech.com - Top Tip Multiple monitor support: (9/5/2003).

  106. www.eWeek.com - Coalition to Fight Online Identity Theft: (9/5/2003).

  107. Music giant plans to drop CD prices CNET News.com: "...suggested Retail Pricing for Music CDs to $13, from between $17 and $19." (9/3/2003)

  108. Defrag: Diskeeper Professional version 8 Sneak Preview - Download Free Trialware Now! (9/3/2003)


  109. Corel buyout final - CNET.com: Let us all hope for better times for Corel (9/3/2003).


  110. Maxtor to release new backup drive - CNET News.com: With One Touch Backup capability (9/3/2003).

  111. www.extremetech.com - Govt. Explains How It Caught Blaster Author: (8/30/2003).

  112. www.seagate.com - Seagate Ships First Consumer Electronics Hard Drives Using New Video Streaming Industry Standard: New Consumer Electronics (CE) Hard Drives for PVR - ATA/7 Specification compatible HD's optimized for A/V streaming performance (8/28/2003).

  113. www.eWeek.com - RIAA Discloses Some Methods of Tracking: "The RIAA's latest court papers describe in unprecedented detail some sophisticated forensic techniques used by its investigators." (8/28/2003)

  114. www.amd.com/hightechhunt: AMD Athlon64 High-Tech Treasure Hunt - You have until September 15, 2003 (11:59 p.m. EST) to complete your journey! (8/28/2003)

  115. www.pcmag.com: Build or Buy Learn How to Build Your Own PC: Any questions where WE stand on this Topic and why? Attend BuildOrBuy to learn why! Whether you're picky, a perfectionist or just need a little Guidance, anyone can Build a PC and have fun dong so! (8/28/2003)


  116. InfoWorld Sobig.F worm could have originated on Usenet August 25, 2003 By Security: (8/25/2003)

  117. InfoWorld.com - Gartner Microsoft cuts Windows price to $40 in Thailand August 25, 2003 By Platforms: (8/25/2003)


  118. www.digitimes.com - VIA PT800-based mobos to ship this month: "Shipments of MotherBoards using the PT800 Chipset [Supports Serial ATA/RAID + Single-Channel DDR400 Memory for Intel's P4] offered by VIA Technologies should start by late August, according to sources at Taiwanese motherboard makers." (8/25/2003)

    1. VIA Technologies: Via PT800 Chipset Features


  119. Developers to get first taste of 'Longhorn' CNET News.com: "...Microsoft plans to give developers their first hard look at the next version of Windows in October." (8/25/2003)

  120. Security: HoustonChronicle.com - Texas anti-spam law takes effect Sept. 1: "Unsolicited advertising must carry the note "ADV:" in its subject line, and messages with..." (8/22/2003).

  121. www.eweek.com - SoBig Virus Breaks Speed Records: More than 1.5 million Served and counting... Enough already! Uncle! (8/22/2003)

  122. www.pcmag.com - SoBig What You Need to Know: (8/22/2003).


  123. security.ziffdavis.com - SoBig Virus Returns: "...MessageLabs lists the worm as originating in the Netherlands..." (8/21/2003)

  124. www.microsoft-watch.com - What's Up With Windows: Windows Client... WinXP, Shorthorn bridge to Longhorn (8/20/2003).


  125. Serial ATA: www.EETAsia.com - 3Gbps host controllers set to go: "Marvell Semiconductor Inc. will get a jump on next-generation serial ATA designs when it announced that it is sampling 3Gbps host controllers. Once hard-disk drives based on Sata II emerge early next year, the SATA II Controllers aim to enable the faster and more robust set of mid- and low-end servers and arrays that are expected to support the second-generation standard.

    The Marvell devices link to a 64-bit, 133MHz PCI-X host bus. Future versions will link to PCI Express and will support the upcoming 3Gbps Serial Attached SCSI standard." (8/19/2003)

  126. Storage: www.EETAsia.com - Hard disk market returns to revenue growth in '03: "New technologies like the Serial ATA interface are taking off slowly, according to the market watcher. The report said even though mainstream chipsets support SATA, only 10 percent of all drives shipped in 2003 will use the new interface. That's because PC makers don't see significant performance benefits for SATA and are still equipping systems with the cheaper drives using the Parallel ATA interface. SATA will replace the majority of Parallel ATA drives by 2005, the report said."

  127. 'Good' worm, new bug mean double trouble CNET News.com: MSBlast and SoBig (8/19/2003).


  128. Serial ATA: www.EETAsia.com - 3Gbps host controllers set to go: "Marvell Semiconductor Inc. will get a jump on next-generation serial ATA designs when it announced that it is sampling 3Gbps host controllers. Once hard-disk drives based on Sata II emerge early next year, the SATA II Controllers aim to enable the faster and more robust set of mid- and low-end servers and arrays that are expected to support the second-generation standard.

    The Marvell devices link to a 64-bit, 133MHz PCI-X host bus. Future versions will link to PCI Express and will support the upcoming 3Gbps Serial Attached SCSI standard." (8/19/2003)

  129. Storage: www.EETAsia.com - Hard disk market returns to revenue growth in '03: "New technologies like the Serial ATA interface are taking off slowly, according to the market watcher. The report said even though mainstream chipsets support SATA, only 10 percent of all drives shipped in 2003 will use the new interface. That's because PC makers don't see significant performance benefits for SATA and are still equipping systems with the cheaper drives using the Parallel ATA interface. SATA will replace the majority of Parallel ATA drives by 2005, the report said."

  130. 'Good' worm, new bug mean double trouble CNET News.com: MSBlast and SoBig (8/19/2003).


  131. Media groups appeal P2P ruling CNET News.com: "...The RIAA, which was joined by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) in its appeal..." (8/19/2003).

  132. Long time BuildOrBuy & HAL-PC Member Ray Guillory passed away Saturday, Aug. 16, 2003 in Houston, TX. I remember when Ray decided to get Broadband through Road Runner in October 2001 and needed advice on a Firewall preference. He was also, I think, in the process of Building a new PC then. We appreciated his support, participation and friendship. He was a good man with a kind heart. Ray will be remembered by those of us who knew him and were privileged to share experiences with him.

    A Memorial Service will be held at 3:00 PM on Tues., 8/19/2003, at St. Ignatious Loyola Catholic Church, 7810 Cypresswood Dr. in Spring, TX. The internment will be private at a later date. There will be no funeral home visitation.

    1. Houston Chronicle - Death Notices: Ray Guillory (8/19/2003).

  133. Labels We're after big swappers CNET News.com: Beware Song Swappers! "...assurances that the industry was focusing on egregious offenders." Sure. (8/18/2003)


  134. BetaNews Microsoft Rethinks Outlook Express Future: Outlook Express is out! (8/18/2003)

  135. BetaNews Windows Media Music Services Arrive in Europe: MSN Music Club in UK (8/18/2003).


  136. InfoWorld Zone Labs moves to secure instant messaging August 11, 2003 By Applications: IMsecure Pro on the Desktop... (8/12/2003).

  137. www.eWeek.com - HP Plays to Consumers With Massive Product Launch: Enjoy More! (8/12/2003)

  138. Midlife crisis for the hard drive CNET News.com: We have capacity - Now we need real Speed Throughput beyond Burst Mode Access (8/11/2003).


  139. Court blocks some file-trading subpoenas CNET News.com: (8/11/2003).

  140. To all BuildOrBuy Members who knew him and to those who have heard of him and loved him, Tom Lassiter passed away on Friday. Tom was instrumental in making BuildOrBuy what it is today. He was the best and will be missed greatly. We treasure the friendship & memories of Tom Lassiter. In Memoriam, Donations should be made to Spinal Cord Injury Research of your choice.

    1. Houston Chronicle - Death Notices: Tom Lassiter (8/4/2003).

  141. www.eetasia.com - Team targets data storage development: Toshiba and M-Systems working together to develop new NAND flash-based data storage products (7/31/2003).

    1. www.m-sys.com - M-Systems - Leaders in Flash Data Storage:

  142. www.eWeek.com - Domain Name Detour: Brian Livingston is Back! (7/30/2003)

  143. www.theinquirer.net - RIAA will take 2191.78 years to sue everyone: Interesting. Do the math. Makes one think. No wonder RIAA is behind the curve. Wonder how many Musicians will see any of this money? Things that make you go hmm... (7/29/2003)

  144. www.eWeek.com - New Napster a Hybrid of Predecessors: Roxio Launches new Music Service, Napster 2.0 while shelving PressPlay. May the Force be with you - It IS! Can Roxio deliver? PC Users may want to wait and watch until Apple opens their iTunes Music Store to the rest of us. (7/29/2003)


  145. PDF Tools: www.pcmag.com - PDFing Cheap: The Portable Document File format - A Standard we all live with. Find cost effective means of creating PDF files and Tool Comparisons. And a reminder to keep your PDF Reader current too! (7/29/2003)

  146. www.pcmag.com - Backup Data on the Moon: Calling All Space Cadets! Really! Can Data be any more secure there than here? Really? (7/23/2003)

  147. www.extremetech.com - Iomega Samples 1.5-GB DCT Drive: Digital Capture Technology - Any Buyers? (7/23/2003)

  148. Cracking Windows passwords in seconds CNET News.com: Feeling lucky? (7/23/2003)


  149. Serial ATA: InfoWorld Riding the SATA wave July 18, 2003 By Mario Apicella Storage: Serial ATA Disk Drives for the Enterprise - Comparing Maxtor, Seagate & WDC (7/22/2003).

  150. Special Offers! Visit any Barnes & Noble U.S. store or www.BarnesandNoble.com from July 15 through August 14 to save 40% on select Windows XP and Office XP best-selling titles! (7/22/2003)

  151. Construction: Builder Online - Home Technology: Best Software Buys Timberline - Timberline under intense competition this year from Intuit's MasterBuilder and NewStar (7/22/2003).

    1. Intuit Master Builder - A Better Way to Run Your Construction Business

    2. NEWSTAR Homebuilder - Construction Software - Realm Business Solutions

  152. Security: Microsoft warns of critical Windows flaw CNET News.com: "the remote procedure call (RPC) process, facilitates such activities such as sharing files and allowing others to use the computer's printer.

    By sending too much data to the RPC process, an attacker can cause the system to grant full access to the system." (7/18/2003)


  153. www.eetasia.com - PC shipments increased 10 percent in Q2 '03: "Further, Gartner says that U.S. PC shipments in Q2 of 2003 increased 11.1 percent, as the market received a boost from the consumer and education segments." (7/18/2003)

  154. www.eetasia.com - Cable modem service subscribers hit 27M: "Geographically, In-Stat says that North America has the most cable modem subscribers with over 14.6 million." (7/18/2003)

  155. CD Recording: www.nero.com - Ahead - Software: Nero 6 Ultra Edition official release Friday, July 18th! Nero 6 Demo available July 18th - Features include: Full Video editing, DVD Playback, Slideshow creation including audio, Backup including multiple modes, StartSmart Project launcher, Auto detection of new drives, MPEG-4 video encoding and playback - Unlimited HE-AAC (mp4) encoding. (7/16/2003)

  156. Spam: www.eweek.com - SpamShark Wins Analyst's Choice: The Fight Against Spam! (7/15/2003)


  157. CSA Gigabit Ethernet: www.eetasia.com - Realtek, Via eye Gigabit Ethernet silicon: "The market for Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) capability on desktop PCs looks ready for prime time - and a price war." (7/15/2003)

  158. Graphics: Paint Shop Pro 8 is out! www.jasc.com (7/14/2003).

  159. Bible Study Software Research Tools: WORDsearch and Epiphany Software Join Forces - "WORDsearch Corp and Epiphany Software, Inc., two leading providers of Bible software, jointly announced the merger of their companies today. Their combination brings together one of the largest electronic libraries of Bibles and reference resources with what is widely regarded as the easiest CD and web based Bible software program in the industry." (7/14/2003)

    1. www.WORDsearchBible.com
    2. www.EpiphanySoftware.com
    3. www.LifeWay.com
    4. www.LifeWay.com/BelievingGod
  160. RAM Chart: www.eetasia.com - Collaboration releases fastest memory available: "Rambus, Toshiba and Elpida have released the XDR DRAM, claiming the fastest memory available in the market today." (7/14/2003)

    1. www.rambus.com - Rambus Rambus XDR Memory Interface:

  161. www.extremetech.com - Kingston Announces DDR466, DDR500 DRAM Modules: "...Kingston is releasing "HyperX" branded modules based upon both types of specialty PC memory manufactured by Winbond..." (7/9/2003).

    1. www.kingston.com/hyperx/

  162. www.extremetech.com - Athlon 64 To Launch Sept. 22, AMD Document Says: Launch Info Released Accidentally on purpose? Sure. (7/9/2003)

  163. Networked Audio: www.EETasia.com - The benefits of Ethernet-based audio networks: "Some 100BASE-T Audio Networking Technologies support as many as 128 audio channels over a single CAT5 cable (1,280 using Gigabit Ethernet)..." (7/9/2003).

    1. Peak Audio - Developers of CobraNet™


  164. Storage: www.wwpi.com - WestWorld Productions -- CTN: Are You Ready for MAID Technology? (Massive Arrays of Inactive Disks) Storage (7/9/2003).

  165. Audio Plug-Ins: Voxengo Lampthruster PC VST Plug-In Released! Analogue Tube Gear in the native DAW environment - Lampthruster (Non Linear Processing Module), featuring: 9 artistic pre-amp models; Built-in vintage equalizer; Factory presets; Mono -> Stereo, Stereo -> Stereo processing modes; All sample rates supported; Highly optimized DSP plus 64-bit internal precision (7/7/2003).

  166. Processors: www.theinquirer.net - Intel declares Prescott pricing, intros 848P, 845GV chipsets: P4 3.40GHz Processor announced plus initial PCI Express implementations (7/7/2003).

  167. www.theinquirer.net - AMD readies price cuts, Opteron, Clawhammer intros: Initial Athlon64 pin count (7/7/2003).

  168. www.EETasia.com - Via denies impending sale of CPU unit: Transmeta rumored to be buyer  (7/7/2003).


  169. www.EETasia.com - HDD delivers 20MBps to 35MBps data transfer rate: "Faster Portable FireWire Hard Disk Drives..." (7/7/2003).

  170. www.microsoft.com/WindowsXP - Optimize Virtual Memory for Performance in Windows XP: Optimizing The Paging File... (7/7/2003).

  171. www.microsoft.com/mspress - Home and Office User Tips and Tricks: Seven Tips to Work Faster and Smarter with Windows XP (7/7/2003).

  172. www.eWeek.com - Intel's Madison: 64 Bits And Counting! (7/7/2003)

  173. Laptops for the Long Haul - Computerworld: Feature & Performance Comparisons (7/4/2003).

  174. www.extremetech.com - ZoneLabs Won't Fix Hole In Free Firewall: Fix? Easy - Buy ZoneAlarm Pro! (7/4/2003)


  175. www.extremetech.com - A Pair of Very Different Drives: Parallel ATA & Serial ATA - Maxtor or Western Digital? (7/4/2003)

  176. Billboard tracks Net music downloads CNET News.com: Billboard Magazine using Nielsen SoundScan to track Digital Downloads (7/4/2003).

  177. www.extremetech.com - The State of Motherboard Audio: Audio Getting better? (7/2/2003)

  178. Storage: storage.ziffdavis.com - Storage Newcomer Readies New High-Capacity Card for Digital Cameras: (7/2/2003).

    1. Colby Systems Corp

  179. OrlandoSentinel.com News: Word up -- 10,000 new ones hit latest edition of Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary (7/1/2003).

    1. Merriam-Webster OnLine:

  180. Web Design Tools: FrontPage 2003 Version Comparison: Compare FrontPage 2000, 2002 & 2003 versions (7/1/2003).

  181. Web Browsers: Netscape 7.1 Now Available For Download: Fast Easy & Free! (7-1-03)

  182. Printers: HP revamps line of inkjet printers CNET News.com: "...revamping its Inkjet line with a new crop of cheaper photo-quality printers." (7/1/2003)

  183. Copy Controls: BMG tinkers with CD copy controls CNET News.com: "The Bertelesmann AG division, which produces contemporary artists including Norah Jones, Avril Lavigne and No Doubt, said it plans to begin selling CDs in the United States protected with SunnComm's MediaMax CD-3 product." (7/1/2003)


  184. Audio Plugins: www.knzaudio.com - Midifier 1.1 Released! They've added a record-to-file function and now Midifier can be used in all PC sequencers and audio editors supporting DirectX or VST Audio Plugins (6/30/2003).

  185. www.atnewyork.com - Google Toolbar 'BlogThis' Rankles Rivals: (6/28/2003).

  186. Athlon64 family to grow CNET News.com: "...Athlon64 would come out with 1MB of cache and a performance rating of 3100+." (6/27/2003)

  187. www.extremetech.com - Hardware is Cheap. Data is Priceless: Buy a Hard Drive Each Year - We have long advocated the same Philosophy, HD's are cheap, our Data is Priceless. Therefore, get a New HD periodically and do a clean install of everything since everything will still remain on your previous HD! And that's 'Bang For The Buck' in Price & Performance! (6/27/2003)

  188. 64 Bit Computing: From Intel New P4 chip, Itanium plans CNET News.com: Intel P4 3.2GHz Processor announced now & AMD Athlon64 Due out 2nd half of September 2003 (6/25/2003).

  189. Parallel ATA Storage: www.ExtremeTech.com - Maxtor Ships 300-Gbyte Hard Drive: "Parallel ATA Drive... 5,400 RPM... ATA-133 interface..." (6/25/2003)

  190. 64 Bit Computing: WestWorld Productions -- CTN: AMD Opteron Opens New Era for Digital Video Editing (6/25/2003).

  191. WavToMidi Conversions: knzaudio - MIDIFIER - The first real-time Audio-to-MIDI VST Plug-in Converting Monophonic Audio tracks to MIDI. DX version coming soon! (6/23/2003)

  192. Storage: Next-gen SCSI prototype shown CNET News.com: Serial Attached SCSI on the Server & Serial ATA on the Desktop (6/21/2003).


  193. www.theinquirer.net - Asus releases P4C800-E to calm down cross customers: P4C800-D vs. P4C800-E (6/20/2003).

  194. GigaStudio Library Audio Samples: Vienna Symphonic Library - New Library Announcements - "Owners of the FIRST EDITION, whether purchased before or after July 31, 2003, can upgrade to the PRO EDITION for the VIP price at any time - there will be no specific period during which the VIP upgrade option has to be exercised. The PRO EDITION of the Vienna Symphonic Library contains over 230 GB of data with 360,000 samples.

    Quality - Many Users have expressed a desire to use as many samples as possible on their Computer at one time. Since it is not possible to include both a 16-bit and a 24-bit version on one set of DVDs (due to the huge amounts of storage required), Vienna Symphonic Library has decided to release the PRO EDITION in 16-bit. However, the Symphonic Cube, their first Hard Disk edition, which is due for release in early 2004, will offer luxury for everybody. All of the samples will be included in both 24-bit and 16-bit resolution. Users will be able to configure the library for optimum audio quality or system capabilities, according to their needs." And you wondered what to do with those new larger HD's! Details: Vienna Symphonic Library (6/18/2003)

  195. PDF Tools: www.eweek.com - Researcher Leaks CERT Bulletin: "The advisory, which concerns a flaw in some Adobe PDF File Readers..." (6/18/2003)

  196. www.pcmag.com - Build or Buy the Perfect PC: "The machine of your dreams..." (6/18/2003)

  197. NEW PowerQuest Drive Image 7 Now Available! Click here to learn more about Drive Image 7 (6/17/2003).

  198. Speakers: www.extremetech.com - Review Boston Acoustics BA7900 5.1 Speakers: "Today, Boston's speaker sets are available only through Gateway, as this PC maker has an exclusive arrangement to sell Boston's PC wares with Gateway systems." (6/17/2003).


  199. security.ziffdavis.com - Patch Management The Enterprise Advantage: Consumers still out in the lurch. What? Trust Microsoft? (6/12/2003)

  200. RAID News: storage.ziffdavis.com - RAID Technology Turns 15: Happy Birthday RAID! (6/12/2003)

  201. Web Browsers: www.microsoft-watch.com - Internet Explorer Asking the Right Question: Embedding Technologies... What's Next? (6/12/2003)

  202. www.theinquirer.net - Intel 3.20GHz Pentium 4 to launch in June: P4, 3.20 GHz - June 23rd followed in October by P4, 3.40 GHz Processor and... (6/12/2003)

  203. zdnet.com.com - News Microsoft fixes up patch system: "Microsoft has opened up its drive to improve software security with a redesigned software patch management system and a partnership with VeriSign to authenticate Web services." Posted 6-3-03 (6/12/2003)

  204. www.eWeek.com - Did SCO Violate the GPL: Linux - Who's On First? (6/11/2003)

  205. AntiVirus News: Microsoft moves into antivirus realm CNET News.com: Microsoft announces plans to purchase technology and intellectual property of Bucharest, Romania-based AntiVirus firm GeCad and hire some of the company's employees (6/11/2003).

  206. Copy Protection: www.audiolockbox.com - Audio Lock-Box™ - Coming Soon: T.A. Productions announces a new and superior CD Audio Copy Protection technology currently being developed - Audio Lock-Box™. Two versions currently being produced:

    1. ALB V1 - Completely Lock-Outs all computers from any access rights; while consumer CD & DVD players will be able to play the protected CDs.
    2. ALB V2 - Offers features for CD Quality PC play. Unlike most CD Audio protections, ALB is able to stream the protected files at CD Quality (44100, 16bit stereo).

    "The idea behind ALB was to give music owners the freedom to enjoy their music at CD Quality.  One of the major concerns with past protections was PC play from a lower-quality compressed file.  ALB Technology takes advantage of playing on a computer at CD Quality with no quality loss, " said Edward Heldman, CEO and Development Marketing Director.

    In addition to ALB being the most compatible CD Copy Protection to date; the technology is also by far the most secure.  IP Content will be placed in a "Lock-Box" with limited rights, as the owner’s decide.  Rights’ owners have a variety of options from a complete computer Lock-Out, to limited PC play at CD Quality to also using Microsoft’s DRM Rights Management for controlled copying into DRM files (6/11/2003).

  207. Intel A quarter-century of x86 CNET News.com: "Intel's first x86-based chip, the 5MHz 8086, was introduced on June 9, 1978... At 3.06GHz, the Pentium 4 is about 600 times faster than the 8086..." (6/10/2003)

  208. PDF Tools: Flash, PDF get a helping hand CNET News.com: RoboPDF (6/9/2003)

    1. www.ehelp.com - 1-Step RoboPDF - The Easy, Affordable Way to Create PDFs - Trial Download: (6/9/2003).
  209. Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - HighPoint ATA host adapter, accessory rated to 1.5Gbps: "The Rocket 1511 single external channel serial ATA host adapter..." (6/9/2003).

    1. www.highpoint-tech.com: Focusing on External Serial ATA Solutions.

  210. PC Sound Technologies: Minnetonka Audio Software: Minnetonka Audio Debuts Dolby Pro Logic II Encoder - Minnetonka Audio Software has announced that it has developed the first software application for Dolby Pro Logic II encoding: the new SurCode™ for Dolby® Pro Logic® II. The introduction of this Dolby Pro Logic II software encoder allows broadcasters, game developers, video producers, and audio professionals everywhere to easily encode surround sound into stereo delivery formats for television, games, cable programming, and many other media. The SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II encoder will soon be available for purchase from Minnetonka Audio (www.surcode.com and authorized dealers) as a standard Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-in, which is compatible with many Digital Audio Workstations. SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II will also be available as a stand-alone software encoder for the PC. Both versions will feature an MSRP of $495. "Dolby Pro Logic II is an exceptional surround sound technology and we are very excited to provide the first software encoder to the audio world," said John Calder, Director of Marketing at Minnetonka Audio. "We expect Pro Logic II software encoding to become a big part of the sound industry." (6/7/2003)

    1. SurCode -- Minnetonka Audio Software: Audio Software Encoders

  211. Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Palm buys Handspring, spins off PalmSource: "Palm Inc. has agreed to buy personal computing rival Handspring Inc. in a deal that will also see the spin-off of PalmSource Inc., a Palm subsidiary responsible for developing and licensing the Palm OS." (6/6/2003)
  212. Content Management: www.cioinsight.com - Water From Stone Digital Asset Management: "...gather, organize, track and digitize content..." When Time is Money, Going Digital Pays Off! (6/3/2003)
  213. Speakers: www.pcmag.com - Sound Advice: Six Sets of Speakers Tested - See if you agree with their results (6/3/2003).
  214. Serial ATA: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Serial ATA market on the rise: "SATA is not just cool technology; it provides tangible benefits to end-users and OEMs. For PC end-users, SATA offers an evolution to rising hard-drive performance without a marked price impact." (6/3/2003)
  215. Trade Shows: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Taiwan's Computex rescheduled to September: "...new dates for the Show are September 22-26, following the Shanghai-based Cebit Asia. Taiwan officials decided last May to reschedule the show, hoping that a later year presence was better than nothing." (6/3/2003)


  216. Bible Study Software: Upgrade to world-class Bible software from Broderbund! PC Study Bible 4 - Powerful, easy to use Bible Study Software! Special Upgrade Offer! Upgrade to PC Study Bible New Reference Library now for ONLY $99.00! (plus $5.99 shipping and handling) and SAVE OVER $50! Plus, act now and we'll include Screen Shot Deluxe™ 4.0 FREE (a $14.99 value). But don't wait, this special introductory offer expires at midnight June 11, 2003, so order now! Study YOUR way with this powerful new software! (6/3/2003)
  217. Bible Study Software: E4 Group News - Christian Focus and Mentor Commentaries & Greek Tools Volume 1. Uses Libronix (formerly Logos) Digital Library System and is included free on the CDs. QuickVerse/STEP versions coming soon. Order now from www.FreeBibleSoftware.com (6/3/2003).
  218. Audio Loops: M-Audio Announces ProSessions Sound Library - "A fresh new collection of affordable top-quality samples created by some of today’s top musicians, composers and producers. The ProSessions library delivers inspiration across a wide variety of genres and styles including hip-hop, dance, pop, Latin, R&B, rap, drum & bass, techno, world beat and more. Designed with songwriters, producers and remixers in mind, each ProSessions sample features a top-quality recording, meticulously edited by hand for rock-solid professional timing and easy integration into other grooves. Each CD delivers over 400MB of world-class samples in multiple formats — AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV." (6/3/2003)
  219. Audio PlugIns: Voxengo Deconvolver 1.4 released! "Today convolutional reverbs become more and more demanded. With convolution we have an opportunity to capture the sound of anything in the world that can generate a reverb, and use these sound impulses freely in any situation imaginable. This enables us to use the sound of the high-end reverb units, the real-world rooms, halls, cathedrals, synthetic reverbs and other sources, including non-reverb ones, without any hassle and in a uniform way using only a single program or a plug-in module. 

    Voxengo Deconvolver supports almost all sample formats (bit-depths) of uncompressed mono/stereo WAV files. And offers a very convenient environment to deconvolve large sets of recorded files. Voxengo Deconvolver also offers a true mathematical FFT deconvolution which delivers 100% exact deconvolution. At the same time this puts a huge demand on the system memory - Deconvolving a 25-second stereo file at 96 kHz may require up to 100 MB of memory." (6/3/2003)
    1. www.voxengo.com/deconvolver/
  220. RAM Chart: PCWorld.com - Intel to Discontinue Rambus Chip Sets: Intel moves ahead with DDR Memory Support Plans (5/31/2003).


  221. Speakers: Introducing the Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1 Stereo Speakers - "Klipsch's GMX A-2.1 extends the styling and superior audiophile performance of the award winning GMX D-5.1 to a new analog stereo configuration. This Three Piece Multimedia [Industrial Design] Speaker System is designed for consumers who want true high-fidelity sound but do not require or have the space for a multi-speaker surround setup. On the back of the GMX A-2.1's subwoofer is an exclusive Klipsch SWS Link socket, enabling easy connection of one or more ProMedia SWS supplementary powered subwoofers to further extend and fortify low-frequency reproduction. The SWS Link fully integrates additional subwoofers with the rest of the system, allowing master volume and bass level adjustment entirely from the GMX A-2.1 controller. " Get your very own ProMedia GMX A 2.1 system for $149.99 today! (5/31/2003)
  222. Media Players: Total Recorder Standard Edition V4.2 Released! Total Recorder V4.2 is available in Standard, Professional and Developer Editions. Also... Announcing two new PC based Audio Applications from High Criteria - Phone-In Buddy - A program for Telephone based Dictation to a PC & Transcription Buddy (5/30/2003).
    1. www.HighCriteria.com:
    2. www.TranscriptionBuddy.com:
  223. www.extremetech.com - Enhanced Asus Mobo May Draw Intel's Ire: "...Asus published a press release claiming that users who purchased its high-end P4P800 Deluxe motherboard based on the Intel 865 "Springdale" chipset could add Intel's Performance Enhancement Technology (PAT) through a BIOS tweak." (5/29/2003)
  224. Sony DRU-510A DVD±RW Drive - Hardware Reviews - CNET.com: "...DRU-510A will be the first drive to burn DVD+RW at 4X." (5/29/2003)
  225. Trade Shows: www.meetingnews.com - WHO Lifts SARS Travel Alert Off Hong Kong: "The World Health Organization has removed its SARS [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome] related advisory against nonessential travel to Hong Kong and neighboring Guangdong province, in China, but cited possible new cases of the disease in Toronto." (5/29/2003)
  226. Serial ATA: www.lsilogic.com - May 21, 2003 - LSI Logic shipping industry's first Serial ATA RAID storage adapter with battery backup support: Serial ATA MegaRAID - "...MegaRAID SATA 150-2 and the MegaRAID SATA 150-4, designed for entry-level servers and performance workstations; and the enterprise-class MegaRAID SATA 150-6..." (5/28/2003).
    1. www.lsilogic.com/sata:
    2. www.buylsilogic.com:
    3. www.enterprisestorageforum.com - SATA Evolutionary or Revolutionary Disk Technology:
  227. Construction: www.PunchList.com - Bosch Digital Power Tools: "Punch List - A combination Field & Desktop Task List Manager. Allows Contractors or Builders to capture notes on a handheld, laptop, or tablet computer to create and track tasks on jobsites. After returning to the office, sync with PC, or connect directly. Punch List will automatically distribute faxes or emails to subcontractors or create printed reports for distribution. Punch List saves an average of $1000 for every $250,000 house (retail value) by reducing the money wasted on errors - a savings that every contractor can appreciate." (5/28/2003)
  228. www.yourdigitaldestiny.com - Your Digital Destiny brought to you by Sony and Intel: The Tour, The Technology & The Sweepstakes (5/27/2003).
  229. Cables: Keyspan Ships New Line of Retractable Computer Cables - Keyspan's "ZIP-LINQ" (tm) retractable cable line consists of over a dozen USB, FireWire, PDA, camera, phone and Ethernet connectivity solutions. Available a variety configurations including USB, FirewWire, RJ-11, and Ethernet. www.Keyspan.com (5/27/2003)
  230. New Type of Display: www.i-glasses.com: I-O Display delivers Headset Personal Display delivering SVGA Resolution - Uses liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCOS) screen to display images in front of the eye in a way making objects appear as large as those from a Plasma Display in a Conference Room (5/27/2003).
    1. EEDesign - i-O Display Systems Introduces Product for Videographers:
  231. New BuildOrBuy Processor Wallpaper for your Digital Desktop - AMD ME & Intel Hyper Transport! (5/27/2003)
  232. Digital Media Players: J. River MEDIA CENTER, Media Jukebox has arrived! MEDIA CENTER 9.0 software has just been officially released! www.jrmediacenter.com (5/27/2003)
  233. Speakers: Top 5 home-theater speaker systems - Electronics Reviews - CNET.com: What to look for when comparing Speakers (5/27/2003).
  234. New Video Display Card: Creative Makes Digital Photo Editing Faster With Graphics Blaster Picture Perfect 64MB AGP Video Card - "Based on the new VP500SE Visual Processing Unit (VPU) from 3Dlabs, the Creative Graphics Blaster Picture Perfect takes digital photography to the next level by enabling consumers to view pictures in ultra-high resolution, to stitch images together to create panoramic photos, and to apply multiple special effects. The Creative Graphics Blaster Picture Perfect stitches at incredible speeds - up to three times the speed of current graphics cards..." Available online for $179.99 US from www.Creative.com (5/26/2003)
  235. New Microsoft 'support' worm very unhelpful - Computerworld: "The e-mail worm purports to be a message from support@microsoft.com" (5/26/2003).
  236. www.syntrillium.com - Adobe acquires technology assets of Syntrillium: Cool Edit will now fall under the thumb of Adobe (5/24/2003).


  237. RAID: WestWorld Productions -- CTN: An Affordable RAID Solution - "Disc Makers, a leading innovator of CD and DVD duplications systems, has launched Raven, its new line of RAID storage system products" (5/23/2003).
    1. www.discmakers.com - Raven RAID: Featuring PnP Technology. Parallel ATA attaches to PC via SCSI Interface and are Hot Swappable.
  238. New PCs debut with latest Intel chipset CNET News.com: Finally - Intel 865PE Chipset! Arguably Intel's best chipset since the Intel 440BX chipset (5/22/2003).
    1. Chipsets: Intel Products - Intel 865PE Chipset: "The 865PE chipset offers high-bandwidth interfaces such as dual-channel DDR400 main memory, coupled with an 800 MHz system bus, AGP8X graphics interface, Intel Communication Streaming Architecture (CSA) featuring a Dedicated Network Bus (DNB) interface for wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), dual independent Serial ATA ports and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity..." (5/22/2003).
  239. Storage: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Samsung HDDs feature advanced noise reduction: "Samsung Electronics has announced the availability of a pair of 100GB HDDs that can handle large data files with less system noise.

    The SpinPoint V80 (7,200rpm) and P80 (5,400rpm) units both feature the company's SilentSeek and NoiseGuard noise control technologies." (5/19/2003)

  240. Sound Technology: PlanetAnalog.com - Intel kicks off nex-gen audio effort: "Azalia codecs sit on a dedicated bus linking to dedicated audio, telephony or communications devices. The bus runs at a selectable 3.3-1V. It supports 24 Mbit/second audio inputs and "double-pumped" 48 Mbit/second audio output." (5/19/2003).


  241. MotherBoards: www.simmtester.com - SuperMicro releases high end system with ISA slots: "SuperMicro has introduced a motherboard using Intel Corp.'s newest 875P chipset running with Pentium 4 3.06GHz processor, 800MHz front side bus and DDR400 memory, as well as three legacy ISA slots." (5/19/2003)


  242. From Tom Tyner: www.msnbc.com - Disney to rent self-destructing DVDs: "This disc will self-destruct in 48 hours." Gee thanks! (5/19/2003)
  243. How Microsoft warded off rival CNET News.com: "At least 90 percent of the world's personal computers run on Windows software. But Microsoft still wanted more... the Education and Government Incentive Program." Global Domination? Tsk, Tsk! (5/17/2003)
  244. Trade Shows: Week ahead Trade shows thrive CNET News.com (5/17/2003).
  245. Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - AMD ships new Athlon XP desktop processor: "The Athlon XP processor 3200+ is touted by AMD to be world's highest performing desktop PC processor. Depending upon the core, the Athlon XP Processor features either 384KB or 640KB of on-chip, full-speed cache + 400, 333, or 266 Front Side Bus" (5/15/2003).
    1. www.amd.com - AMD Athlon™ 64 and Opteron™ News: (5/15/2003).
  246. Serial ATA: www.wdc.com - WD Delivers World’s Fastest Serial ATA Hard Drives to Retail Stores: "WD RaptorTM Enterprise-class Hard Drives Feed PC Enthusiasts' Need for Speed With 10,000 RPM and Serial ATA Interface." (5/15/2003)


  247. www.eweek.com - Fizzer Worm Is on the Move: "The new worm has several other capabilities that make it particularly troubling and dangerous. Fizzer includes an IRC bot that attempts to connect to a number of different IRC servers and, once it establishes a connection, listens passively for further instructions. This kind of activity is often the precursor to a distributed DoS (denial-of-service) attack. The worm also has the ability to create a new user account on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), join a chat session and then listen for instructions." (5/14/2003)
  248. Byte and Switch - The Global Site For Storage Networking: Dantz Announces Retrospect Backup (5/14/2003).
    1. Dantz Announces Best-in-Class Data Protection with Retrospect 6.5 for Microsoft Windows: "...Dantz Retrospect 6.5 for Microsoft Windows. Highlights of the major upgrade include full support for large, multi-drive tape libraries, increased performance, comprehensive protection of Exchange Server and SQL Server data, and support for Windows Server 2003." (5/14/2003)
    2. Back Ups With Retrospect
  249. Serial ATA: Seen what's Hot in HD's? Don't get left behind... Get Radical! www.7200rpm.com (5/14/2003).


  250. Serial ATA: www.vitesse.com - Vitesse Adds to Serial ATA Product Line with Enterprise Class Switch: "New Product Offers Versatility in Building High Availability, Low Cost, Serial ATA Storage Systems - Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. (Nasdaq: VTSS) today expanded its storage product portfolio to include a 2:1 Serial ATA Failover Switch (VSC7175) designed for high-availability Serial ATA I and Serial ATA II applications.

    This switch directly combats the ATA limitation of single host/single channel accessibility to storage media through the employment of Vitesse's proven high-performance, low-latency switching technology. Similarly, it can eliminate the Serial ATA constraint of single target addressing through its simple port replication function." (5/14/2003)

  251. Athlon The beginning of the end CNET News.com: "Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday will release the Athlon XP 3200+ for desktops, the last scheduled member of a chip family that helped turn the company's fortunes around." (5/12/2003).
  252. ZoneAlarm: Zone Labs Special Offer - Essential NetTools, provides a complete profile of vital information about active connections to your PC including Who is connected to your machine?  Where they are connected from? And what program is being used? Additionally, Essential NetTools can identify hidden applications, perform a security audit of your machine or network, and help you troubleshoot connectivity problems. Order Essential NetTools now for only $19.95! SAVE $10. Stay Ahead of Hackers with Zone Labs! (5/12/2003)


  253. NanoTechnology: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Nanotechnology bill approved in the House: "The U.S. House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved oversight legislation authorizing a national nanotechnology R&D program.

    By a vote of 405-19, House members approved a three-year spending plan totaling $2.36 billion for nanotechnology R&D programs for the National Science Foundation, the departments of Commerce and Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. The Defense Department is also spending millions on nanotechnology research." (5/12/2003)

  254. Network Probe 1.0 - To be released in September. Price $300. Pre-purchase a license now at half price. This Offer expires on May 31st, 2003.

    They're working on Network Probe 0.5 now, adding more charting options and interval recorded data. Version 0.5 will be released in about 4 weeks. See: objectplanet.com/Probe (5/10/2003).
  255. GigaStudio Sampler Libraries: Claudius Bruese String Section Pack - The complete String Orchestra that fits on one CD - Exclusively for download or custom CD (iCD) order at www.wizoosounds.com

    This sample library pack features Symphonic String sections with superior sound quality, convenient section layout, all common articulations and character suitable for any musical style from classical music to contemporary - at an economical size of only 540 MB (5/10/2003).

  256. Trade Shows: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Computex suffers SARS delay: "The Computex Taipei trade show, scheduled to take place from June 2 to 6 and which had been expected to draw more than 20,000 foreign visitors, has been postponed due to the SARS outbreak.

    The Taiwan show's organizers - the China External Trade Development Council (CETRA) and the Taipei Computer Association - decided to move the event to the 2H of the year. The new date for the show has not been released yet, but is expected to be announced by the end of this month." (5/10/2003)


  257. 1394 FireWirewww.Unibrain.com - The Firewire (Firewire 800 and 1394b) Innovators: FireBoard 800 - 1394b to 64bit PCI OHCI compliant Host Adapter - The FireBoard-800 will start shipping on the 30th of May. Price: $199.00. (5/9/2003).

  258. May Trade Shows: Software giant thinks hardware CNET News.com: Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference highlights (5/8/2003).
  259. USB Audio: Creative Introduces Portable USB Sound Blaster Sound Systems - "The Sound Blaster MP3+ and Sound Blaster Go! portable USB Sound Blaster sound systems. Now it's as simple as connecting to a USB port for any PC user to upgrade from motherboard audio to premium-quality audio for listening to MP3 music or creating MP3 or WMA music from compact discs. The compact, portable Sound Blaster MP3+, slated for availability this month, is priced at only US$59.99 and the Sound Blaster Go! is priced at US$79.99 and is slated for availability in July." See: www.SoundBlaster.com (5/7/2003)
  260. Technology Seminars: Microsoft Tech·Ed 2003 - Home: June 1-6 in Dallas. More than 350 sessions include the Office Productivity track devoted specifically to exploring the tools and capabilities of the Microsoft Office System (5/7/2003).
  261. Technology Evaluations: Order the Microsoft Office System Beta Today! "Try the Microsoft Office System beta and see how Microsoft Office has evolved into a more comprehensive and integrated system." Sure. Pay to Beta! Times out - November 30, 2003. "...Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003 is time-limited software that expires when the user's computer system clock reaches November 30, 2003; at which time the product will operate under reduced functionality mode limiting end-user options and operations."

    More importantly, this is an opportunity to delve into Microsoft's product offerings to see if this is something you really need or want to work with in your organization. If you're a Reseller, go ActionPak to evaluate. If you're evaluating the technology for implementation within your Organization as a User, then maybe the TechNet subscription. And for those Developers working that angle, look into the MSDN subscriptions. (5/6/2003)

    1. Subscribe to the Microsoft Action Pack Now!
    2. TechNet Web site
    3. MSDN Web site
    4. Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit
  262. Audio: Sony Pictures Digital to Buy Desktop Software Assets of Sonic Foundry: Well, it finally happened. What will happen to those loyal customers? And what about issues with Software Activation and Registration? Take a good look @ the future of your PC Audio! Remember Sonic Foundry Siren Jukebox? How quickly the public forgets! Posted on Friday, May 02, 2003 (5/6/2003).

    Everyone who knows us, knows of our appreciation for Sonic Foundry products and our loyalty. Now - We expect this to be a great opportunity for both Cakewalk's Sonar & Project5 apps encouraging Users to Cross Upgrade as well as Pinnacle's Steinberg products for Cross Upgrades from the old Sonic Foundry line! 'Good By' to a great product line from Sonic Foundry... Not the first company to forget their roots. The likes of Sound Forge & Acid in the hands of Sony? GB

    1. www.sonypictures.com
    2. www.screenblast.com: Screenblast SoundForge
    3. www.AcidPlanet.com: And the Future of Acid Planet? An "Unlikely Turn of Events"?
  263. USB Audio: www.BurningBlueAudio.com: Burning Blue Audio Introduces the PowerPak - First USB-Powered and USB-Controlled Headphone Amplifier / Audio Card - The PowerPak takes digital audio and converts it to an analog signal. It then amplifies the audio specifically for headphone usage. The device is completely USB-powered. No need for batteries or an AC adapter.

    To ensure high-quality sound, the PowerPak uses a digital-analog converter (DAC) designed specifically for high quality headphone amplification. The device bypasses internal computer sound cards, and as a result, all analog audio processing stays outside of the electrically noisy computer enclosure.

    Burning Blue Audio has designed the PowerPak for easy, portable usage and features a quick and easy plug-and-play installation. Most modern operating systems already have the required drivers, so there is no additional software to install. The PowerPak will run digital audio files using existing audio software. And, the PowerPak easily connects to any PC computer with a USB port via a standard USB cable. The PowerPak is now available for $149 (5/6/2003).

  264. May Trade Showswww.eweek.com - Security, Longhorn to Spotlight WinHEC: Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (5/5/2003).
  265. Creative introduces 60GB NOMAD Jukebox Zen - Features USB 2.0 Connectivity... To be available in May for only US$399.99 from: www.nomadworld.com (5/1/2003).
  266. Projectors: www.extremetech.com - Projector Torture Test LCD versus DLP: (4/30/2003).
  267. AMD to release its fastest desktop chip CNET News.com: "Athlon XP 3200+ featuring 400MHz system bus..." (4/30/2003).
  268. www.eWeek.com - Locking Down Windows Server 2003: (4/29/2003).
  269. Sound Design: Harmony-Central.com -  Frank Serafine Releases New Ambience 5.1 Sound Effects Library (4/29/2003).
    1. www.frankserafine.com
  270. Windows Help: Microsoft makes strides on new Windows | CNET News.com: Longhorn leaks onto the Net - And maybe we'll see the new File System introduced with Longhorn, Windows Future Storage a.k.a. WinFS (4/29/2003).


  271. Audio Plug-Ins: Cakewalk VST Adapter now available for download! Seamlessly add support for VST audio effects and instruments to any DirectX compatible application - The Cakewalk VST Adapter converts VST format plug-ins to DirectX and DXi format, giving you sample-accurate automation with identical audio fidelity. Best of all, you will experience no additional latency and almost no additional CPU resources are required (4/26/2003).

  272. Broadband: Cable beats DSL in speed race CNET News.com: (4/26/2003).

  273. Mini-ITX: Mini-Box.Com - The tiniest mini-ITX computer to date! "Mini-Box is a small, light yet powerful x86 system designed for embedded or general purpose PC computing applications.

    Consuming about 10 watts, the M-100 is an excellent candidate meeting low power, small form factor requirements." (4/25/2003)


  274. RAID: www.extremetech.com - RAID Goes Mainstream, But Is It Safe: Serial ATA RAID (4/24/2003).

  275. www.extremetech.com - Matrox Announces New Graphics Chip, Cards:"The Millennium P-Series, consisting of the P650 and P750 boards, is based on the new Parhelia-LX chip. The AGP 8X- equipped Parhelia LX chip supports a 64 Mbyte frame buffer and a128-bit DDR memory interface." (4/24/2003)

    1. Matrox Graphics - New Matrox Millennium P-Series multiplies your productivity: The new Triple Display Millennium P-Series graphics boards—consisting of the Millennium P650 and the Millennium P750 boards (4/24/2003).

  276. DVD-Audio: SoundBlaster.com - Feature Articles: Creating Your Own DVD-Audio Records using discWelder STEEL (4/24/2003).


  277. Chipsets: www.extremetech.com - Via Announces Opteron Chipset: K8T400M chipset for the Opteron processor (4/23/2003).


  278. I/O Interconnect Technologies: Intel Establishes I-O Interconnect Labs (Intel) - Pressi.com: "Customers have shown an acute interest in testing the latest I/O technology on Intel architecture server platforms," said Jim Pappas, director of initiative marketing for Intel's Enterprise Platform Group. "With new enterprise interconnects including InfiniBand architecture and PCI Express technology becoming available on Intel Architecture server platforms over the next year, there is a need for lead users to have an easy access point to test our latest server clustering configurations. We're pleased to help deliver the first I/O Interconnect Lab in Beijing." (4/22/2003)

    1. InfiniBand Trade Association

    2. PCI-SIG - PCI Express


  279. Windows Help: www.microsoft-watch.com - Microsoft Security Patch Slows XP Systems: (4/22/2003).

  280. Processors: Opteron spreads its wings CNET News.com: AMD Releases the Opteron Processor today (4/22/2003).

  281. Bible Study Research Tools: Over 3500 Spurgeon Sermons Topically Indexed on WORDsearch - New Spurgeon CD Collection with WORDsearch brings Users 7 of his best works in 71 volumes. Click www.preferred.WORDsearchBible.com for more information about each book or call 800-888-9898 from 9am - 10pm M-F or 10am - 5pm Saturdays, CDT. This collection retails for $129.95 and costs hundreds of dollars in book form, is available now through May 31 for only $69.95. Use Preferred Customer Offer Code: 5557 when ordering (4/22/2003).

  282. Content Management: www.eWeek.com - Securing Digital Content: Microsoft prepares Beta of Rights Management Services while Cryptography Research Inc builds a better mouse trap! Generic Protection or Specific Self Protecting Content Protection? Who can you trust? (4/22/2003)

  283. DVD: From www.Pioneerelectronics.com, DVD Recording Newsletter: Pioneer Electronics - DVD Recording: 9 DVD Recording Drives, 48 hours, 9 Film Schools, 100 Plus College Students - A project documenting 2880 minutes of creativity! Pioneer gave each film school a Pioneer High Speed DVR-A05 Drive and 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and burn a short film on to DVD. They produced a web site to explain the project and show the results. Take a look! (4/22/2003)

  284. Processors: AMD - Processor in a Box, Direct from Avnet: Purchase a Processor in a Box (PIB) On-line Now (4/22/2003).


  285. Windows Server 2003 News - Microsoft Windows Server 2003 was released to manufacturing on March 28, 2003. Keep Up-to-Date (4/21/2003).

  286. Audio Voice Encoder: Native Instruments VOKATOR now available - The most advanced vocoding instrument ever now available. This complete vocoding toolkit goes far beyond the possibilities of previous vocoders. Featuring an extremely high-resolution FFT engine, flexible sound sources including an independent synthesizer with granular sampler, a dynamic modulation section and much more. Includes world-class collection of over 400 presets for all types of productions, as well as 300 MB of professional-quality sample material from Zero-G. VOKATOR is on the shelves now and ready to play! (4/21/2003)

  287. CDesign News - Ink Cartridges, what you should know... The difference between "name brand" ink cartridges and "compatible" inkjet cartridges (4/17/2003).

  288. Mini-ITX: ZDNet UK - News - Story - Via motherboard keeps a low profile: Via Epia M10000 "...new board is designed for consumer-oriented PCs as well as high-tech consumer devices such as digital video recorders (DVRs)." (4/15/2003).


  289. Windows Media: Experience 5.1 Surround Sound Music - Download a free music track from Andy Hunter to hear for yourself. Expect to enable DRM IF you want to hear it! (4/15/2003)


  290. Sonic Foundry's Vegas 90-Day Challenge! Ninety days to create a video about Vegas in Vegas. Produce the best sixty-second spot and win a prize package worth over $13,000! Read Rules & Guidelines + see Vegas films: www.sonicfoundry.com/vegas90; And... Signup for 90-Day Challenge Special Offers! (4/15/2003)

  291. www.microsoft-watch.com - Microsoft Preps Two More Windows Flavors: "Microsoft is readying two new versions of Windows, a release of Windows XP and another of Windows Server 2003, that will be able to exploit the 64-bit processing power of AMD's Opteron and Athlon processors, Microsoft confirmed Wednesday." (4/14/2003)

  292. DVD Recording: Adobe Encore DVD: DVD Authoring - Available in summer 2003 (4/13/2003).

  293. AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio: AudioMulch version 0.9b12 released - Includes a new Document Switcher window, Frosscader contraption, improved ASIO support, and numerous bug fixes including fixes to "Save with soundfiles" and VST bank saving capabilities (4/13/2003).


  294. Intel, Via bury the hatchet CNET News.com: IP Agreement Settlement. "Although functionally similar, Via's products ultimately must bear an original design... The buses and pin structures can't be compatible with Intel products." (4/8/2003).

  295. ATI announces All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro - ATI's New ALL-IN-WONDER® 9800 PRO Delivers Improved Display and Graphics Performance For The Home Theater: Said to be "ideal for home theater applications thanks to EAZYLOOK™, an on-screen display for home theater settings, which is included in the product with a new version of ATI’s MULTIMEDIA CENTER software." Available this spring for US $449 MSRP (4/8/2003).

  296. Cisco CCSP Exam Certification Guides - Cisco Press announced today the release of a suite of CCSP™ self-study books for the new professional-level security certification offered by Cisco Systems. Cisco Press (4/8/2003).

  297. Optical Storage: Sony targets pros with blue laser drives CNET News.com (4/7/2003).


  298. support.microsoft.com - 815411 - Programs Run Slower After You Install Windows XP SP-1: Cause - Changes in Windows XP SP1 in the Memory Management System (4/4/2003).

  299. Wireless: EE Times - Microsoft Releases New Standards-Based Wireless Solution: Free Download (4/4/2003).

  300. USB: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Iomega launches 256MB portable USB drive: Iomega Mini USB Drives - Supports USB 2.0 up to 256 MB Capacities (4/4/2003).

    1. Iomega

  301. www.extremetech.com - Free Win Server 2003 Skills Assessment (4/2/2003).

  302. Wireless: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Windows XP download boosts 802.11 security: "Microsoft Corp. has released for download a free patch that adds WiFi Protected Access (WPA) to both consumer and business versions of its Windows XP OS. WPA offers an interim boost in security for 802.11 networks while the 802.11i standards effort continues its work.

    WPA uses two 128-bit keys for authentication and those keys can be dynamically generated. Existing 802.11 security only uses one static key." (4/2/2003)

    1. Download details Windows XP Support Patch for Wireless Protected Access (4/2/2003).
  303. DVD-Audio: High Fidelity Review DVD-Audio News New 192kHz PCM and DSD Solutions from Cirrus Logic - New 192kHz PCM and DSD Solutions from Cirrus Logic - AES 114: Cirrus Logic announced new digital-to-analogue converters and CODECs for both PCM and DSD high-resolution sources. (3/31/2003).

    1. Cirrus Logic


  304. Chipsets: Via's revs KT400 Chipset to KT400A Chipset - "The VIA Apollo KT400A takes the AMD Athlon™ XP Processor to the summit of system performance with a FastStream64™ memory controller technology, 333MHz Front Side Bus, AGP 8X Graphics, 6-Channel Audio, Serial ATA, ATA-133, USB 2.0 and 8X V-Link chip interconnect.

    FastStream64 Technology - The VIA Apollo KT400A provides lightning fast access to system memory and can reach a peak bandwidth of 3.2GB/sec, 25% greater than the KT400, enabling the full performance potential of the fastest AMD Athlon™ XP processors to be harnessed. (3/30/2003).

    1. www.giga-byte.com - GA-7VAXP-A Ultra


  305. seattlepi.nwsource.com - LapLink seeks bankruptcy protection: (3/29/2003).

  306. Storage: ww.eweek.com - Serial SCSI Hard Drives on Distant Horizon: "SCSI hardware with serial interfaces will be much easier to configure than current SCSI connections and will have easier-to-handle cabling, vendors promise" (3/29/2003).

    1. Hitachi and LSI Logic to accelerate delivery of serial attached SCSI

  307. Windows Help: www.extremetech.com - On To The Next Windows... But What Is It: Windows (RTM) Released To Manufacturing - Windows Server 2003 & Windows XP 64-bit 2003 (3/28/2003).

  308. Audio: Cakewalk Alert: A seminal moment in the history of computer music is upon us! Project5 is now shipping! Cakewalk Releases Project5 Soft Synth Workstation - A complete, open-platform, virtual studio environment; combining a suite of professional soft synth instruments, samplers, pattern-based sequencing and editing tools, automatable effects, ACID-format loop editing, live mixing - Stay Tuned for more coverage of Project5 (3/28/2003).


  309. siliconvalley.internet.com - Intel Patent Aims to Stop Overclocking: "Overclockers beware! Intel... chip making giant now has a patented anti-overclocking technology designed to automatically shut down a system before an overworked processor burns it up." (3/28/2003)

  310. Security: Technet In the News: TechNet Announces Formation of CEO Cybersecurity Task Force - Task Force will help shape national cybersecurity policymaking - "The White House's National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace builds a strong foundation for what we must accomplish as a nation. It is now time to begin implementing the recommendations," said Eric Benhamou, co-chair of TechNet¿s CEO Cyber Security Task Force and Chairman of 3Com and Palm. "If our goal is to encourage enterprises in every sector to rapidly adopt known cybersecurity best practices, we believe that a privately led, voluntary initiative is preferable to a government mandate. This task force of TechNet CEOS is uniquely qualified to lead the way." (3/28/2003)

  311. HomeNet: www.pcmag.com - Home Networking 101: (3/28/2003).

  312. Spam Busters: Besides using MailWasher, we have another Option - Jerry Lee has a friend who says he found a really great SPAM Mail Filter, it's called Matador from MailFrontier. Works with Outlook & Outlook Express. Jerry Lee said, "Not certain yet if it will work with Hotmail or Yahoo Account either for that matter." (3/27/2003)

  313. www.namo.com - Namo Challenges Macromedia, Microsoft on Features, Ease-of-Use and Price: New WebEditor 5.5 Challenges Dreamweaver On Features, Ease-Of-Use & Price - Taking direct aim at Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage, Namo Interactive Inc. has released WebEditor 5.5, a full-featured, visual HTML Authoring Tool for Designing, Managing, and Deploying high-impact Web sites. The Namo WebEditor package costs considerably less than other, better-known but less-capable Web Authoring Applications; SRP $99.00. WebEditor 5.5 is available online and at leading retailers including CompUSA, Fry's Electronics, and J&R Computer World (3/27/2003).

  314. Audio Loops: REMIX THIS! Peace Love Productions Remix Competition - Ends May 15th: Peace Love Productions (PLP), the producers of Designer Dance Tools, Trance Solid NRG, DJ Puzzle: Scratch Tactics, and the ACID DJ 3.0 Expander pack Loops For ACID by Sonic Foundry, has teamed up with Audio-Depot.com and Dsound to form their latest remix competition. The contest is simple, download the 20 free loops and start remixing. Prizes include PLP loop CDs($180 value), gift certificates from Audio-Depot.com, and Dsound's Stompin FX plug-in pack. All entries must be fully uploaded by midnight CST on May 15, 2003. Winners will be announced May 31, 2003 (3/27/2003).


  315. www.microsoft.com/office - Try the Microsoft Office System: Order the Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003 Today! (3/26/2003)

  316. USB Audio: WaveIdea ~ Home: Wave Idea is proud to announce UASC-1, a USB Analog Digital & Optical S/PDIF Interface on RCA gold plugs, featuring exceptional audio quality (Up to 48 kHz sampling rate), ultra low audio latency (Full ASIO2 Support), and extreme portability... (3/26/2003).

  317. Seagate Technology News Release Seagate And Best Buy First To Offer Serial ATA Hard Drive In Retail: "...the first to offer Serial ATA hard drives to retail consumers. Seagate hard drive kits featuring the new Serial ATA storage interface are now on Best Buy shelves. Seagate's native Serial ATA architecture moves data up to 50 percent faster than the previous standard with intelligent data handling and point-to-point connections. Its cabling and connector design makes upgrades and maintenance easy, and it improves data integrity and PC system reliability." (3/26/2003)

  318. Corel searches for a buyer CNET News.com: Arts & Letters anyone? (3/26/2003)

    1. www.Corel.com: "Pursuant to the agreement signed today [3/24/2003] with Corel, Vector will be given the opportunity to commence a detailed due diligence review of Corel's business and to make a proposal to Corel and its shareholders for the acquisition of Corel." (3/26/2003)

  319. DVD-Audio: Harmony-Central.com - DTS Encoder for Nuendo Now Available: Steinberg has announced the availability of the DTS (Digital Theater Systems, Inc.) Encoder for Nuendo Production Systems (3/26/2003).

  320. WinXP 64: O'Reilly Network No Opteron Support in Windows 64 bit [March 25, 2003]: "...Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Windows 2003, 64 bit edition will *not* have support for Opteron's 64 bit mode!" (3/25/2003).

  321. Windows Help: www.eWeek.com - Windows Flaw Poses New Risks: Several different additional attack vector identified, exploiting critical Win2000 vulnerabilities. NT File System possibly @ risk! Patches... You NEED these stinkin' Patches! (3/25/2003)

    1. www.securityfocus.com - BugTraq

    2. Security Operations Guide for Windows 2000 Server

  322. Optical Storage: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Taiwan joins optical-disk IP fray: The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan last week detailed two optical-disk formats - developed with Taiwanese suppliers - which it has submitted to the DVD Forum for consideration as industry standards for high-definition DVD recording disks based on blue lasers.

    Taiwanese companies hold 50 percent of the world market for CD-ROM drives and 40 percent of the market for DVD-ROM drives, said Der Ray Huang, deputy general director of ITRI and director general of AOSRA. But most of the associated IP "is owned by European and Japanese companies, [and] Taiwanese companies have to pay royalties to those companies," Huang said. "The purpose of AOSRA is to invent IP for new formats." (3/25/2003)

    1. Industrial Technology Research Institute - Taiwan

    2. ITRI - News Releases -OES-led Alliance announced New HD-DVD Format: (TAOSRA) to announce specifications for a new high-definition digital versatile disc (HD-DVD) format. (11-14-02)

    3. ITRI - Conferences -8th DVD Conference in Asia: Date: April 18, 2003, 9:00 AM - 4:40 PM.

  323. Specify what Windows 2000 does if the System Stops unexpectedly: Stop Error Messages (3/25/2003).

  324. Audio Plug-ins: Voxengo releases CurveEQ VST 1.7 - A professional WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") linear-phase spline equalizer PC VST plug-in - was released. This new version was in beta for quite a long time and existing Users already have the idea which features were added. For those Users unaware of the improvements made, CurveEQ now works with more stability and speed. Many new GearMatch options were added, Spectrum Inertia and Slope Controls were implemented. Now captured SpectruMatch spectrum can be loaded from/stored to a disk file which makes it possible to catalog captured spectrums for further reference. Several new factory presets were added. The help file was improved and main GUI skin was redesigned for a nicer look and feel.

    The major improvement of this version of CurveEQ was a reimplementation of Saturator's algorithm. CurveEQ's Saturator became a Vintage Limiter with a high quality action. Now it's possible to bring a nice Analog style Limiting to any audio material being processed. Saturator can be successfully used as a Mastering Limiter too. Just give it a try! www.voxengo.com (3/24/2003).

  325. Micron Demonstrates Industry's First 4GB DDR Registered DIMM: The industry standard 4GB 184-pin PC1600 and PC2100 DDR SDRAM DIMM is enabled by Micron's recently announced 0.11mm 1Gb DDR266 SDRAM packaged in JEDEC-standard 400 mil TSOP packaging.

    "We are taking advantage of Micron's leading position in 1Gb DDR SDRAM development to be the first to demonstrate this high-density registered DDR SDRAM DIMM," said Bob Donnelly, Vice President of Micron's Computing and Consumer Group. "4GB registered DIMM modules are the highest-density modules available today and provide server and workstation customers with the ability to ship systems with up to 64GB of DDR SDRAM memory." (3/24/2003)

  326. Special Offers: PestPatrol: Catch Of The Month Special Offer! "Every month, their Catch of the Month features a third-party software product they think you'll appreciate. This month, they've reeled in not one, but two great products from folks @ 3B Software. Get the Spam Blocker Pro and Ad Blocker Pro bundle for the incredibly low price of $19.95 - that's 60% off." (3/24/2003)

  327. Kids@Risk: www.baselinemag.com - Poor Systems Fail Missing Kids: "The scandal points to a broken system of supervision and accountability, but another factor was a long-promised computer system that was still being debugged..." (3/23/2003).

  328. Bible Study Tools: WORDsearch Bible Application Library on Sale! All Life Application Study Bible CD Tools are ON SALE for WORDsearch Preferred Customers. Enter Certificate #5543 when you Order. Go from Understanding to Application with WORDsearch Life Application Study Bible CD Tools. You'll find 3 great packages to fit the budget of any ministry. This sale for Preferred Customers is for a limited time only. Also order by calling 800-888-9898 from 9am to 10pm M-F or 10am to 5pm Saturday CDT. (3/22/2003)

  329. Pocket Drives: www.extremetech.com - New DRM-Enabled USB Drives Attract Label's Eye: CyberKey has added digital-rights-management technology to its line of USB flash drives, an improvement which has attracted the attention of a major music label interested in distributing pirate-proof music (3/22/2003).


  330. Appro to Offer Ultradense Opteron Servers: (3/22/2003)

    1. AMD to Release Opteron April 22:

  331. Using PowerPoint? Take a Look @ This... Power Movies: Royalty-Free Footage for PowerPoint - Presenting an awesome collection of royalty-free full motion movies for use in your PowerPoint presentations. Get the edge over the competition to make your presentation stand out from the pack! (3/22/2003)

  332. Abak, Canada's Premier Time Billing Program, Makes U.S. Debut - Abak time and billing and project management system specifically designed to prevent underbilling and lost time. Management reporting capabilities allow detailed analyses of productivity and workflow, for better control of clients, sub-contractors, vendors and resources. Has Microsoft Outlook look and feel. Abak is a workhorse for resource planning, budget management, project management, time and expense management, report generation, and work-in-progress analysis. Powerful reporting features are further enhanced with its ability to integrate with Crystal Reports.

    Accurate invoicing is a snap and the program helps prevent double-billing. Also works seamlessly with popular business programs - QuickBooks, MS Project, AccPac, and others. www.abaksoftware.com (3/21/2003). 

  333. From George Walker: Microsoft patch freezes some systems CNET News.com: MS Security Patch Problem - Win2000 (3/21/2003).

  334. CoffeeCup HTML Editor 9.5 is Here! The CoffeeCup HTML Editor 9.5 is now finished and available for Download. Click Here To Learn More! (3/21/2003).

  335. News @ Cisco Cisco Systems Announces Agreement to Acquire The Linksys Group, Inc.: Fueling Broadband To Consumers - Cisco Enters Home Network Market... Cisco has entered into the consumer home networking business through the acquisition of Linksys — The number 1 vendor of home networking products. "Under the terms of the agreement, Cisco will issue common stock with an aggregate value of approximately $500 million to acquire the Linksys business and to assume all outstanding employee stock options. The acquisition of Linksys is expected to close in the fourth quarter of Cisco's fiscal year 2003." (3/21/2003).


  336. images/bullet2.gifCakewalk Project5: www.Project5Studio.com: Project5 due to ship next week... A Cakewalk! Project5 Soft Synth Workstation - Representing a new breed of Digital Studio Workstation. Time to get creative! After all, 'It's all about the music!' (3/21/2003)

    1. Registered SONAR 2.x customers can now Pre-order Project5 for only $249. Please use coupon code P5SR243 when ordering. You will need to enter this code and your SONAR 2.x serial number during the check out process on the Cakewalk web store. This special 30-day offer expires April 20th (3/21/2003).

  337. PC Sound Technologies: PureNotes and Merging Announce First Noise Removal Implementation for DSD/SACD - Merging Technologies and PureNotes Ltd announced today that they will be releasing noise removal tools that can operate in Pyramix's DSD domain. A pre-release live demo of the technology will be available at the Merging Booth at AES Amsterdam from March 22-25, 2003.

    "The Pyramix digital audio workstation is, in our view, the most cost effective, high quality, real-time solution for professional use and is a technology leader in the DSD multi-channel record, editing and mastering market. Merging have always been interested improving the results of audio restoration and we are very happy to have this opportunity to work with them. Together we will bring a higher level of quality and ease of use to the noise removal market. I believe this is the first noise removal product that is designed for DSD/SACD." Said Manelli Hosseini, CEO of PureNotes Ltd. (3/20/2003)

  338. Spam: www.extremetech.com - Spam Fighters Plot Strategy: "On Thursday, a task force of engineers began meeting in San Francisco to discuss the best methods of fighting spam." (3/20/2003)

  339. 1394 FireWire: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Reference design evaluates digital audio over FireWire 800: "Oxford Semiconductor Ltd has announced the availability of a reference design that provides "plug-and-play" evaluation of digital audio distribution over IEEE 1394b (FireWire 800) networks." (3/18/2003)


  340. Special Offers: Protect the investment in your computer. ZoneAlarm Pro is the toughest firewall made by Zone Labs. Features include: Advanced hardening of operating system & network vulnerabilities & Privacy Advisor improvements. Included with your order is MailWasher Pro. Click here to order this special offer. Both products for only $39.95! This Special Offer Expires March 26, 2003 (3/18/2003).

  341. InfoWorld When the chips are down  March 14, 2003 By Ed Foster: A new level of irritation looms over Users of Inkjet Printer Technologies. Just when we thought Lexmark was over the top, HP goes one step further... Anyone out there own an HP 2000c printer? Read this article to see if that purchase was a good idea or not and then decide for yourself (3/18/2003).

  342. PC Magazine: Putting Old Printers Out to Pasture - And now older Canon printer drivers... Be prepared to upgrade certain hardware components when you upgrade the Operating System! Let's just cut to the chase - Be sure to run WinXP's System Compatibility Check before you upgrade (3/18/2003).

  343. Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7 Now Available: Ulead's Professional Video Editing Software Offers Software-Only, Real-Time Editing and Output (3/18/2003).

  344. DVD Technologies: Videomaker Magazine DVD Authoring Software: Special Buyers Guide (3/18/2003).

  345. RAID: InoStor - Innovation In Storage: InoStor announces RAIDn, a revolutionary means of protecting 24/7/365 storage. "Some thought it couldn't be done, but the next evolution of RAID is here. With RAIDn the user just needs to decide how much capacity they want and how much security through disk redundancy they need. RAIDn does the rest with it's unique structure of mathematical algorithms," said Ken Cruden, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing. InoStor's RAIDn is a software library with a set of patent-pending algorithms that implement a revolutionary parity scheme across an array of disk drives (3/18/2003).

  346. ATA/ATAPI: www.crn.com - EMC Adds ATA To Clariion: "EMC last week introduced a hard-disk module that adds ATA drive capability to its Clariion arrays. The module gives customers a low-cost, high-speed alternative to tape for backup purposes, EMC said." (3/18/2003)

  347. InfoWorld AMD's enchanted April March 14, 2003 By Tom Yager Platforms: "After years of hype, the AMD Opteron 64-bit processor will debut in April." (3/18/2003)

  348. ExtremeTech: Power & Features Due In 2003 PC Core Logic - Good Bye PCI! (3/18/2003)

  349. WavToMidi Conversions: ScoreExtractor 2 Released & Site Update: "This version has 30 days trial period, so if you'd tried beta version, you will get addition trial time. Since the documentation is not ready, you can get registered version at half price!" (3/18/2003)


  350. www.internetnews.com - Adaptec Introduces Serial ATA RAID Controllers: Although we currently have SCSI RAID & ATA RAID, we're now seeing Serial ATA RAID coming to the market forefront rapidly and affordably. Serial ATA RAID appears to be positioned to take over Server & Desktop market share more quickly than previous HDD Storage Interface Technologies of recent history. Parallel ATA is quickly making way for the point to point Serial ATA Interface. Adaptec has launched Serial ATA (SATA) products featuring MotherBoard and RAID card Solutions (3/17/2003).

    1. www.adaptec.com: Serial ATA.

    2. BuildOrBuy RAID: Definition & Purpose of ATA RAID.

    3. BuildOrBuy Serial ATA: Understanding the Specification.

  351. Laptop Storage: Fujitsu Europe Press Releases: "Fujitsu Europe Ltd today introduced its next generation MHT series of Mobile 2.5" 9.5mm HDD products comprising five capacity points of 20/30/40/60 and 80GB making the MHT series the broadest range of 2.5" 4200RPM Mobile HDD products in the industry.

    Fujitsu's MHT series employs new GDT (Glass Direct Texture) Media enabling nearly a 30% increase in areal density of up to 69.3Gb/sq.in, giving 40GB per disk whilst improving media resolution and noise resulting in improved data integrity." (3/17/2003)

    1. www.fujitsu.com
  352. Audio: Harmony-Central.com - FL Studio v4 Continues Fruityloops Legacy: "...now featuring a 64-channel mixer, direct-to-disc recording, DXi client mode for use in Sonar..." (3/17/2003).

    1. www.image-line.com: Fruityloops moved on to become a more complete software package called FL Studio. "FL Studio is the most complete virtual studio currently available. You will be creating wav, mp3 or midi songs or loops only minutes after launching it."

    2. www.fruityloops.com

  353. Special Offers: Improve Your Security and Online Experience - Zone Labs Special Offer - Purchase ZoneAlarm Plus and get MailWasher Pro for FREE! Click here to order this special offer (3/17/2003).


  354. Media Players: MusicMatch Fans! Get 50% Off MusicMatch JukeBox Plus for only $9.99! (3/17/2003)

  355. Web Hosts: www.pcmag.com - PC Magazine: A Host of Options - Choosing a Web Host... Looking to setup your own web site? Need a Web Host? Read PC Magazine's Evaluation of current Web Host offerings and compare (3/16/2003).

  356. Speakers: Creative Offering Low Price THX-Certified 6.1 PC Speaker System: Creative MegaWorks THX 6.1 650 Delivers 600 Watts Burst Power - "The Creative MegaWorks THX 6.1 650 speaker system is the first of its kind to receive THX certification. When combined with Creative's Sound Blaster Audigy 2 THX-certified sound card, it delivers an outstanding THX certified 6.1 PC audio experience, designed and delivered by the leader in PC audio," said Warren Mansfield, technical sales director for THX, Ltd. (3/15/2003)

    1. www.hifi.com - Cambridge SoundWorks

    2. THX, Ltd

  357. PDF Tools: NEW build of 602Pro PRINT PACK Released for March 2003 - "602Pro PRINT PACK is a low-cost, easy-to-use PDF conversion tool, which perfectly suits the needs of any Windows user who is looking for fast, one click document conversion. The new build 2002.1.03.0310 was released on March 10, 2003. Print2Mail and Print2PDF buttons on the toolbar of MS Internet Explorer, Convert2PDF icon on the shortcut menu in Windows Explorer, UNC path support and other new features are now available." (3/15/2003)

    1. www.software602.com/products/printpack/

  358. Networked Audio: harmony-central.com - Digital Guitar System: "...Gibson has been developing a Digital Guitar System which uses a new digital audio format, under development by the company for several years now." CAT5 Digital Audio using Gibson MaGIC protocol (3/14/2003).

    1. www.GibsonMagic.com - MaGIC - GIBSON LABS - Technology Group

  359. Seminars: Windows Server 2003 Seminars are here! Free Microsoft Technology Seminar for Technology Specialists (TS2); see Windows Server 2003 first-hand... For more information about the TS2 Seminars being offered in your area, visit www.windowsserver2003ts2.com Today! (3/14/2003)


  360. security.ziffdavis.com - ExtremeTech: Beware Of Spam Selling Cheap Software - Anything too good to be true probably is! Buyer Be AWARE! (3/14/2003)

  361. SACD: www.AirShowMastering.com - "Airshow's popular Artist's and Producer's Guide to SACD has been updated. Originally issued in 2002, the current update includes new information about domestic manufacturing of hybrid SACDs and SACD authoring services. ...published the Guide in order to spread the word about SACD... To help our clients have a trouble-free and cost effective way to prepare SACDs, Airshow offers a simple menu of SACD service modules, from format conversion for catalog reissues to authoring." (3/12/2003)

  362. Seminars: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Launch Events - Register Today! (3/12/2003)

    1. www.microsoft2003launch.com:

    2. www.windowsserver2003ts2.com: Free TS2 Seminars - Free Microsoft Technology Seminar for Technology Specialists (TS2).


  363. RAID: WestWorld Productions -- CTN: Cost-Optimizing Raid System - Comparing the availability, performance and cost of 36GB-drive striped parity (RAID-5) to 146GB-drive mirrored arrays (3/12/2003).

  364. Speedier MultiMediaCard in sight CNET.com: "The current specification has gone to the standards group's members for approval, which may occur within 60 days. The high-speed specification will allow transmission speeds of up to 52MB per second." (3/10/2003)

    1. MultiMediaCard Association

  365. Bios: aopen.com - WinBIOS Utility: A new WinBios "...AOpen developed a new useful WinBIOS utility, which is a Windows-based utility and can be executed exclusively on AOpen motherboards that is compatible with the Windows 2000/XP operating systems. Starting now, you may configure your BIOS parameters whenever you like while found yourself under the Windows environment." (3/10/2003)


  366. www.baselinemag.com - DPI Scrambles After Credit-Card Theft: "Security by obscurity" didn't work for one credit card processor: An "unauthorized outside party" ran off with credit card data anyway. (3/10/2003)

  367. USBAudio: www.edirol.com - UA-1000 Hi-Speed USB 2 Audio Recording Interface: Edirol Proudly Introduces the World’s First Hi-Speed USB 2 Audio Recording Interface - The UA-1000 delivers exceptional audio capabilities on 10 separate channels via a wide variety of connections, offering high quality microphone preamps using premium analog components. These include XLR/TRS combo jacks, Hi-Z guitar, SP/DIF, 8 channel ADAT, MIDI, and even inserts for effect send/return. (3/8/2003). 

    1. Features Include: 10 In / 10 Out 24bit/96Khz full duplex performance via hassle-free USB connection; 4 x front-mounted XLR/TRS combo jacks, with Phantom power & ASIO 2.0 and WDM driver support.

  368. Firewall: ZoneAlarm Plus Premium Firewall Protection... Exclusive Firewall and eTrust EZ Antivirus Package! Order ZoneAlarm Plus now (3/7/2003).

  369. Cakewalk Project5 Soft Synth Workstation: Coming End of March! (3/7/2003)

    1. Project5 interactive demo


  370. March Trade Shows: Digigram Delivers Audio Networking at NSCA Booth 2805 - Systems Integrators will be Big Winners with Digigram's Multi-Zone Audio Strategy (3/7/2003).


  371. Microsoft speaks, site goes dark CNET News.com: (3/7/2003).

  372. Content: Microsoft, Intuit DRM/Activation... And now, Symantec - Digital Rights Management - Product Activation: "Norton AntiVirus 2003 includes Product Activation..." (3/7/2003).

  373. Memory: Now available at Crucial: PC3200 (DDR400) - In response to a growing number of requests for high-quality PC3200 DDR SDRAM (DDR400), Crucial is now offering this higher speed memory solution. Both 256MB ($69.99) and 512MB ($120.99) PC3200 modules are now available at Crucial.com (3/7/2003).


  374. Seminars: The HP & Microsoft Network Storage Solutions Road Show! Houston, March 20th - Join Windows & .NET Magazine at the HP & Microsoft Network Storage Solutions Road Show and learn how existing (and future) storage solutions can make your job easier while saving your company money.

    This free 1/2-day event is hosted by Mark Smith, founder of Windows & .NET Magazine, former MIS manager, and former president of Penton Technology Media. Click Here To Register! (3/6/2003)

  375. Computer ProAudio, 1394 - mLAN: harmony-central.com - 01X mLAN Music Production System: Yamaha Introduces World's First mLAN Music Production System - "01X is the first product to feature Yamaha's new generation mLAN technology and guarantees high-speed audio and MIDI networking between computers, synthesisers and other mLAN compatible devices." (3/6/2003).

    1. YAMAMA 01X: www.01xray.com

  376. Wireless News Toshiba Unveils Innovative Fuel Cell: "Toshiba has introduced a prototype fuel cell designed to power portable computers by eliminating dependence on rechargeable batteries." (3/6/2003)

  377. www.NewsFactor.com - Whatever Happened to Transmeta "No longer a stealth threat to Intel's health, Transmeta hopes its new chip will bolster its argument that smarter, not faster, is better." (3/6/2003)

  378. Pocket Drive Portable Storage: Just when you thought Compact Flash was only 1GB... Now - www.LexarMedia.com adds 2GB & 4GB capacities to it's CF Card Line with 32X Write speed for 4.8MB per second Data Transfers (3/6/2003).

    1. Lexar Media Introduces World's Highest Capacity CompactFlash: "We are pleased to be the first company to bring 4GB CompactFlash to market, which is made possible by our advanced controller technology and the new industry leading 4-gigabit quad die pack flash memory from Samsung. The close Lexar Media and Samsung relationship allows us to collaborate to optimize our controller with the Samsung 4-gigabit flash memory device and deliver the largest CompactFlash available." The 4GB card will be Type II and is expected to ship in the 2nd quarter [2003] for $1,499.99 (3/6/2003).


  379. GRAMMY.com - 45th Annual GRAMMY Awards - February 23, 2003 8PM ET-PT CBS: Shure Wins prestigious 2003 Technical GRAMMY® Award. An award given “to individuals and/or companies who have made contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field.” Shure is only the fifth manufacturer ever to receive this honor (3/6/2003).

  380. March Trade Shows: Cakewalk Acquires FXpansion VST Adapter Technology - Musikmesse, Frankfurt, Hall 5.1, Stand C78 (05 March, 2003) - Cakewalk, developer of the world's best-selling music and sound software for Windows, announced it acquired VST Adapter Technology from U.K. based FXpansion, a leading independent developer of soft synths, audio plug ins and the VST-DX adapter. As a result of this acquisition Cakewalk gains exclusive publishing and distribution rights of the FXpansion VST adapter technology. In addition, all support and updates for registered FXpansion adapter users will be handled directly through Cakewalk (3/5/2003).

    1. Audio Plug-Ins

  381. Attention PaperPort Users - Version 9 is Here - Save $100! To order your copy of PaperPort Pro 9 Office for only $99.99, CLICK HERE or call toll-free 888-781-1189 and reference promotional code 71225. (3/5/2003)

  382. InfoWorld Speed cleaning February 28, 2003 By Brian Livingston Platforms: Registry Help + IE Patch for MSN Users! (3/5/2003)

  383. Tape Backup: WestWorld Productions -- CTN: Onstream Reaffirms Value Leadership Position With Industry's Highest Native Capacity IDE Tape Backup Solution... Just when you thought Tape was Toast... OnStream Lives! (3/5/2003).

    1. OnStream - Products: New ADR2.120ide tape drive - The industry's highest capacity IDE tape drive for the Desktop (3/5/2003).

  384. From Jack Hamilton: www.theinquirer.org - Sony previews Blu-Ray disc recorder "...Sony will introduce its BDZ-S77 Blu-Ray disc recorder, probably only in Japan at first, and costing a cool US$4,000 or so." (3/5/2003).

  385. PCWorld.com - Sony Shows First Blu-Ray Recorder: Drive uses blue-laser technology to boost DVD storage to 27GB. The BDZ-S77 will go on sale in Japan next month (3/4/2003).

    1. Sony Global Press Release: Large Capacity Optical Disc Video Recording Format "Blu-ray Disc" Established (February 19, 2002).

    2. News Release National-Panasonic: Large Capacity Optical Disc Video Recording Format "Blu-ray Disc" Established (2/19/2002).

    3. www.licensing.philips.com: See: Blu-ray Disc Systems

  386. Pocket Drives: Preclick Photo Manager software, "Photos-to-Go" solution bundled with CyberKey "Plug and Play" removable flash memory storage drives. According to Brian Smiga, CEO of Preclick, "As one of the first developers for Palm, we are going to be bundling with USB drives, CompactFlash, and all types of storage devices. We see Preclick software as a driver of demand for storage and paid web-services (like high-speed internet, travel, and sharing) as well as photo-finishing." (3/4/2003).


  387. Home LAN: Top 10 Most Popular Home Automation Products of 2002 Announced by Smarthome - Read complete story (3/4/2003).

  388. Security: New ZiffDavis Security Supersite (3/3/2003).

  389. The Builders Encyclopedia - The Journal of Light Construction is widely recognized as the leading resource on expert techniques for residential and light commercial construction. Click here to learn more about JLCD-ROM (3/3/2003).

  390. The Globe and Mail: Injunction favors Lexmark in landmark copyright case (3/3/2003).

  391. Monitor what your PC's sends out onto the Net: www.objectplanet.com - network monitor and protocol analyzer: Network Probe (3/3/2003).

  392. Digital Asset Management: www.Preclick.com Announces Preclick Lifetime™ Photo Organizer - Fastest, Easiest To Use Photo Organizer on the Market! Lets Users Embed Captions, Subjects, Titles, & Events for Super-Fast Searches for only $9.95 (3/3/2003).

  393. The Register: Windows Update keeps tabs on all system software (3/1/2003).


  394. Seminars: Microsoft TechNet Briefing in Houston on Thursday, March 13. Attendance is free of charge.

    Topics Include:

    1. Installing, Securing and Maintaining Wireless Networks.

    2. Upgrading Your Desktops to Windows XP Professional and Office XP.

    For Details, Click Here. To Register, Click Here. (2/28/2003).

  395. Audio Disk Based Sampler, GigaStudio: images/bullet2.gifGiga News For February 2003: Major Program Update & Revamped Website Coming Soon... (2/28/2003).

  396. Trade Shows: March Trade Shows... (2/28/2003).


  397. From: Al Massey, Journalist: Energy & Technology: PCWorld.com - Sun Shows Multicore Chips: "New processors combine multiple cores on a single piece of silicon" (2/28/2003).

  398. www.theinquirer.net - Pirate site torpedoed by Department of Justice: Knock Knock Pirates, the DOJ Buccaneer Brigade is closing in... (2/28/2003).

    1. www.cybercrime.gov

    2. www.cybercrime.gov - Operation Buccaneer


  399. Projectors: Barco Introduces Cost Effective Digital Cinema Projector "...the compact D-Cine Premiere DP30 - a low cost DLP Cinema™ projector designed to meet the need for Post Production and true Digital Cinema displays on screens of up to 10m (33’) wide." (2/28/2003)

    1. www.d-cine.barco.com:

  400. Cases: ExtremeTech's Semi-Annual PC Case Roundup: "One thing to note is that it's pretty common to find the same case under different names. There are far more resellers of PC cases than actual manufacturers. The question is, do the resellers add additional value."  (2/28/2003)

  401. Audio: ExtremeTech.com - Intel Un-Wraps Motherboard Audio Specification: AC97 Audio Spec to be replaced with 'Azalia' Spec for DVD-Audio playback supporting up to 15 simultaneous audio streams to enhance Intel's Digital Home initiative (2/27/2003).

    1. www.intel.com - Building PCs for the Digital Home:

  402. Announcing the AMD $1000-a-day Giveaway! AMD $1,000 Giveaway! Get the performance you deserve with a PC powered by an AMD Athlon XP Processor. Click Here! No purchase necessary to Enter or Win (2/26/2003).

  403. Seminars: Coming to Houston, TX! Monday, March 3rd for the Microsoft CRM 'Business Insight' Launch Event! Time: 8:00 AM - 11:15 AM; Location: Adams Mark Hotel, 2900 Briarpark Drive, Houston, Texas 77042. To register and obtain more information visit www.microsoft.com/events and search for event code 1032227484 or call 1-877-MSEVENT (2/24/2003).

  404. Content: Microsoft Announces Windows Rights Management Services For Windows Server 2003: New DRM Technology for Windows Server 2003. "Windows Rights Management Services will work with applications to provide a platform-based approach to providing persistent policy rights for Web content and sensitive corporate documents of all types. Beta code for Windows Rights Management Services will be broadly available in the second quarter of 2003. ...an ASP.NET Web service..." (2/24/2003)

    1. Windows Rights Management Overview

    2. ManagedOps.Com: Online Application Outsourcing Services (ASPs).


  405. www.pcmcia.org - NEWCARD Information: "...a new specification codenamed NEWCARD takes the next step in PC Card evolution. The new specification builds on successful characteristics of PC Card: reliability, ease of use and wide industry support while delivering external expansion with reduced size, increased speed, lower costs and support of advanced serial I/O technologies, USB 2.0 and PCI Express.

    NEWCARD marks the first time expansion card specifications will be shared among mobile and desktop PCs."

    Two key industry groups, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and the PCI-SIG (Peripheral Component Interconnect-Special Interest Group), are collaborating with the PCMCIA to support the underlying bus technology used in defining the NEWCARD form factor. PCMCIA will lead the NEWCARD specification development effort. (2/24/2003)


  406. Cryptography: www.cryptoheaven.com: "CryptoHeaven signature encryption security software, designed for small and mid-sized businesses - CryptoHeaven provides secure email, online storage and collaboration software... ...utilizes 256-bit encryption for all data leaving or entering your computer, adding a second layer of protection to traditional secure channel transmissions. The entire communication remains encrypted as it travels through the secure channel pipeline. Even if the pipeline is broken into, the attacker cannot decipher the data." (2/23/2003)


  407. Email Scams: unspam 419 scam behind nigerian diplomat's death:

    1. Original Story requires Subscription: allAfrica.com -- Nigeria '419' Behind Nigerian Diplomat's Death: '...advanced fee fraud (419)...,' "...Nigerian letters scam..." (2/23/2003).

  408. businessweek.com - BW Online March 3, 2003 The Linux Uprising: "...Instead of making money from the operating system, you are going to have to make it elsewhere." (2/23/2003)


  409. DVD: Former president of JVC heads up New Storage Company Debuting DVD+RW Burner - The K2XTREME DVD+RW/R. Writes at 2.4X speed for both recordable and rewritable functions. Include Roxio's Easy CD Creator 5.3 DVD Edition (2/22/2003).

  410. Bios: eeNews - Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Phoenix BIOS carves protected space on hard drive: "Phoenix Technologies Ltd. has introduced extensions to its BIOS software that will help manage and secure PCs.... Phoenix said its Core Managed Environment (cME) delivers a new set of applications that run in a protected partition of a system's hard-disk drive.

    McAfee ...will deliver the first applications for cME, ...others are expected to follow later. On system boot-up, Phoenix's FirstBios creates a protected drive space which cannot be accessed by the system's OS or by rogue viruses." (2/22/2003)

  411. RAID: Fortra IDE RAID storage systems: "IDE systems are available in Ultra 160 SCSI or 2GB Fibre Channel host configurations" (2/21/2003).

  412. Microsoft Acquires Connectix Virtual Machine Assets: Another way to kill competition? (2/22/2003)

  413. Projectors: ExtremeTech.com - New Infocus DLP Projector Rocks (2/21/2003).


  414. DV - Features: The Next 10 Years... "...how digital video will change over the next decade." (2/21/2003)

  415. BuilderOnline.com - High-tech firms look for ways to dewire the home: "Magis Networks Inc., a California-based technology company, envisions a future in which all sorts of electronic devices will work together wirelessly" (2/19/2003).


  416. Trade Shows: ExtremeTech's Coverage of the Intel Developer Forum (2/19/2003).

  417. eWeek.com - Microsoft Pushing CRM Into e-Biz: Microsoft's vision of Customer Relationship Management (2/19/2003).

  418. After having discussed this issue of DRM (Digital Rights Management) & Intuit's TurboTax with Macrovision's C-Dilla/SafeCast vs. H&R Block's TaxCut, we're providing the link to that article from: ExtremeTech.com - TurboTax Test Results Part II: Exposé - Sector 33 Naughtiness from 2/10/2003 (2/18/2003).

    1. ICS Internet Services Install-Uninstall Report on Macrovision-C-Dilla Copy Protection-Spy Software (2/18/2003).

    2. ScanSoft Teams with Microsoft and H&R Block - Exclusive Savings on MS Money & TaxCut. Purchase Microsoft Money 2003 Deluxe for just $59.95 and receive TaxCut Deluxe FREE! Click Here! (2/19/2003)

  419. pcmag.com - Crummy UCITA Legislation is Back: "...the horrible Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act (UCITA)..." (2/18/2003).


  420. Storage: ExtremeTech.com - The Future of Notebook Computing: The next Big Thing... OLED Displays, Organic Storage (IBM's Millipede) & Fuel Cells (2/18/2003).

  421. Audio Plug-Ins: Harmony-Central.com - DX Modulation Pack Version 3.0 Now Available: "...special introductory pricing [$69.00] through February 28, 2003. The DX Modulation Pack is a collection of 6 discrete plug-ins: phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo, c-delay and modulated resonant LP/HP filter." (2/17/2003)

  422. Optical Storage: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Philips and BenQ form optical storage company: "Philips BenQ Digital Storage... The company will focus on the areas of new optical standards, research, particularly in the definition of product roadmaps, product development, manufacturing of products, and customer support of optical storage devices for data applications." (2/17/2003)

  423. Electronic News: And The Winners Are... "...inside the winners’ circle ...Microprocessor Report analysts’ choice awards." (2/17/2003)


  424. GigaStudio, Audio Disk Sampler: Harmony-Central.com Sonic Implants Releases More MINI Version of Symphonic Strings: "The MINI version, shipping on 6 CD-ROMs..." (2/14/2003).

  425. ExtremeTech.com - TurboTax Test Results Part II: Sector 33 Naughtiness - Macrovisions' C-Dilla/SafeCast @ work (2/14/2003).

  426. Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - WDC enterprise SATA HDD spins at 10,000rpm: "WDC announced entry into the enterprise Hard Drive market with the release of the WD Raptor Serial ATA (SATA) HDD that spins at 10,000rpm and exhibits an average seek time of 5.2ms. ...36GB capacity..." (2/14/2003)

  427. Audio: ExtremeTech.com - Build It Digital Audio Workstation: "...constructing a top notch Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)." From 1-14-03 article (2/14/2003).

  428. New for WindowsMedia 9! wmplugins.com - The place to find and share plug-ins, skins, and visualizations to enhance your Windows Media experience. (2/14/2003)

  429. DigiTimes.com - First-tier mobo makers to see February shipments drop by 13-18%, investment firms predict: "...motherboard manufacturers may see gross margins falling further, as the delay of K8-core Athlon 64 processors from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will force board makers to move production to Pentium 4 products, which have already begun delivering only a rather small margin." (2/14/2003).


  430. WestWorld Productions -- CTN: The Force Is With Lucas Digital - Storage Issues at Lucas Digital (2/12/2003).

  431. February Trade Shows: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Leakage current called obstacle to chip complexity: "The semiconductor industry must reduce leakage current in chip designs by two orders of magnitude over the next 10 years, or face an interruption in projected chip complexity, University of Tokyo professor Takayasu Sakurai told the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in the U.S." (2/12/2003).

  432. Ad-Aware 6.0 is finally out! www.lavasoftusa.com (2/10/2003).

  433. Seminars: US System Builder, Join Cleve’s Tech Talk on February 11th @ 8:00 AM; Discussion: Windows Server 2003 Pre-installation (2/10/2003)!


  434. x-bit labs - Special Hardware Infocenter: Western Digital to Launch 10,000 rpm Desktop HDD on the 11th of February! Serial ATA (2/10/2003).

  435. Capacitors: theinquirer.net - PC component failure – the problem that dare not speak its name - Isolate this, mobo makers... (2/10/2003).


  436. 1394 & USB: pcmag.com - FireWire Vs. USB 2.0: The Great Interface-Off (2/10/2003).

  437. Bios News & Links: ExtremeTech.com - American Megatrends Ships DRM BIOS: DRM Bios (2/9/2003).

  438. theinquirer.net - Yamaha rides away from CD writers: "YAMAHA HAS SAID IT WILL WITHDRAW from the CD-R/RW business at the end of March." Clearly, the combo CD-RW / DVD-ROM drive has arrived (2/8/2003).

  439. Regional Watch, News & Trends: Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Yamaha to withdraw from CD-R/RW business: "Yamaha Corp. has decided to terminate its sales of CD-R/RWs for PCs and to withdraw completely from the business by the end of March" (2/8/2003).

  440. Seminars: Share Sun's vision for network computing - Special Web Event on Monday, February 10, 2003 @ 9:30 AM. Click her for details: www.sun.com/bignews (2/7/2003).

  441. images/bullet2.gifSunplus and Oak Announce Strategic Partnership Sign Definitive Agreement for an Optical Storage Joint VentureSunplus to Purchase Oak's Optical Storage Business for $30 Million: We currently do not know what effect this will have on Oak's ExacLink (Buffer Under-Run) technology with Sunplus nor of the status of Oak's SimpliCD, CD Recording software. We'll fill you in if we learn anything new! (2/7/2003)


  442. Seminars: CONTENT MANAGEMENT Solutions Seminar - AIIM International, "Educating Leading Industry Executives on the Critical Issues of Enterprise Content Management" (2/7/2003).

  443. Preclick Corporation Ships Free Preclick™ Photo Organizer - "Preclick Photo Organizer, providing a faster, easier way for Users to organize digital photos, order prints and share their growing digital photo collections."

    1. Download Preclick Photo Organizer 1.2.2 from here (2/7/2003).


  444. Web Streaming News: Oak Technology Introduces Lowest Cost Home Gateway Solution: "Introducing the Oak MaestroLink Solution - Bridging the home DVD player and the PC using a wired or wireless home network to enable the viewing of streamed video, photos, music, games or Web content on the TV. The Oak MaestroLink Home Gateway IC is a low-cost ASIC for the DVD player and media processing software for the PC providing a connection between the PC and DVD player." (2/7/2003)

  445. Creative announces Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX "Transforms The PC Into A Home Recording Studio." Features: six-channel DVD-Audio quality 24-bit/96kHz recording; full-sized MIDI I/O; SB1394 FireWire ports & ASIO 2.0 support. Includes music creation software bundle consisting of Steinberg's Cubasis; Sonic Foundry's ACID Style DJ; Native Instruments' Traktor DJ Creative Edition & Image Line's - FruityLoops Pro 3.5 Creative Edition. US$249.99 SP www.Audigy.com (2/7/2003).

  446. Upgrade Notice for 602Pro PC SUITE 2000 - "Purchase the new 602Pro PC SUITE Plus before February 23rd, 2003 for only $19.95. This is a $10 discount from the regular $29.95 retail price!" (2/7/2003)


  447. Trade Shows: meetingnews.com - Key3Media Files Chap. 11; Creditor to Become Owner: Comdex Lives! "Under the reorganization, Key3Media will reduce its debt 87 percent" (2/6/2003).

  448. images/bullet2.gifCD & DVD Technologies: From Milt Gugenheim: If you bought a CD anytime during the last ten years, a class action settlement has been reached. You may get between $5 to $20 back depending on the number of claims filed. No proof is required.

    1. The site is www.MusicCDsettlement.com - Good Luck! (2/6/2003)

  449. Web Casting: meetingnews.com - Microsoft to Acquire Web Conferencing Company: Putting its stamp of approval on the future of Web Conferencing, Microsoft plans to acquire an industry leader, PlaceWare (2/6/2003).

  450. DVD-Audio: Announcing Sonic Foundry's Vegas 4 & Vegas + DVD - Two new affordable Professional standards for Audio, Video & DVD Production - Special Introductory Pricing -

    1. Save up to $500 through March 15 on Vegas 4 or

    2. Buy Vegas + DVD Now! Only $499 through March 15! Save $500 (2/6/2003).


  451. Technology - story - canada.com network: Dell Computer says it will stop installing floppy drives on desktops "The company plans to stop installing the drives on high-end Dimension computers next month and offer them only as an option..." (2/6/2003).


  452. ExtremeTech.com - Microsoft Warns SEC Of Open-Source Threat: "lower its software prices as a result of the growth of open source..." What a novel idea! (2/6/2003)

  453. SurfSecret's www.DVD2CDR.com - Make perfect copies of your DVD Movies - Without the need for a DVD Burner! Requires a DVD-ROM Drive and a CD-R (CD Recorder) in your computer. Create VideoCDs of your DVDs for play in most DVD players, portable DVD players, home entertainment systems, and computers! Download Free 30-day trial, or purchase for only $34.99 today! (2/6/2003)


  454. Video Tools: Adobe's FREE Maximum Impact Tour, co-sponsored by Dell and Total Training...shows how easily you can create the kind of work that amazes audiences and blows away the competition with intuitive and precise video and audio editing tools featuring Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop & Dell Precision Workstations coming to Houston, March 27th, 2003. Reserve You Space Now! Or call 1-877-303-9422 (2/6/2003).

  455. Security: The Security Report (TSR), a bi-monthly publication dedicated to Professionals in the Security and Prevention Space: Safety through increased vigilance from Venture Reporter (2/4/2003).

  456. Audio Plug-Ins: T-RackS: New T-RackS plug-in extends compatibility - World renown mastering suite now available for VST and DX platforms (2/4/2003).


  457. Printers: Introducing the world's fastest workgroup color printer! Whoosh! The world's fastest workgroup color printer has arrived! Xerox Network Printers, 30 ppm color & 37 ppm black & white, from 4" x 6" postcards to 12" x 18" tabloid sizes - The Xerox 7300 Tabloid Color Printer has arrived (2/4/2003)!

  458. Trade Shows: USATODAY.com - Comdex operator files for bankruptcy protection (2/3/2003).

  459. Cases: Looking for something really different in a Case? Seen the 'i-Tee' yet? LOPE COMPUTER CO., LTD. (2/3/2003).

  460. ExtremeTech.com - Platform Conference Summary, Part I: IDF & WinHEC (2/3/2003).

  461. Speakers: Klipsch unveils the Future of Multimedia! Discover the excitement of Digital 5.1 Surround Audio with industrial design and the killer performance, Klipsch ProMedia GMX D-5.1 (2/3/2003).


  462. Processors: ExtremeTech.com - Official Opteron. Athlon 64 Ship Dates Released (2/3/2003).

  463. Losses grow for Corel - Tech News - CNET.com: Corel could be headed for the same fate of Micrografx who bet the farm on corporate sales while forgetting to, 'Dance with the one who brought you!' Hello Consumer? Or, hello  Microsoft - SOS please! (2/3/2003)

  464. DRM: Microsoft protecting rights--or Windows - Tech News - CNET.com: Protecting Windows Media's Future! (2/3/2003)

  465. theinquirer.net - Intel's thermal solutions for Springdale boards (2/3/2003).

  466. USB: COMPUTEX ONLINE: Welland introduces USB 6-in-1 Memory Reader/Writer (2/3/2003).

    1. www.welland.com.tw See: Super Panel!

    2. VANTECUSA: Nexus Multi-Function Panel! Looks similar (2/8/2003).


  467. Spam: pcmag.com - Personal Antispam Tools (2/2/2003).

  468. Listen to Dr. Jon Peddie's Presentation discussing PCs in alignment for the Dawning of the Age of Convergence and the Digital Media Home Entertainment Center. A follow-up from CES featuring Pat Meier's Sponsors - Live@Piero's - During CES (2/1/2003).

  469. WavToMidi Conversions: ScoreExtractor 2 COMING SOON (2/1/2003)!

  470. e-insite.net - AMD Sets 64-bit Processors Launch Dates AMD's 64-bit Opteron processor rolls out April 22, 2003 with the Athlon 64 processor following in September + introduction of the AMD Athlon XP processor 3000+ on Feb. 10 (2/1/2003).

  471. AOL bedeviled at broadband crossroads - Tech News - CNET.com: "weakening demand for dial-up" (2/1/2003).

  472. Inscriber Technology Corporation: Inscriber InStream, Windows Media Encoder 9 Titling Plug-In @ wm9.inscriber.com Now Shipping! Create and display professional graphics and time code over your Windows Media 9 Series video content (2/1/2003).

  473. GigaStudio HD Audio Sampler: Harmony-Central.com - SoundEngine.com Announces Accordions and Metal from Michiel Post (1/31/2003).

  474. ExtremeTech.com - Four Granite Bay Motherboards (1/31/2003).

  475. Windows Media Player: Circle Surround II sound plug-in for the new Windows Media Player 9 Series is now available directly from SRS Labs (1/31/2003).

  476. Processors: pcmag.com - Processors Taking It To The Next Level (1/31/2003).


  477. SmartDraw.com Unleashes SmartDraw Photo 2.0 for Digital Photo Editing and Image Management (1/31/2003).


  478. Chipsets: ExtremeTech.com - Update SIS Plans Quad-Channel Rambus Chipset (1/31/2003).

  479. eWeek.com - Internet Recovering From Slammer (1/31/2003).

  480. CD Recording: NeroNET: Share a CD recorder in a Network (1/30/2003)! 
  481. New CD Recording App! BurnAtOnce.com - More than an Image Writer, now includes all the features needed to make it a full Audio & Data CD Authoring program while still maintaining speed and ease of use (1/30/2003).
  482. ExtremeTech.com - Massive Data Spill at Network Solutions-Verisign: And with all of their "The Value of Trust" ideals this makes ".org" administrators feel real safe and secure with email Spam harvesters (1/30/2003).
  483. Digital Video Solutions Tour: FREE DV Revolution Seminar Tour - DV Revolution Free Seminar Tour explains how to shoot, capture, edit, and publish professional video with Pinnacle Systems' award-winning Edition software and video solutions from other leading manufacturers. Register now for the largest FREE seminar tour in the history of the video industry (1/30/2003)!


  484. Cases: PYRO DV RaidRT - Hardware Based FireWire RAID array enclosure for ATA Hard Drives (1/28/2003).
  485. Media Players: Media Jukebox has split into two products - Version 8.0, a "music only" product & Version 9.0, an "all media" product with a new name - "J. River Media Center". Version 9.0 will be released in a few weeks with features competing with Windows XP Media Center - See New Features Here (1/28/2003).
  486. From Tom Tyner, AdAware 6 Will be available 1st of February (1/28/2003).
  487. Computer worm slows global Net traffic - Tech News - CNET.com (1/25/2003).
  488. SACD: Current Mobile Fidelity Sound SACDs available from www.amusicdirect.com. Everything mastered in house on Sony's Sonoma Recording / Editing Platform by Engineer Shawn Britton (1/25/2003).
  489. Microsoft.com - 3-Step Security Checkup for Your New PC (1/25/2003).


  490. Presentation Projectors: Presenters University - Courses - Content Crafting the message (1/24/2003).
  491. Monitors: ExtremeTech.com - Update Sony To Phase Out Smaller CRTs by March 31, 2003 and will only manufacture 21 and 24-inch CRT displays. Bye Bye Trinitron Displays! (1/24/2003)
  492. Trade Shows: MeetingNews.com - Meetings Buyers, Suppliers Diverge Sharply on 2003 Outlook (1/24/2003).
  493. Electronic News: SIA Sounds Off on Technology Mandates - Joins forces with Alliance for Digital Progress (1/24/2003).


  494. WestWorld Productions -- CTN: How Secure Can HIPAA Be? In Search of Server, Storage, and Interconnect Security (1/24/2003).
  495. SACD: www.AirShowMastering.com - Free SACD Master Guide, "The Artists & Producers Guide" (1/24/2003).
  496. Email: Hivelogic Email Address Encoder By Dan Benjamin (1/22/2003).
  497. Racy Sanford shares this little treasure with us we can all appreciate... USATODAY.com - Microsoft loses showdown in Houston - Caught with their computers down! Sounds like another example of, "Do they want our money or our business?" (1/22/2003)


  498. CD-MRW: storage.ziffdavis.com - No More Floppies: CD Burning with Mount Rainier (1/21/2003)
    1. www.mt-rainier.org "A standard for a true drag-and-drop file system for rewritable CDs—built into the operating system."
  499. Storage: storage.ziffdavis.com - WiebeTech FireWire Encrypt Locks Down Data (1/21/2003).
  500. Processors: ExtremeTech.com - State of the Desktop CPU - Cutting to the chase, "The real wildcard is the Athlon 64." (1/21/2003)
  501. Media Players: pcmag.com - RealOne Player 2.0 reviewed by PC Magazine - Oh really? You decide who has the best Media Player! (1/21/2003)
  502. OK, so the Holidays are over yet some of us may still be in the market for a New Printer? Take a Look here and see New HP Products! (1/21/2003)
  503. Wireless: From Racy: Yahoo! News - Expert Alleged Wi-Fi Risks Are Nonsense (1/21/2003).


  504. UPS: Racy Sanford shared this with us - Using an APC brand battery back-up on your System? APC - Safety Recall Back-UPS CS models in both 120-volt and 230-volt units. (1/21/2003)
  505. thepittsburghchannel.com - Consumer Watch - CD Owners Get Money Back In Settlement "Forty-one states are part of a settlement of a huge price-fixing lawsuit with several major music labels. The deal calls for companies to return $44 million to customers." (1/20/2003)


  506. Audio: Creative Prodikeys Wins TechTV "Best Of CES" Award At Consumer Electronics Show - Creative Prodikeys is a full- featured, ergonomic 104-key PC keyboard integrated (1/18/2003).
    with 37 touch-sensitive music keys and easy to use music controls. (1/18/2003).
  507. Audio: Cakewalk announces Project5 Soft Synth Workstation @  NAMM Trade Show —the next generation in virtual studios. Project5 gives electronic musicians everything thSy need to experiment, create, and perform music using integrated Sequencers; Software Synths; Samplers; Audio and MIDI Effects; Audio Looping Tools; all integrated in one complete, flexible Production Workstation Environment. Learn more about Project5 (1/18/2003).
  508. USB: ExtremeTech.com - Build It External USB 2.0 Hard Drive (1/16/2003).


  509. ExtremeTech.com - Dual Processing Doesn't Do It For Me (1/15/2003).
  510. Privacy and Spying C-Dilla Copy Protection or Spyware (1/14/2003).
  511. The Register: Is the RIAA "hacking you back"? (1/14/2003)
  512. AntiVirus Help: eWeek.com - Sobig Virus Picks Up Speed (1/14/2003).
  513. Audio: ExtremeTech.com:  Build It Digital Audio Workstation (1/14/2003).
  514. Bible Study Software: The Message, OT & NT Available on WORDsearch - Only $9.95 including a fresh copy of the latest version of WORDsearch on CD. To Order: estore.WORDsearchBible.com (1/14/2003).


  515. From www.Win32News.com - Cryptome.org Stands By The Privacy of Their Visitors (1/13/2003).


  516. Spam: Why So Much Spam In Hotmail? The Spamhaus Project - NEWS: Dictionary Attacks (1/13/2003).
  517. ExtremeTech.com - Blu-Ray Recorders Emerge (1/13/03).
    1. Blu-Ray Licensing: www.licensing.philips.com "The Blu-ray Disc using blue-violet laser achieves over 2-hour digital high definition video recording on a 12cm diameter CD/DVD size phase change optical disc."
  518. InternetNews.com - ATI, DivX in Video Compression Partnership (1/10/03).
  519. InterVideo to Integrate DivX(TM) Video Technology Into Its DVD and Video Software Products: First reported November 20, 2002 (1/10/03).


  520. Windows Media Player: Windows Media 9 Series Final Release Now Available! Powering the Next Wave of Digital Media Experiences (1/8/03).


  521. Reuters Latest Financial News - Full News Coverage - Court Denies Office of Homeland Security Motion (1/7/03).
  522. Cryptography: WashingtonPost.com:  Pretty Good Update for E-Mail Privacy (TechNews.com) PGP (1/7/03).
  523. Standards Organizations & Trade Associations: InfoWorld.com:  Taking a balanced look at standards - Above the Noise, "...Only four standards bodies are sanctioned by governmental agencies that have the force of law... Everybody else is just a shade of gray." (1/7/03)
    1. InfoWorld.com:  Special Report Disruptive Technologies 1/7/03.
  524. Our favorite application for Audio Media Archive Recording? Total Recorder v4.1 Released! Total Recorder V4.1, available in Standard, Pro and Developer Editions. Features in Pro Edition include: Enhanced sound data editing features; New Recording Scheduler options; Split mode - A recording can now be split automatically into separate files, based on a number of different conditions; Advanced options for automatically stopping a recording + Advanced automatic file name generation facilities let you specify file names of automatically generated files. Download the Demo and see for your self, this one's a keeper! www.highcriteria.com 1/7/03
  525. MakingWavesAudio.com: Daniel Bedingfield produced a number 1 hit, 'Gotta Get Thru This', with Making Waves Audio version 2 in his bedroom and received the largest sum of cash (400,000) ever paid for a Music Single! Now on Relentless Records! (1/6/03)
    1. Hear Daniel Bedingfield's number 1 hit, 'Gotta Get Thru This' on Launch.com (1/6/03). 
  526. IDG.net:  Could diamond chips supplant silicon? "...diamond-based semiconductors, an advanced chip technology that could one day replace silicon as the base for super fast, high voltage semiconductors." And who says, "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend?" (1/3/03)
  527. New Pocket Drive Portable Storage: ExtremeTech.com:  Tiny New Hard Drives May Incorporate DRM - Prototype Drives to be Showcased @ CES Hitachi Booth will include both Parallel ATA & less expensive Serial ATA Interfaces. The Consortium aims to reduce the 80 GB 'Tiny' HD Disk price for Consumer Video Recorders to under $80.00 (1/2/03).
    1. Trade Organizations: www.iVDR: Hard Disk Drive Consortium - Digital Rights Management (DRM) (1/2/03).
  528. Trade Shows: MeetingNews.com:  Feds to Screen All Checked Air Baggage - So don't bother to lock your luggage! (1/2/03)


  529. InformationWeek Security Threat Of Yaha Virus Upgraded (1/2/03).
  530. Audio synthesis, composition & processing: AudioMulch News January 2003, Version 1.0 to be Released in 2003. Now includes support for: Multichannel sound of up to 24 audio channels in / out + VSTi MIDI Instrument Plugins among other new features (1/1/03).
  531. Nick Eklund informed us of this New Virus Warning Notice from MessageLabs, "stopping a new mass mailer; a brief analysis suggests..." MessageLabs - Virus Report - W32-Yaha.M; Read those Mail Headers! (1/1/03)


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