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Cakewalk Pyro 2003 - Digital Media, MP3 & CD Maker!

Pyro running on WinXP Pro... Progress Notes

Biggest hassle was registering with GraceNote CDDB since the last screen came up behind Pyro instead of to the forefront. After closing Pyro, we saw the problem. Also, to play a Redbook Audio CD one must select the Copy from CD tab. When accessing GraceNote CDDB after registering with them, you'll get an icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen every time you access CDDB. This only happens when you insert a new CD.

Help also displays on the left initially. Interesting. There's also a Pyro 2003 Owners page. You'll find that link when you click on 'Help', 'Pyro on the Web'. Nice touch with Tech Support, Music Links and Special Offers listed.

Under 'Tools', 'Activate MP3 creation...' To use the Pyro MP3 creation feature it must first be activated. A one time procedure. This feature is self explanatory. 

No right click capabilities. Doubling clicking on files allows one to modify track Titles or Artist names. Simply click on a Track then press play to listen.

Pyro is a good Digital Media Player. Takes getting use to though. Screen layout is good. Better than the now defunct Siren Media Player from Sonic Foundry. Siren was sold to Sony for repackaging. Pyro has no feature to scan for media files like some Media Players.

More notes later! GB

Media Players
Windows Help
Cakewalk Pyro 2003
Gear Software

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP


Pentium 300 MHz or higher



CD Drive

CD-ROM drive

CD Recorder

CD-R drive for creating CDs

Windows Sound Card

Pyro will work with virtually all Windows compatible CD-R & CD-RW drives.

Note: Pyro 2003 is not compatible with Windows 95 or Windows NT.

Sound Cards Tested:
  1. Aardvark DirectPro 24/96
  2. Creative CT5880 chipset
  3. Creative SB Live
  4. M-Audio Revolution

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