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Patriotism - Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave! Compassion For All!

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A.) images/bullet2.gifBuild Specs - FX-8320... Print in Landscape Mode (12/30/2013)
B.) images/bullet2.gifHandouts - Docs & Notes
C.) images/bullet2.gifWindows 7 Comparison Chart

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images/bullet2.gifWed 4-09-2014: 4K PC Specs, XP Support Ends, Libraries + Q&A

images/bullet2.gifWed 4-16-2014: Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 4-23-2014: Q&A
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BuildOrBuy Internals:

BuildOrBuy is affiliated with HAL-PC and plans to remain so.

We will meet in the Fair Haven UMC Fellowship Hall until further notice!

Our Weekly Meeting Room Date & Location:
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM!
We start PC Help & Troubleshooting from 10:00 AM to Noon!

Fair Haven United Methodist Church


Our Two Major Projects are underway - Better Internet Access - 50Mbps, during the Meetings, & Projector - HDMI 1080! We already have a Very Large Screen - 120 inch diagonal! Thanks to All for your Continued Support of BuildOrBuy!


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Today's Technology News...

   Wednesday, April 09, 2014  

  1. - Streaming Media Players - Amazon Fire TV - HDMI + TOSLINK (4-8-2014)
    1. Amazon Fire TV – Streaming Media Player – Shop Now
  2. RedShark News - Jaws drop, Earth stops spinning. Blackmagic's astonishing new 4K modular camera (4-8-2014)
  3. - Editing in 4K Minimum System Requirements (4-4-2014)
  4. From David Crook... - Sharp Announces Universal Player and Wireless Bridge at CES 2014 - Best of CES 2014 Awards "Sharp Universal Player (SD-WH1000U) is the first Sharp component to transmit uncompressed sound at 24-bit/96kHz and video at Full HD (1080p) — wirelessly... The player can handle SACD and CDs, Blu-ray discs and DVDs and offers 3 HDMI inputs, 2 USB ports and an internet connection to bring a wealth of online and portable device options to the consumer." (1-10-2014)
  5. Sony US - 4K Camcorder with 1" sensor - FDRAX100-B Review (1-9-2014)
    • XAVC-S, AVCHD and MP4 codecs

    • Capture 4K/30p video that far exceeds HD resolution

    • HDMI(micro) Cable
    • USB Connection Support Cable
  6. - AMD Mantle boosts Battlefield 4 performance by 45 per cent - Graphics - News Read on... "AMD FreeSync" (1-9-2014)
  7. The Tech Report - Nvidia responds to AMD's ''free sync'' demo (1-8-2014)
  8. Techgage - CES 2014 AMD Demos G-Sync Alternative “FreeSync” at CES; NVIDIA Quickly Discredits It (1-8-2014)
  9. Foxit Blog - How The Adobe Breach Might Affect You (1-7-2014)
  10. CNET News - Western Digital enlists helium for 6TB energy-efficient drives Business Tech (11-4-2013)
  11. Eliminate frame rate stuttering and screen tearing: Adaptive VSync GeForce 
    1. Adaptive VSync Supported GPUs GeForce - Video card Technology to prevent Screen Tear
    2. G-SYNC GeForce - Monitor Technology to prevent Screen Tear
    3. PhysX FAQ NVIDIA
  12. Aereo is Coming to Houston, Texas! Frequently Asked Questions Aereo - Watch Live TV Online... For a Monthly Fee (9-17-2013)
  13. Sony Shop - 4K Ultra HD TV XBR X900A 4K Resolution TRILUMINOS LED UHDTVs Sony Store - Your 4K Questions (9-17-2013)
  14. Intel Experience Tour 2013 (9-16-2013)
  15. Sony Smartphone Attachable Lens-Style Camera Cameras Sony USA (9-15-2013)
  16. - How to Choose the Fastest, Cheapest, and Most Reliable Mobile Hotspot to Stay Connected Everywhere You Go (9-14-2013)
  17. Antenna, Satelite or Cable... Plus... Internet TV & Movie Streaming Options - 720p HD or 1080p HD!!!
    1. Which Service is right for you? - Netflix Instant vs. Hulu Plus vs. Amazon Instant Video Digital Trends: 720p HD
    2. Services: VUDU - Rent, buy & watch HD movies and TV shows on-demand: 1080p HD
    3. Service: Watch Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network Online
    4. Device / Service: Google Chromecast
    5. Devices / Service: Roku Streaming Player(s)
    6. Devices / Service: TiVo Premiere much more than a DVR - TiVo
    7. Devices / Service: SiliconDust SiliconDust – HDHomeRun - Watch TV Anywhere on your Network!
  18. ASUS 4K Monitor: PQ321Q - Monitors & Projectors - ASUS
  19. Two new 8 Core FX-Series CPU's from AMD - FX-8350 4.0GHz & FX-8320 3.5GHz featuring new AMD FX Processor architecture (codenamed “Piledriver”). (10-23-2012)

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