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UPS Selection Guidelines & PC Power Supply Requirements:
  1. Components
  2. Power - Power Supplies (PSUs), Protection, UPS's, Batteries & Cables.
  3. Power Surge Protection:
images/bullet2.gifBattery Council International Recycling

Not all UPS's are created equally - High Quality pure sine-wave or lower quality square-wave / "modified" sine-wave. Get the facts BEFORE you buy or encounter a problem!

  1. APC.com - Windows XP's Built-in Serial UPS Support:
  2. Categorized List of Fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1):
  3. 310437 - Cannot Start the UPS Service: WinXP


UPS Battery Replacement:

images/bullet2.gif3/18/2003 - Latest from Tom Tyner: Two to three years ago some of us bought a Liebert UPS from Jerry Lee [@ Omni-Teq]. The battery in mine has failed (it had a life expectancy of 2 - 3 years) and I imagine others will soon. 

I have found an almost exact replacement (12 AH instead of 10 AH OEM) in ES1212 from Exide Technology, 4647 Pine Timbers, Houston 77041, 713-862-6584. Cost is $39.86 including tax. The physical dimensions
are identical.

To access the battery, you need a Phillips screwdriver and a 7/64 Allen wrench at least 3 1/2 inches long. The top front and button rear screws require the wrench. The spade terminals on the new battery are slightly higher, perhaps 1 - 2 mm, than on the original battery. It is only necessary to ensure that
the flat side of the female terminal connector is on top of the negative terminal.

I thought others may find this useful. Tom - Thanks for that insight! GB


images/bullet2.gifProblems... Racy Sanford shared this with us - Using an APC brand battery back-up on your System? APC - Safety Recall Back-UPS CS models in both 120-volt and 230-volt units. (1/21/2003)

  1. PC Power & Cooling Power Supplies - UPS Advice

    1. PC Power's ATX Power Supply Tester - ($8.00)
    2. Power Primer: How Much Power Do You Need?
  2. www.SmartPowerSystems.com - SIZE UPS SELECTOR:
  3. www.Opti-Ups.com - UPS Selector:
  4. Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  5. UPS Selection Guide:


UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies...
  1. UPS Selection Guidelines & PC Power Supply Requirements

  2. Alloy Computer Products - Vanguard True On-line, Pure Sine Wave Uninterruptible Power Supplies:

  3. APC - American Power Conversion: Best UPS for most Users.

  4. Avel Lindberg - The Power Professionals:
  5. Centurion:
  6. Computer Power Supplies, UPS's, Surge Arrestors, Power Conditioners:
  7. CQ-Contest Reflector: [CQ-Contest] Generators: Noise & UPS's
  8. Furman Sound, INC.: Features Rack Mountable SB-1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply & Series II Power Conditioners for Musicians (2/7/2004).
  9. Interex Inc. - Products - Power Protection:
  10. Liebert Corporation: A High End UPS. We've purchased these in the past for our Users. Offers True Sine Wave UPS.
  11. MGE UPS SYSTEMS: Adequate UPS for the money.
  12. Minuteman UPS Power Protection and Battery Backup: Adequate UPS for the money.
  13. www.Opti-Ups.com: Formerly a ViewSonic (Monitors) company group. Now independent of www.ViewSonic.com.
  14. Powerware:
    1. Best Power: Good UPS for the money. Also offered a Generator Solution. Company Gone!
  15. Precise Electronics, redi volt surge suppressors, presents Redi/VoltII System IV, Pound Ridge NY.
  16. RefurbUPS.com Power Protection For Less. Save up to 90% Off Refurbished APC UPS's:
  17. Smart Power Systems (Smart Power Systems / IEPS Electronic, Inc.) Formerly www.iepss.com: UPS - Sine Wave & Power Conditioning. Good products and a well kept secret! They should advertise!
  18. Tripp Lite Power Protection: Better known for Power Surge Suppression Devices than UPS's.
  19. Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd.:

New AMD Dual Athlon XP CPU specs call for a 500 watt Power supply! So how much power do you really need? See Power Primer docs above or here... Power Primer: How Much Power Do You Need?

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