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Tech News Briefs - Weekly Updates Index: 

BuildOrBuy meets every Wed from 1-3 PM @ the HAL-PC Domain Hosting Data Center in Houston, TX. The following pages highlight Technology News relevant during and leading up to that time frame each Wed.

We do not always cover info below during our discussions due to the short time we have. Discussions are always where our audience takes us!

  1. bbpc-01-31-2001.html - Device Technologies - Transfer Rate Specs & Number of MotherBoards sold in 2000.

  2. bbpc-04-04-2001.html - DNS Lookup Tools, Hosted Domains
  3. bbpc-04-11-2001.html - Comparative PC Build Specifications - March, 1997 To April, 2001
  4. bbpc-04-18-2001.html - Compressed Folders (Win98) - Zip & Cab Files
  5. bbpc-04-25-2001.html - Guest Speaker, Gene Barlow: "Organize and Protect your Hard Drive," PowerQuest: HD Utilities

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