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BuildOrBuy News Today: Dateline: Wed., 04-11-2001



March 1997 

April 2001 

Processor (CPU) Speed 

Intel Pentium or AMD 133 MHz

AMD Athlon C chip (266MHz FSB) 
1 GHz (GigaHertZ

Motherboard / Chipset - PCI BUS 

Intel 430TX

MB Brand: Giga-Byte: GA-7DX...

AMD-761 north bridge +
VIA 686B south bridge

RAM Capacity + Type 

16 MB (72 pin SIMMS - EDO)

128 MB (SDRAM, PC133 or DDR)

Graphics/video accelerator card 

2 MB Video RAM

16 / 32 Meg + options...

Hard Drive - Capacity + Brand 

1.6 GB - WDC (ATA/16)

40 Gig Maxtor (ATA/100)

Floppy Disk Drive + Brand 

1.44 MB (3-1/2") Teac 

1.44 MB (3-1/2") Teac 

Monitor: Size, Resolution + Brand

15" or 17" (1024x768) ADI or Viewsonic

17" or 19" (1280x1024) Flat Screen CRT

Pointing Device 

Mouse, Trackball or Tablet 

Mouse, Trackball or Tablet 


101 or 104 Keys 

104 Keys or Internet / Multimedia

Additions / Options 

2nd Floppy Disk Drive 

1.2 MB (5-1/4") 





Sound Card and Speakers 

Sound Blaster AWE 64 (ISA) 

Consumer: SB Live (PCI) 

Modem (Speed) - For Internet & BBS

USR (33,600 speed) 

Backup Dialup 

NIC (Network Interface Card) 

100BaseT (Internet/LAN/DSL/Cable)




Technology Watch Marches On... 

Serial ATA, Broadband - Fiber or Copper? Networking - 100BaseT, Gigabit to Terabit! CAT5 Copper cabling is still viable. Denser RAM? Faster CPUs.


Fiber Or Copper Future? 


For The Digitally Distraught, What About The Electrically Challenged?
Ever Try To Run A PC Without Electricity?


Philanthropic Efforts 
Donate Your Unused Computer Resources! Mentoring...


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