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BuildOrBuy News Today: Dateline: Wed., 04-18-2001 
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Build Specs - Joe Whinery

Questions from Gary Serkhoshian, Build Or Buy Member

  1. Backup Options? Local - HD, Tape, magnetic vs non magnetic or Remote? RAID, Drive Image / DataKeeper,,, etc.

  2. Dual Display possibilities? AGP or PCI ONLY! Matrox G450 Dual Display, Appian Graphics etc.
  3. Broadband Cable Internet Connection: Best (3) PC - LAN configuration?


Compressed Folders - Zip & Cab Files 

Want to see inside those Cab Files? This feature became available to us in the Win98 Plus Pak a.k.a. Microsoft Plus! 98. Win98 ME has the Compressed Folders feature as part of the O/S.

To install on Win98 ME, go to: Start, Settings, Control Panel; Double-click Control Panel applet: Add/Remove Programs; Select: Windows Setup tab; Double-click System Tools, select Compressed Folders (NOT Disk Compression Tools!). Click OK and reboot if necessary.



News Updates: 

Internet Wire Technology News -

Using Zone Alarm Personal Firewall?


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