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BuildOrBuy Group Network
www.buildorbuy.org | www.buildorbuy.net ]

Meeting Times:
  1. "BuildOrBuy A PC Computer" meets weekly, Wednesday from 1-5 pm. Programs, Guest Speakers, Seminars, Discussions, and Q&A Sessions: 1-3 pm; Equipment Workshop for potential Upgrades & System Diagnosis: 3-5 pm (See requirements.)

  2. Special PC Build Session Workshops - Watch for our next Special Build Session!

    1. Special Build Sessions can be more easily tracked according to the Specification Charts.
  3. Guidelines



All meetings are currently held @ the HAL-PC Domain Hosting Data Center, 4543 Post Oak Place Dr, Suite 200, Houston, TX, USA (Inside Loop 610 West about 1 block North and 1 block East of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.) There is plenty of lighted surface and underground sheltered parking. A security guard is present. Call 713.993.3300 if you can't find it - or see the BuildOrBuy Meeting Location Map.

WEEKLY BuildOrBuy MEETINGS on Wednesdays: 
  • Orientation & Announcements @ 1:00 PM

  • Regular Program @  1:15 PM 

  • Program, Discussion, and Q&A from 1:00 - 3:00 pm each Wed. Topics may include presentation of Hardware & Software. Guest speakers, when used, are generally scheduled on 2nd Wednesday of the month.

  • Advice and Guidance Session from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. Review PCs for upgradeability, and install new hardware components or upgrades, or build a total new PC in multiple sessions. 3-5 pm Session held on as needed basis.

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