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BuildOrBuy News Today: Dateline: Wed., 04-25-2001

Topics Discussed:

  1. PowerQuest Presentation by Gene & Linda Barlow!

  2. Organize and Protect your Hard Drive: Outline from Gene Barlow's Build Or Buy Presentation On 4-25-2001 (Posted 5-18-01)
  3. Organize and Protect your Hard Drive: Gene Barlow's PPT Presentation (4-25-2001)

Audio News Updates 
  1. Loudenergy.com buys online assets of once mighty Riffage.com (Site PopUps!). 

    • Bottom Line: Can they make money doing this? We'll see. 
  2. Napster News: Napster Licenses Relatable.com's New Commercial Release of TRM Acoustic Fingerprinting Technology filtering.
    • Bottom Line: Happy court, happy RIAA and happy Sony but frustrated users. Filter that! 
  3. Listen.com beta test - ListenSeeker.com, which provides contextual info.
    • Comment: Sounds like a different Liquid Audio scheme. Will Napster license this? Can they afford it? Can Napster afford not to license?
  4. What's it all about? Ask RIAA.org. First ask who is RIAA. What's @ stake, really? M-O-N-E-Y & Control. Keep telling them what you want them to hear and eventually no matter how outrageous it will be believed as truth.
  5. Windows Media - Media Player Usage Up? Good for Microsoft & EverAd.com? Who? EverAd's client server technology @ work! How about more ad-supported streams? Think of it as more ad-supported REVENUE streams. How many ways can the XP in your computing experience annoy us all?
  6. More layoffs; Cdnow.com's 2nd round of cost reductions. To those 40 employees happy job hunting. Expect more layoffs to follow.
  7. House of Blues new site: HOBPM.com Will it catch on? 
    • Think subliminal marketing! 
  8. Top Audio Site: Real.com determined by MediaMetrix.com 
    • I personally prefer #10 on the list, Launch.com, for video. 
Windows Help
Ready to Xperience more Microsoft? 
  • The Microsoft Office XP Launch - Preview of Windows XP 

    • Thursday, 05/31/2001, 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM 

      George R. Brown Convention Ctr. 
      George Bush Grand Ballroom 
      1001 Avenida De Las Americas 
      Houston TX 77010 United States 

  • msevents.microsoft.com 

  • Directions:  George R. Brown: Convention Center


You wanna buy a what kind of PC? 

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