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Patriotism - Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave! Compassion For All!
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If any of you are having trouble getting to any of the links below with Netscape Communicator, try using M/S Internet Explorer. Don't like it? US Either. Tell Mr. Bill... And while we're @ it for Discussion... Do you see your PC as a Product or a Service? Coming Soon - DRM O/S (Digital Rights Management O/S).

From Lou Warren: We've briefly discussed ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) as it relates to Building PC's, please take note of PEI - Petroleum Equipment Institute's Stop Static Campaign! No joke, this is serious! Please READ IT! (Posted 7/2/2002; Updated 10/14/2011)


News Highlights 2011:
  1. Enabling AHCI the easy way by Joe Whinery!
  2. - D-Link issues fixes for router vulnerabilities (1-15-10)
  3. Is Windows 7 the last major chapter in the Windows story Windows - InfoWorld (12-23-09)
  4. Wed 03-03-10: Special Guest Speaker - Frank Hudziak, AMD will be discussing the product road map for desktop, notebook and server processors, along with exciting new products for graphics.  Frank will have a processor for our Drawing. It will be a Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition processor. This is a quad core processor that runs at 3.2 GHz with an unlocked multiplier.

  5. images/bullet2.gifSATA Revision 3.0 or SATA 6Gb/s Coming! PDF
  6. From Tom Tyner: Microsoft To Kill Windows XP SP2 Support -- InformationWeek (12-8-09)
  7. From Joe Whinery: - Free download WinX Blu-ray Decrypter. Time-limited Giveaway (12-4-09)

  8. Windows 7 Tricks & Tips - Special Meeting - Wednesday June 24, 1:00-3:00pm! Keith Combs with Microsoft Corporation will be our Guest Speaker!
    Keith will cover the installation of Windows 7 and it’s operation. Special features will be discussed. The upgrade to Windows 7 from other versions of the Windows operating system will be covered. Virtualization and how it relates to Windows 7 will also be included. Keith will have copies of the current release candidate, both 32 and 64 bit, for distribution. Windows 7 will be installed on a couple of computers showing some of the fine points.

    For those that have not had the opportunity, Keith’s presentations are not to be missed. They are excellent. COME AND ENJOY.

    For those Interested... BuildOrBuy is now on a Dedicated Server! This is a good time to Build a new PC if so inclined! (6/15/2009)

  10. Discussing Large Screen Monitors... Choices 28" Hanns G & 28" Viewsonic BOTH work with our current Motherboard's Onboard Video!

  11. EzMigration Disk Cloning & Drive Imaging Tool: - PASS!

  12. We've been asked by new management of Cakewalk (Roland) to take another look at Cakewalk: pyro Audio Creator. Let's hope THIS version plays nice with Vista 64 & Real Media Player! Apparently they've changed their minds... Again! Not ALL 64 bit yet!

  13. Future Discussion... Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator vs Cakewalk Pyro 5!

  14. Boot Problems with Mobile Racks by George Walker: Updated... (1/5/2005).  

  15. Guest Speaker - Dave Whittle: from on Wed, 4-11-07!

  16. Wed 3-28-07:

  17. Wed 1-25-06: Laptop Assembly - Jerry Lee & Diana assembled a Laptop for us!

  18. 9-21-05: "Removing unwanted Windows Components that Microsoft doesn't want you to remove."

  19. 6-15-05: Gene Barlow's BuildOrBuy Presentation will include Spearit Software's MoveMe, WhiteCanyon Software's SecureClean / WipeDrive / MediaWiper & Acronis True Image. Presentation Day Only Specials for Meeting Attendees! (3/16/2005)

  20. Boot Problems with Mobile Racks by George Walker: Updated... (1/5/2005).

  21. 12-22-04: As a result of the AMD Presentation & Special AMD CPU Product Drawing... We Built the Fastest PC available - AMD Athlon64-4000!

  22. 12-15-04: Guest Speaker - Wed, December 15, 2004 - Featuring Frank Hudziak, Member of Technical Staff, Field Applications Engineering of AMD. From Joe Whinery: Building AMD Athlon 64 machines plus... Special Product Drawing!

  23. Casper Disk Cloning by Joe Whinery (8-18-04).

  24. Win2000 & WinXP Comparisons And Features List:


  25. Know your PC Specs (Components) - Dual Channel DDR, RAM Chart, Hyper Threading & Thermally Advantaged Chassis...

  26. Special Offers - CPU & Smart Computing Magazine Subscriptions:

    Register for Free 30 Day Access to the above mentioned websites!


  27. images/bullet2.gifXP SP2 Highlights: WinXP Service Pack 2 - Yes, No, Maybe or Should we wait?

  28. images/bullet2.gifBandwidth Calculation Comparisons: Test your Bandwidth and Compare Results (5/25/2004).

  29. Building a Laptop with Intel Centrino by

    1. Centrino - Build your own Laptop: (6/11/2004).

    2. Laptops: Building Laptops - Centrino Notebook Specification.


  30. Wed 3-17-04: Video & Newsgroups - Tom Tyner & George Walker.

  31. Hard Drive Host Protected Area (HPA) by George Walker & Joe Whinery.

  32. John Phillips - Autologon Solution for Windows XP Pro (10/8/2003).



2010 News Logs:

  1. Courtesy Tom Tyner: Interesting Windows 7 hidden feature - Turn Windows 7 into a Wi Fi Hotspot (11-17-09)
  2. Courtesy Tom Tyner: New "Gotcha" in Microsoft's Windows EULA - Is it OK to use OEM Windows on your own PC? Don't ask Microsoft (11-16-09)
  3. - Windows 7 OEM Bundle Deals (10/27/2009)
  4. Windows 7 Upgrade Problems
  5. - Choose your Edition - Home Premium 32/64 or Pro 32/64 (Supports Virtualization). Our take on the issue? IF you're running a 64 bit CPU & Multi GBs of RAM, get a 64 bit O/S. BTW: Installing Win764 Pro, use ONLY 4 GBs RAM or less during the Install or else get a corrupted Installation! Once installed, then install remaining RAM as so desired. Voila!
  6. From Jack Hamilton - Fellow Geeks... If any of you are interested, there is a Windows 7 Launch on November 9. Free Copy of Win 7. Be Advised: " must bring photo identification to check-in to this event." Why is Photo ID Required? "The photo ID is required in order for us to confirm your identity and that someone else isn't trying to check in on your behalf." First time we've ever had to prove who we were to attend a Microsoft Meeting. Hmm.
    Register Here:
  7. From Tom Tyner - Looking for a Solution to keep current with Microsoft Technologies? Subscribe to TechNet! Might as well get a Discount for your efforts! See 25% Tech Net Discount Here: - Scroll down to sixth post. (10-14-09)
  8. - Windows 7 Availability To the Public - Thursday, 10-22-09 - PreOrder Now!
  9. From Ed Hanson - - Can Windows 7 save PCs? - Jun. 12, 2009
  10. - Vista main culprit in Microsoft layoffs InfoWorld News 2009-01-22 By Tom Sullivan: (1/22/2009)
  11. Network - Intel to shut four plants, lay off 6,000: (1/22/2009)
  12. - AMD Posts Hefty Loss as Chip Sales Fall: (1/22/2009)
  13. - Five Disruptive Technologies to Watch For - CPUs, Boards & Components: (1/20/2009)
  14. MCCS Use by Windows 7 Display Color Calibration Tool (1/16/2009).
  15. After 60 Years, Circuit City Closes USA Operations As Of 1/16/2009.
  16. Note: Our current Build Specs work excellent with Vista 64 & Windows 7 Beta! More To follow! (1-13-09)
  17. USB 3.0 will crush eSATA, FireWire Cutting Edge - CNET News (1-13-09)
  18. Kicking & Screaming time Again... Windows 7 - Download the Public Beta - Although finally Posted 24 hours late, Windows 7 Beta is worth looking at especially since this is the future of Windows! (1-13-09)
  19. SATA Revision 3.0 or SATA 6Gb/s Coming! PDF
2008 News Logs:

After leaving our Index page, current News Topics reside here for the year, then move onto another page specific for that year past such as 2003 News Archive or onto BuildOrBuy News Topics Of 2001.

  1. Windows 7 Announced at Microsoft PDC2008 (Professional Developers Conference) in October 2008!
  2. We're in the process of Updated our MotherBoard Specs as shown by Joe Whinery 2 weeks ago at BuildOrBuy. Announcements soon to follow - (10/1/2008)
  3. Vista 64... And Counting - Additional Change / Update for Build Specs as listed above.
  4. Intel Announces Production of MLC SATA Drive! (9-8-08)
  5. New PC Spec changes... Phenom X4 9750 & DDR2-1066 Memory + 22" LCD! (8/16/2008)
    BTW: Joe says we're going Vista! ...Kicking & Screaming for certain! Seriously, Vista 32 or Vista 64? Attend the Meetings and we'll share our thoughts there first!
  6. AMD Athlon X2 6400 (3.2 GHz) Processor - Gone! We either move back down to the Athlon X2 6000 CPU (3.0 GHz) or up to the Phenom! Such is Progress! While AMD still Lists this CPU, no one has them & seemingly no one can get them. Even though some Vendors indicate stock on the OEM Chips, NO stock on the Retail AMD Athlon X2 6400 CPU! (8/5/2008) 
  7. Build Specs: GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2H AMD 780G AMD Phenom Socket AM2+ 5200 MHz PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066) mATX Motherboard at ZipZoomfly (5/6/2008)
  8. EzMigration 3 - New Drive Copy Software, works under Windows XP, 2000, 2003 and Vista 32 - Does NOT work on Vista 64 Business! (5/6/2008)
  9. - Nvidia Beats Back 3Dfx Bankruptcy Suit - Technology News: (5/6/2008)
  10. - Ubuntu 8.04 Is Ready to Take On Windows: (5/3/2008)
  11. Antivirus holes, browser spies are highlights at Microsoft's BlueHat hacker sessions Tech news blog - CNET (5/2/2008)
  12. F-Secure Betas Antivirus for Windows Home Server - News and Analysis by PC Magazine (5/2/2008)
  13. AVG Anti-Virus Free 8.0 - Reviews by PC Magazine (5/2/2008)
  14. images/ - 7-dirty-secrets-of-the-security-industry_1 (5/2/2008)
  15. images/ - Western Digital VelociRaptor Hard Drive Review: (4/30/2008)
  16. images/ - WD VelociRaptor 300 GB SATA Hard Drives ( WD3000GLFS ): (4/30/2008)


  17. images/bullet2.gifvLite - Windows Vista configuration tool: Slipstreaming Vista SP1 (4/30/2008)
  18. Antivirus holes, browser spies are highlights at Microsoft's BlueHat hacker sessions Tech news blog - CNET (5/2/2008)
  19. F-Secure Betas Antivirus for Windows Home Server - News and Analysis by PC Magazine (5/2/2008)
  20. AVG Anti-Virus Free 8.0 - Reviews by PC Magazine (5/2/2008)
  21. images/ - 7-dirty-secrets-of-the-security-industry_1 (5/2/2008)
  22. images/ - Western Digital VelociRaptor Hard Drive Review: (4/30/2008)
    1. images/ - WD VelociRaptor 300 GB SATA Hard Drives ( WD3000GLFS ): (4/30/2008)
  23. images/bullet2.gifvLite - Windows Vista configuration tool: Slipstreaming Vista SP1 (4/30/2008) 
  24. - Ballmer: Since You Don't Want XP, It's Done - Technology News: (4/25/2008)
  25. - LaCie Blue Eye Pro Color Calibrator Review (4/25/2008)
  26. - Windows Vista SP1 Now An Automatic Download (4/25/2008)
  27. - Windows Vista What is Service Pack 1 (4/25/2008)
  28. - Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 - Reviews (4/25/2008)
  29. - Ten Tips for Your First HDTV Experience (4/24/2008)
  30. - Vista's 11 Pillars of Failure - Columns (4/25/2008)
  31. - Qwest Rolls Out 20-Mbit Fibre Service to 23 Cities (4/25/2008)
  32. - Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (4/25/2008)
  33. - Performance Shootout--Vista 32 vs. Vista 64 (4/2/2008)

    Looking Back to Look Forward...

  34. - Enterprise Desktop Randall C. Kennedy InfoWorld The (Post-SP1) Vista Verdict Wait for Windows 7 November 26, 2007 0919 AM Randall Kennedy (9/26/2007)
  35. - SMB IT Curtis Franklin InfoWorld Vista Hardware What to Buy Today for Tomorrow's OS June 5, 2006 0516 PM Oliver Rist (6/5/2006)


  36. Going Green... from "A research firm specializing in knowledge worker management and productivity, developed simple strategies reducing Knowledge Worker's impact on the Environment. Following these steps [can] make your office a little greener and more environmentally friendly."

    1. Unplug chargers, ... for mobile phones or smartphones, when not in use. Chargers still consume energy when plugged in, even if not charging a device.
    2. Go paperless. Print less and sign up for paperless billing from vendors and credit card companies. Think about how much extra paper we generate needlessly. When you do print, use double-sided printing to save paper and print only those pages that are necessary.
    3. Telecommute whenever possible, saving gas and other natural resources. [Ride a Bike!]
    4. Recycle older computers and donate unused mobile phones to charities. Recycled mobile phones can be used as an emergency lifeline for senior citizens, the disabled, and victims of domestic violence.
    5. Minimize use of goods packaged for "convenience." The manufacture of bottles used for water, for example, require vast quantities of petroleum and its distribution is also fuel consumptive, resulting in unnecessary greenhouse gas and sulfur dioxide emissions. Airlines are learning this and cutting back on smaller planes which are more convenient but less fuel efficient.
    6. Turn unnecessary lights off, especially in rooms ... unoccupied.
    7. Turn off computers and monitors at day's end. [Make use of Power Management Features!]
    8. Make [use of] appropriate recycling bins in the office for [consumables] ... [Old Paper - Use as Notepads]"


  37. - Performance Shootout--Microsoft Vista 32-bit versus Vista 64-bit:
  39. Digital TV Facts - The switch to digital television
  40. - DIGITAL TELEVISION (DTV) Tomorrow's TV Today! — FAQs - Consumer Corner
  41. By Issue - DTV Transition: Questions & Answers for Cable Customers
  42. Joe's Favorite: SIW | System Information for Windows - Inventory Your PC Assets!
  43. What You Need to Know About Digital Television - News and Analysis by PC Magazine (2/26/2008)
  44. Radeon HD 3870 x2 AMD GAME! Unlock (2-6-08)
  45. ATI Radeon™ HD 3800 Series - Overview ... Radeon HD 3870 x2 (2-6-08)
  46. EnTech Taiwan | Utilities | Monitor Asset Manager ... "a simple tool to track monitor inventory by serial number!" (2-6-08)
  47. » Windows 7 = Vista Release 2 Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report (2-6-08)


  48. Security Watch - Browsers - Netscape Death Is Long Overdue, Good for Security: (1-5-08)
  49. From BuildOrBuy Member, Milt Gugenheim - My Way News - Feds Share Coupons to Help TV Transition: (1-4-08)
  50. - Virtualization Lends a Hand in Disaster Recovery: (12-21-07)
  51. Enterprise Windows Sean Gallagher InfoWorld Office 2007 SP1 Released on unwitting public December 11, 2007 0152 PM By Sean Gallagher: (12-12-07).
  52. Thinking about Building a Vista Ultimate 64 PC? - Error message when you try to install Windows Vista on a computer that uses more than 3 GB of RAM STOP 0x0000000A (12/18/2007)
  53. - How to Build a Windows Home Server (12/18/2007)
  54. - Why is CompUSA Closing (12/13/2007)


  55. AMD & Microsoft 2007 - Target Audience - VAR / OEM
  56. - Spider
  57. - Windows Home Server
  58. - Four Hot 8800 GT Graphics Cards (12-11-2007)
  59. Microsoft to Make Windows Vista SP1 RC Widely Available (12-8-2007)
  60. Ontrack Data Recovery has recently updated its domain from to (11-9-2007)
  61. - 10 Things You Should Know About Intel vs. AMD (10-27-2007)


  62. - Microsoft ANI Patch Causes Problems with Third-Party Apps: "...the Realtek HD Audio Control Panel..."
  63. - High-End AMD X2 Processor Prices Cut Almost in Half: "The fastest Athlon 64 X2 processor, the 3.0-GHz 6000+, is now priced at $241..."
  64. Windows Vista!
  65. Vista for the masses | CNET "...Microsoft is finally releasing Windows Vista to consumers."
  66. - Windows Vista The Versions: Desktop: Home Basic, Home Premium, Business or Ultimate; Windows Vista Enterprise Edition. Which Version is Right for You? Or... None of the above? Maybe Windows Vista Starter ...Available in 119 emerging markets... (12/29/2006)


  67. As follow-up to a previous Question during our weekly BuildOrBuy Meetings... Searching for a great CD to MP3 Ripper - Riptastic! MP3 CD Ripper Same product featured by (3/1/2006).
  68. - Windows Vista The Versions: Which Version is Right for You? None of the above? (3/1/2006)
  69. - Why Windows Vista Won't Suck: What to expect... And maybe what NOT to expect! (2/28/2006)
  70. When PCs play dress-up CNET (2/24/2006).
  71. - Build Your Own PC: "Building a PC is a fantastic way to learn all about computers..." (2/8/2006).
  72. Exploding Overclocking Extreme AMD Duron Vaporizing - Google Video: From Joe Whinery!
  73. - New PC Tools, products, and tips to help you get started: (1/17/2006) 
  74. Microsoft explains its WMF decision InfoWorld News 2006-01-17 By Robert McMillan, IDG News Service (1/17/2006)
  75. Ten Tips for Easy Motherboard Upgrades--ExtremeTech How-To: (1/11/2006)
  76. Seagate cranks up notebook drives to 160GB CNET (1/16/2006)
  77. Windows News, Product Reviews, Trends and Analysis - Windows Center (1/4/2006)
  78. NT Compatible - Daily Windows News and Information (1/4/2006)


  79. » WMF vulnerability patch and more good news Spyware Confidential (1/3/2006)
    1. WMF vulnerability - Download the Patch from SANS by Mr. Guilfanov. Note: When MS comes out with a real patch, simply uninstall this from Add/Remove programs on the Control Panel.
    2. SANS also has a WMF FAQ.
  80. Firms urged to use unofficial Windows patch CNET (1/3/2006)
    1. Microsoft Security Advisory (912840) Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution. Published: December 28, 2005 | Updated: January 3, 2006
  81. Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Forget before You Begin the Build!: (12/22/2005)
  82. Seagate to buy Maxtor for $1.9 billion in stock InfoWorld News 2005-12-21 By Peter Sayer, IDG News Service "By sharing expenditure on research and development, Seagate and Maxtor hope to expand the range of products they offer." Anyone smell a monopoly in the works? (12/21/2005)


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