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EzMigration 3 Drive Copy

Data Protection Solutions by Arco - EzMigration 3 -
Vista 64 Preliminary Rough Notes

We had high hopes for this EzMigration_Setuprogram. Unfortunately, EzMigration 3 did not meet those expectations on Vista 64 Business. Read On... The following might prove helpful. Your mileage may vary. System Specs at end of this.

EzMigration_Install executes to reveal, EzMigration_3.0_Install. This directory includeds:
EzMigration_Manual.pdf & EzMigration_Setup.exe - Extracts EzMigration.msi

PDF Manual included in downloaded file. Very informative and helpful to know what you should see instead of what we actually saw!

EzMigration Installation... On Vista 64 Business
EzMigration 3 Installation... On Vista 64 Business

EzMigration 3 Setup Wizard... On Vista 64 Business

EzMigration EULA
EzMigration 3 EULA... On Vista 64 Business

EzMigration 3 Customer Info Screen... On Vista 64 Business

EzMigration 3 Destination Folder... On Vista 64 Business

EzMigration 3 Ready To Install... On Vista 64 Business

EzMigration 3 Installing... On Vista 64 Business

From here requires Registry access. OK.
EzMigration 3 Installing, Registry Access... On Vista 64 Business

EzMigration 3 Setup Wizard Complete... On Vista 64 Business

EzMigration 3 Microsoft .NET Framework Error... On Vista 64 Business

Appears a Reboot was Required.
EzMigration 3 Microsoft .NET Error Object Reference... On Vista 64 Business

Process allowed to continue...
EzMigration 3 User Screen... On Vista 64 Business


Program sis not ask for Registration. No License ID nor Password. Curious.
Using SATA AHCI configured HDs. From a Source - WDC 250 GB HD to a Target WDC 160 GB HD. Oops! BSOD! Nope, sis not write down the Code. Restarted Vista 64 Business. On 3rd attempt, went with Last Known Good Configuration. Voila! Successful Boot!

This time... Enabling Target HD BEFORE executing EzMigration 3.
Interesting. Unable to Turn On Targert HD. System goes to BSOD. Solution. Uninstall, reboot then attempt to reinstall & reboot before proceeding further.

BTW: We Cloned the HD with another program before attempting this procedure with EzMigration 3.
Next... Stand By...

Install OK - But...
EzMigration 3 Microsoft .NET Framework Error Unhandled Exception... On Vista 64 Business

THIS time, we quite the Program before executing. Reboot? Reboot!

EzMigration 3 Loading & .NET Exception Error... On Vista 64 Business

EzMigration 3 Desktio icon... On Vista 64 Business Desktop icon.

In Summation,  EzMigration 3 is a 32 bit application not a 64 bit application. Until this is rewritten for Vista 64, don't try this at home folks!

Test System:

SATA HDs are Configured for AHCI using Removable Racks. This feature should not matter to the Cloning Program in the Cloning Process. Remember: SATA AHCI Does NOT Like SATA Optical Devices! None were used.

Giga-Byte GA-MA78GM-S2H
WDC WD2500KS 16 MB Cache
WDC WD1600JS 160 GB


HD-KF-91 - BK (SATA)
Lite-On LH-20A1L SATA Burner (OEM)

Components are from our BuildOrBuy Spec Sheet - 5-1-08 - Build Specs.

Final Thoughts
Even after uninstalling, EzMigration left tracks in the Registry. Nothing too insidious though. Search the Registry if concerned.

Local Settings, Software, Microsoft, Shell, MuiCache
Value name: C:\Program Files (x86)\DPS\EzMigration\EzMigration.exe
Value data: EzMigration

User selected location of install file.
Value name: C: \Users\Public\ Downloads\ Incoming\ ArcoIDE\ EzMigration_3.0_Install\ EzMigration_Setup.exe
Value data: Setup Launcher

And... Program directory - EzMigration. As far as Vista 64 Cloning... Maybe later, next version of EzMigration!
Final Thoughts... Had to Clone Target HD 2 onto Source HD 1. Could NOT Clone Source HD 1 into Target HD 2. Messy business! Somehow, somewhere, EzMigration would NOT allow Acronis True Image Home 11 to process Disk Cloning!

Acronis True Image Home 11 error -
E000A03EE: Unable to get volume for the letter file

Some preliminary Google Research suggested Users of Acronis True Image Home 11 Update to the latest version of the program and also contact Tech Support for further help with details outlining the specifics of the error message. Tough call considering our circumstances had nothing to do Acronis. Of the 3 Programs we've attempted to use for Cloning Vista 64 Business & Ultimate, only Acronis True Image Home 11 (32 Bit) works all the time, every time!

Disk Cloning Tool:


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