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If any of you are having trouble getting to any of the links below with Netscape Communicator, try using M/S Internet Explorer. Don't like it? US Either. Tell Mr. Bill... And while we're @ it for Discussion... Do you see your PC as a Product or a Service? Coming Soon - DRM O/S (Digital Rights Management O/S).

From Lou Warren: We've briefly discussed ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) as it relates to Building PC's, please take note of PEI - Petroleum Equipment Institute's Stop Static Campaign! No joke, this is serious! Please READ IT! (7/2/2002)

images/bullet2.gifDDR News Headlines, from: www.Crucial.com

News Highlights:
  1. 9-21-05: "Removing unwanted Windows Components that Microsoft doesn't want you to remove."

  2. 6-15-05: Gene Barlow's BuildOrBuy Presentation will include Spearit Software's MoveMe, WhiteCanyon Software's SecureClean / WipeDrive / MediaWiper & Acronis True Image. Presentation Day Only Specials for Meeting Attendees! (3/16/2005)

  3. Boot Problems with Mobile Racks by George Walker: Updated... (1/5/2005).

  4. 12-22-04: As a result of the AMD Presentation & Special AMD CPU Product Drawing... We Built the Fastest PC available - AMD Athlon64-4000!

  5. 12-15-04: Guest Speaker - Wed, December 15, 2004 - Featuring Frank Hudziak, Member of Technical Staff, Field Applications Engineering of AMD. From Joe Whinery: Building AMD Athlon 64 machines plus... Special Product Drawing!

  6. Casper Disk Cloning by Joe Whinery (8-18-04).

  7. Win2000 & WinXP Comparisons And Features List:


  8. Know your PC Specs (Components) - Dual Channel DDR, RAM Chart, Hyper Threading & Thermally Advantaged Chassis...

  9. Special Offers - CPU & Smart Computing Magazine Subscriptions:

    Register for Free 30 Day Access to the above mentioned websites!


  10. images/bullet2.gifXP SP2 Highlights: WinXP Service Pack 2 - Yes, No, Maybe or Should we wait?

  11. images/bullet2.gifBandwidth Calculation Comparisons: Test your Bandwidth and Compare Results (5/25/2004).

  12. Building a Laptop with Intel Centrino by www.AxionTech.com.

    1. Centrino - Build your own Laptop: (6/11/2004).

    2. Laptops: Building Laptops - Centrino Notebook Specification.


  13. Wed 3-17-04: Video & Newsgroups - Tom Tyner & George Walker.

  14. Hard Drive Host Protected Area (HPA) by George Walker & Joe Whinery.

  15. John Phillips - Autologon Solution for Windows XP Pro (10/8/2003).


  16. Audio:

    1. Cakewalk Pyro 2003 - Digital Media, MP3 & CD Maker - Coming Soon! (3/19/2003)

    2. Cakewalk Project5 Soft Synth Workstation shipping end of March! (3/17/2003)


  17. Wed, 3-05-03: Recording Audio - From Turntable to Hard Drive by Tom Tyner.

  18. Wed, 2-26-03: Our Discussion will include Special Presentations from CPU Magazine & Smart Computing - Join us if you can! For those of you who cannot attend, we'll have a follow-up of the days' activities posted afterwards. Our Speakers, Chris McGreer & Erik Egeberg invite you to contact them for questions regarding their Presentation or the Special Offer (2/28/2003)

  19. Read Joe's latest comments (If I were Building a System Today...) regarding which MotherBoard to use and why - Either the GA-7VAXP (FireWire) or GA-7VAXP Ultra (SerialATA) (2/14/2003).

  20. Maxtor Personal Storage 5000DV, Keyspan USB 2.0 / FireWire combo PCI card (2/10/2003)!

  21. USB: Comparing USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 - The Nitty Gritty (12/8/2002).

  22. Backing up your hard drive with Retrospect by Joe Whinery (11/29/2002).

  23. Converting from NTFS to FAT32 in Win2K or WinXP by George Walker (11/5/2002).
  24. Drive Letter Assignments in WinXP Pro by George Walker (10/21/2002).

  25. 2002 Ford Think Neighbor - Electric Car by Gus Hrncir (10/14/2002).

  26. Audio News: Press Releases - Pinnacle Systems Agrees To Acquire Steinberg for $24 million in January 2003. Steinberg is a recognized industry leader in digital audio. This transaction significantly broadens Pinnacle's digital media offerings. Interesting to note this News since Apple recently purchased Emagic making that audio solution a Mac only offering whereas before they had PC's in mind. Steinberg products should continue to prosper under Pinnacle's oversight (12/19/2002).
  27. Audio: M-Audio Revolution Review - High-Definition Audio, 7.1 Surround Sound: MSRP $99.00 (12/12/2002).


2005 & 2004 News Logs:

After leaving our Index page, current News Topics reside here for the year, then move onto another page specific for that year past such as 2003 News Archive or onto BuildOrBuy News Topics Of 2001.

  1. » WMF vulnerability patch and more good news Spyware Confidential ZDNet.com (1/3/2006)
    1. WMF vulnerability - Download the Patch from SANS by Mr. Guilfanov. Note: When MS comes out with a real patch, simply uninstall this from Add/Remove programs on the Control Panel.
    2. SANS also has a WMF FAQ.
  2. Firms urged to use unofficial Windows patch CNET News.com (1/3/2006)
    1. Microsoft Security Advisory (912840) Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution. Published: December 28, 2005 | Updated: January 3, 2006
  3. Seagate to buy Maxtor for $1.9 billion in stock InfoWorld News 2005-12-21 By Peter Sayer, IDG News Service "By sharing expenditure on research and development, Seagate and Maxtor hope to expand the range of products they offer." Anyone smell a monopoly in the works? (12/21/2005)
  4. Capacitors: www.theInquirer.net - MSI capacitor class action page up (10/19/2005).
  5. www.theInquirer.net - Is your printer spying on you (10/18/2005).
  6. With new factory, AMD ups ante against Intel CNET News.com: Fab 36 - Dresden, Germany (10/14/2005).
  7. Build a PC with the Best Bang for the Buck--ExtremeTech Build It: "Finding the Sweet Spot" (10/3/2005).
  8. Data Recovery: Saving data after Katrina, Rita News.blog CNET News.com (10/3/2005).
  9. www.theInquirer.net - Intel desktop mobos face mass extinction: "While Intel cites chipset shortages and full capacity as its main reason for the changes, it has to act fast to put the motherboard infrastructure into place for 2006 and 2007." (9/12/2005)


  10. Boot CD: Maximum PC How To Make a Bootable CD-ROM (9\29\2005).
  11. Kicking the Microsoft Office habit InfoWorld Column 2005-09-12 By Neil McAllister: "If Massachusetts switches to open document formats, will the business community follow?" (9/12/2005)
  12. Intel Friend or foe CNET News.com: AMD Lawsuit... "In the end, the most formidable challenge for AMD may be Intel's skill in walking the line between tough competition and take-no-prisoners hostility." (9/7/2005)
  13. Flaw may hide malicious software CNET News.com: "Miscreants could hide their malicious software on a Windows PC by using overly long registry keys, security experts have warned. ...some applications ...can be tricked by longer registry keys. List includes AdAware, Microsoft's Windows AntiSpyware, HijackThis, Norton SystemWorks 2003 Pro, Microsoft's Windows Registry Editor and WinDoctor." (8/30/2005)
  14. Spam: Web site gives e-mail senders a reputation Tech News on ZDNet: (8/30/2005).
    1. TrustedSource™: "Spam senders by geographic region."
  15. WinFS: WinFS - New Windows file system enters testing CNET News.com: "Microsoft surprised developers on Monday by releasing a test version of a new Windows file system." (8/30/2005)


  16. BPL: Power line broadband gets popular with tech firms CNET News.com: "The Technology allowing internal power wiring in a home to deliver broadband service is getting heavy-hitting endorsements from large technology companies including Intel, Motorola and Cisco Systems." (8/24/2005)
  17. BPL: HomePlug Powerline Alliance: Industry Vision for Connected Home
    1. HomePlug Powerline Alliance -- Press Release: HomePlug Powerline Alliance Enters a New Phase to Fulfill Industry Vision for Connected Home (8/24/2005)

    Initially, the Promoters’ Groups will address three key technology areas:

    • HomePlug 1.0 + AV (in-home connectivity, including digital home and consumer electronics applications)
    • HomePlug BPL (to-the-home, Broadband-over-Powerline applications)
    • HomePlug Home Automation (command-and-control applications)


  18. BPL: Top Tech News - Tech Trends - Broadband Rulings Draw User Concerns: (8/24/2005)
  19. BPL: UPLC - United Power Line Council: Driving the Development of Broadband Over Power Line (BPL) Solutions for Electric Utilities and Their Partners...


  20. BPL: Wave Report Broadband Power Line Tutorial: "Broadband power line (BPL) is the term coined by the FCC for new modems (BPL modems) used to deliver IP-based broadband services on electric power lines."
  21. Windows worms knocking out computers CNET News.com: "Network worms are shutting down computers running Microsoft's Windows 2000 operating system, security experts warned Tuesday." (8/16/2005)
  22. Redmond News - Microsoft, Windows Patch Tuesday Brings 6 Bulletins, 3 are Critical: (8/9/2005).
  23. www.microsoft.com - Security Updates Summary for August 2005: (8/9/2005).
  24. From Jerry Lee: ID theft ring hits 50 banks, security firm says Tech News on ZDNet: (8/9/2005).
  25. TigerDirect - From George Walker: The Better Business Bureau National Information System - Tiger Direct report (7/27/2005).


  26. AntiVirus: Flaw fixed in open-source antivirus program CNET News.com: (7/27/2005)
  27. www.BusinessWeek.com - The New Science of Siting Stores: "Thanks to complex mapping and demographic tools, retailers can now find the perfect location in a fraction of the time it used to take." (7/6/2005)
  28. Fujitsu pushes limits of data-storage technology - Computerworld: (6/29/2005).
  29. CRN Breaking News - Solution Providers Say Frustration May Be Behind AMD Lawsuit: (6/28/2005).
  30. Security: Netcraft - Anti-Phishing Toolbar: Traps suspicious URLs to prevent deception and evaluate fraudulent urls (6/22/2005).
    1. Netcraft News - Lax Security Cited in Massive Credit Card Data Theft: "Inadequate security ..." (6/22/2005)
  31. The slow road to Windows XP CNET News.com: "...nearly half of business PCS still running Windows 2000." (6/15/2005)
  32. Broadband: SBC ups the ante in broadband war CNET News.com: "SBC, the second-largest phone company in the United States, announced Wednesday that it will reduce the price of its DSL service for new subscribers to $14.95!" (6/2/2005)


  33. Spam: Fighting spam and cyberscams CNET News.com: (5/28/2005).
  34. www.ExtremeTech.com - Networked Storage in the Home: NAS using Gigabit & CAT6.... (5/25/2005).
  35. www.ExtremeTech.com - Wireless USB By Late 2005: (5/25/2005).
    1. USB.Org - Wireless USB Promoter Group's
  36. Facing 'new world of work,' Microsoft locks up Office CNET News.com: (5/25/2005).
  37. Bypass found for Windows piracy check CNET News.com: (5/25/2005).


  38. Safe Kids: U.S. to launch sex offender registry Web site CNET News.com: (5/20/2005).
  39. images/bullet2.gifFrom Joe Whinery: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition trial software (5/9/2005).
  40. Memory: Chipmaker develops denser storage method CNET News.com: One-Gigabit Memory Chips (5/9/2005).


  41. GigaStudio Audio Sampler: Harmony-Central.com - Prominy Intros New Guitar Sample Library for Giga: Over 60 GB of Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar sounds Library! (5/6/2005)
    1. Prominy Professional Sampling CD - DVD:
  42. Free Scans: Free security scan raises questions CNET News.com: (5/4/2005).
  43. images/bullet2.gifAMD Product Info - New Pricing on Athlon 64 4000+! - AMD Processor Pricing (5/4/2005)
  44. PDF: Microsoft gunning for Adobe's PDF format CNET News.com: (5/4/2005).


  45. Longhorn will run on some older PCs too CNET News.com: (4/29/2005).
  46. Trade Show Events: www.ExtremeTech.com - WinHEC 2005 Roundup: (4/29/2005).


  47. Pointing Devices: www.ExtremeTech.com - Wacom Releases 6D Art Pen: (4/6/2005).
  48. Security: Securing Windows Inside Microsoft's Battle to Deliver Secure Software - eWEEK.com: (4/6/2005).
  49. Bigger phishes ready to spawn CNET News.com: (4/6/2005).
  50. Harmony-Central.com - Sound Forge 8 Now Available from Sony Media; Special pricing through April 15, 2005 for only US $279.95! (3/16/2005)
  51. From Sharon Hendrix & Tom Tyner, HEXUS.net Review CEBIT 2005 AMD or Intel Same Motherboard! Page - 1-1 From CeBIT 2005 - ECS PF88 Motherboard supporting both Intel P4 AND AMD Athlon 64 CPUs by way of a converter card and 3 jumpers (3/12/2005).


  52. www.ExtremeTech.com - FIC Introduces Piston PS-P4B915G: Cylindrical small-form-factor (SFF) PC. "The Piston is built around a pico BTX MotherBoard." (3/11/2005)
  53. Trade Shows: CeBIT - Germany - March 10 - 16, 2005 (3/10/2005)
  54. 64 Bit Windows: From Joe Whinery, LinuxHardware.org LinuxHardware.org 64-Bit Desktop Battle! (3/3/05)


  55. Security: www.StaySafeOnline.info - NCSA's Top Ten Cyber Security Tips: (1/28/2005).
  56. Week in review Patches and pirates CNET News.com: "no more patches for illegitimate" [Windows] (1/28/2005).


  57. USB Audio: www.Harmony-Central.com - NAMM- New Guitar Features Built-In USB Port: iGuitar.USB - USB cable from Guitar to PC! (1/28/2005)
  58. www.eWeek.com - Windows Anti-Piracy Program a Genuine Triviality: (1/28/2005).
  59. Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta): (1/26/2005).
  60. Microsoft to require Windows piracy check - Computerworld: (1/26/2005).


  61. Microsoft Legit Windows or no updates CNET News.com: (1/26/2005).
  62. www.ExtremeTech.com - CES 2005 in Retrospect: Sensory Overload (1/12/2005).
  63. Disk Drives to stop shrinking CNET News.com: (1/12/2005).
  64. Microsoft Buys Tools for Fighting Spyware - Computerworld: (1/5/2005).
  65. www.PCMag.com - News, Reviews, Gadgets and more from CES 2005: (1/5/2005).


  66. Disaster Relief: www.TechnologyReview.com - What Lies Beneath: Predicting Deep Sea Earthquakes & Tsunamis... (1/5/2005).
  67. Disaster Relief: www.Google.com - Ways to help with Tsunami Relief: (1/3/2005).
  68. Web Browsers: Year in review Browser wars, part 2 CNET News.com: (1/2/2005).
  69. Firewall Options: Christmas Gifts from Agnitum: Looking for a better Firewall? Get Outpost Firewall Pro 2.5! "Anyone who purchases Outpost Firewall Pro [39.95 USD] from December 20th through January 10th will get Lifetime Upgrades, free of charge. This would save annual spending of 19.95 for future upgrades of Outpost protection." (12/31/2004)
  70. www.eWeek.com - eBay to Drop Passport, .Net Support: "Auction site eBay announced to members on its Web site Wednesday afternoon that it will drop support for Microsoft's Passport and .NET Alerts by late January."(12/31/2004).


  71. No-go zone for Passport CNET News.com: "Over the past couple of years, Microsoft learned a lot working with partners and customers, and shifted the focus of the (Passport) service to serve as a great single sign-on solution for consumers of MSN and Microsoft online services, as well as working with close partners where it made sense for both parties..." Question: What Solution makes the best Cent$$$ for the Customer!?! Hassle Factor... Keep It Sweet & Simple! ;) (12/31/2004)
  72. TechWeb THE TECHWEB SPIN 'Tis The Season For Gee-Whiz Tools And Toys: (12/28/2004)
  73. InfoWorld.com - 2004 Top 10 - The big stories December 20, 2004 By Marc Ferranti, IDG News Service: (12/28/2004)
  74. Yamaha: Harmony-Central.com - Yamaha to Acquire Steinberg Media Technologies: "After being acquired by Pinnacle Systems almost two years ago, Steinberg Media Technologies will now become part of Yamaha." (12/21/2004).


  75. www.Roxio.com - Sonic Solutions Completes Purchase of Consumer Software Division of Roxio: Combination Creates Digital Media Software Powerhouse "Roxio, Inc., which will retain the Napster division, has officially changed its name to Napster, Inc." Did Sonic really gain anything? Will Users? Progress - And so it goes... (12/21/2004)
    1. www.Napster.com
    2. www.Roxio.com
    3. www.Sonic.com
  76. Year in Review Dawning of the broadband age CNET News.com: High Speed Internet - What's Next? (12/20/2004)
  77. Audio: Harmony-Central.com: Nuendo 3 Now Shipping: "Steinberg [Audio Group of Pinnacle Systems] has released the latest version of its Nuendo Media Production System. Nuendo 3 offers a range of new features and technologies for post production, surround production and high-end recording, mixing and editing." (12/17/2004)
  78. PCI Express: www.ExtremeTech.com - Generation 2 PCI Express Transfer Rate Defined: "PCI Express began replacing PCI in 2003 and 2004, although the technology is not expected to gain critical mass until sometime in 2005, since it is not backwards-compatible with existing PCI systems." (12/17/2004)


  79. Road Runner picks up speed CNET News.com: "Time Warner Cable will raise download speeds on its Road Runner broadband service next month by 67 percent, becoming the latest cable network to further open bandwidth for its customers." (12/15/2004)
  80. InfoWorld Microsoft issues five bulletins on Windows flaws December 14, 2004 By APPLICATIONS NETWORKING SECURITY: "Flaws affect desktop as well as server installations of multiple Windows versions." (12/14/2004)
  81. Bible Study Software: BibleWorks Training Workshop announced for Houston, TX on January 29th, 2005. See Link for Details. (12/10/2004)
  82. www.eWeek.com - No XP SP2 Security Fixes for Win2K Instead An SP2-Less 'Rollup': "...none of the security enhancements built into Windows XP SP2 will be back-ported to Windows 2000..." (12/8/2004).


  83. IBM reportedly puts PC business on the market CNET News.com: "IBM, whose first PC in 1981 moved personal computing out of the hobby shop and into the corporate and consumer mainstream, has put the business up for sale..." (12/4/2004).
  84. Microsoft announces a new set of groundbreaking features in Microsoft TechNet Plus v2.0!: (12/4/2004).
  85. RAID: www.ExtremeTech.com - Setting up Intel's Matrix RAID for the ICH6R: (12/3/2004).
  86. www.ExtremeTech.com - Fuel Cell Supply Chain Market to Hit $1 Billion by 2012: "Fuel Cell Technology, which uses hydrogen as renewable energy, looks likely to ultimately replace internal combustion engines inside automobiles, buses, trucks, and other vehicles." (12/3/2004) 
  87. CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2005 announced! The Code Editor / Visual Editor - Download 30 Day Trial Version Now! (12/1/2004)
  88. www.eWeek.com - Desktop Google Finds Holes: "Google's desktop search software is so good that it exposes vulnerabilities on your computer that you didn't know about." (12/1/2004) 
  89. Blazing a new data speed record CNET News.com: New Data Storm - Sending the equivalent of three DVDs per second... (12/1/2004).
  90. PNLTools: Print Manager Plus (Academic & Corporate versions)- Enables quota and tracking of all printing activity on a Windows NT/2000/2003 Network (12/1/2004).
  91. www.EETAsia.com - IBM, HP remain top server suppliers, says IDC: "Global revenue from server sales grew 5.5 percent year-over-year to $11.5 billion in the third quarter of 2004, with IBM and Hewlett-Packard remaining the leading suppliers..." (11/30/2004).
  92. Spam: Banner day for attacks CNET News.com: (11/22/2004).
  93. AntiVirus: www.eWeek.com - Who's Doing Your Anti-virus: (11/22/2004). 
  94. Intel.com: Itanium 2 Processor Family: Intel Launches New Enhanced Itanium 2 CPU featuring 9MB L3 Cache! (11/22/2004).
  95. XP SP2 Highlights: www.eWeek.com - So now Will You Install SP2: (11/15/2004).
  96. Spam: Hot and bothered over spam CNET News.com: (11/15/2004).
  97. Keyspan's "Express Remote" supports Apple Airport Express - The new USB infrared remote control includes support for Apple's AirPort Express. Keyspan Express Remote is a convenient infrared remote that enables users to control Media Applications on a PC just as they control their TV or VCR. Device can also control Apple's iTunes over an Airport Express Wireless Network. Keyspan Express Remote retailing at $59 due to ship in mid-November 2004 (11/12/2004). 
  98. www.EETAsia.com - Electronic suppliers to implement code of conduct: Electronics Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) "The code was recently developed to establish and promote unified industry expectations for socially responsible practices across the electronics industry's global supply chain. The new working group, facilitated by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), will develop common mechanisms and tools that will enable compliance with the Code." (11/7/2004).
  99. SBC speaks of cutting 10,000 jobs CNET News.com: (11/7/2004).
  100. www.EETAsia.com - Intel pushes Pentium 4 bus to 1,066MHz for gamers: "The new 925XE Express chipset platform is an extension of the 915/925X line launched earlier this year. The 1,066MHz front-side bus provides up to 33 percent more performance, compared with systems using an 800MHz System Bus.

    The 925XE also includes Intel High Definition Audio, a DDR2 Memory interface and PCI Express. The faster System Bus can enable faster frame rates for both Gaming and Video Editing, according to Intel." (11/5/2004).
  101. Optical networking The next generation CNET News.com: (10/17/2004). 
  102. Media Players: Viral movies possible with RealPlayer flaw CNET News.com: "...Windows, Mac and Linux computers" affected by fake movie file issue (10/1/2004).
  103. Space Ship Technology: SpaceShipOne to launch again Monday CNET News.com: (10/1/2004).
  104. Trade Shows: www.MeetingNews.com - New U.S. Entry and Exit Procedures Begin Today: "Beginning today, visitors to the United States from countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program must enroll in the U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology program at all airports and seaports." (9/30/2004)
  105. Specials: Microsoft TechNet Subscription Offer - Standard or Plus (9/22/2004). 
  106. Athlon 64: www.ExtremeTech.com - Building a 64-bit PC: (9/22/2004).
  107. images/bullet2.gifSpecial Offer: Upgrade through this Offer to ScanSoft OmniPage Pro 14 OCR for only $99.00! And save $50.00! Offer expires September 30, 2004 (9/15/2004) 
  108. Media Players: Yahoo to buy Musicmatch for $160 million CNET News.com: (9/14/2004). 
  109. RAID: www.ExtremeTech.com - JMR SATAStor and Escalade 9500S-12: (9/10/2004).
    1. JMR SATAStor:
  110. images/bullet2.gifXP SP2: www.pcmag.com - Microsoft Sets a New Deadline for XP Service Pack 2: "The company's automatic blocking tool for SP2 will only work until April 2005. After that, Microsoft will push its security update automatically to all XP customers." (9/8/2004)
    1. www.microsoft.com - Order XP Service Pack 2 on CD:
    2. www.microsoft.com - Download details Application Compatibility Guide for Windows XP SP 2
    3. www.microsoft.com - Download details Windows XP Service Pack 2 for IT Professionals and Developers: (8-10-04)
    4. www.microsoft.com - Temporarily Disabling Delivery of Windows XP Service Pack 2 Through Windows Update and Automatic Updates: SP2 Blocker Tool extended from 120 days to 240 days (Updated 9-15-04).
    5. From Tom Tyner: XPSP2 will limit your max. connections/sec - EventID 4226 -TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts... 314053 - TCP-IP and NBT configuration parameters for Windows XP: Add this key to to modify maximum number of simultaneous connections. Description: This parameter limits maximum number of connections TCP can have open simultaneously. (9/8/2004)
  111. SATA HD Storage: www.EETAsia.com - Maxtor hard drive includes 16MB buffer: "The new DiamondMax 10 [SATA] Hard Drive from Maxtor Corp. features native command queuing (NCQ), the company's proprietary dual-processor technology, and a new 16MB buffer to deliver "unparalleled speeds compared to traditional 7,200rpm drives in their class."

    Based on an integrated, single-chip native SATA solution, the new 7,200rpm drives are offered in capacities of up to 300GB..." (8/27/2004).

  112. Power: www.ExtremeTech.com - Surge Protectors and Uninteruptible Power Supplies: (8/23/2004). 
  113. AMD enters the 90-nanometer zone CNET News.com: "...the first of those processors to appear in a PC will be members of a family of low-power mobile Athlon 64 chips..." (8/18/2004).
  114. Audio: Harmony-Central.com - Avid to Acquire M-Audio: Another one bits the dust... "...M-Audio will become a business unit of Avid's Digidesign audio division and market its line of computer audio peripherals, PCI sound cards, keyboard controllers and control surfaces, microphones, speakers, and distributed software and proprietary sound libraries alongside Digidesign's award-winning Digital Audio Workstations for the professional and home/hobbyist markets." (8/17/2004)
  115. New Print Magazine: ExtremeTech Goes Glossy! "The first issue of ExtremeTech Magazine, arriving on newsstands in October, will include brand new features, classics from the ExtremeTech.com archives (updated to include the latest components and current pricing) and a bonus CD-ROM with even more goodies." (8/10/2004)
  116. Trade Shows: CeBit America 2005 canceled CNET News.com: Another One Bits The Dust... "Trade Show CeBit America 2005 has been canceled, despite growing enthusiasm and a shrinking field of competing shows." (8/3/2004)
  117. Broadband: Briefly Cox posts lower profit, higher revenue CNET News.com: Bandwidth... At a Premium! "Road Runner zip-bangs to 6mbps..." (7/31/2004)


  118. GigaStudio Audio Sampler: Harmony-Central.com - Kirk Hunter Announces New Orchestral Library for GigaStudio: "On completion, Strings/Brass/Winds is projected at 180GB in size, with a list price for the entire library of $995 US, a price that reflects Hunter's decision to sell direct from www.KirkHunter.com and bypassing the traditional distributor/retailer route." (7/30/2004)  
  119. Audio PlugIns: Harmony-Central.com - Plugzilla Rackmount Plug-In Player Now Shipping: "Manifold Labs today announced the general availability of Plugzilla, the rack-mounted plug-in player, an embedded Linux host optimized to run VST instrument and effect plug-ins. Plugzilla price: $3,495." (7/30/2004)
  120. www.ExtremeTech.com - Cedega 4.0 Playing Windows Games on Linux: "Formerly known as WineX, Cedega 4.0 offers hope for Linux users who want to play graphics-heavy Windows games..." (7/28/2004) 
  121. DVD: www.EETasia.com - Pioneer DVD writers with 16x write speed: "Pioneer Corp. [has] announced... [DVR-A08] the world's first DVD writers capable of recording at up to 16x write speed on DVD-R or +R discs and at up to 4x write speed on DVD+R DL (double-layer) discs.

    The devices are playback compatible in all DVD formats, supporting the playback of DVD-RAM, DVD-R, +R and DVD+R DL discs, and are designed for vertical or horizontal mounting. It can also be installed in a slim-type PC." To be available in Black, Pure White and Silver. (7/21/2004).

  122. RAM Chart: www.ExtremeTech.com - The Evolving Memory Landscape: Moving to DDR2 (7/21/2004). 
  123. Hi Definition Display Technology: The ExtremeTech Guide to Buying HDTV: (7/19/2004).
  124. Storage: Adaptec buys Snap Appliance for $100M - Computerworld: "Snap Appliance makes network-attached storage servers for file sharing..." (7/14/2004)
  125. Aircraft Technology: Air Force Times - News - More News: Assembly of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter test version begins at Fort Worth-based Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. (7/14/2004).
  126. www.LinuxInsider.com - Linux News - IBM's New Server Partitions Itself Like a Mainframe: "IBM sees the P5 as an opportunity to move out of third place in a hotly competitive Unix server market..." (7/13/2004)
  127. www.ExtremeTech.com - Requiem for a Motherboard: "...Jim Lynch changes cases and destroys his first motherboard." (7/9/2004)


  128. images/bullet2.gifWavToMidi: Harmony-Central.com - VirSyn Ships CANTOR Vocal Synthesizer: CANTOR - The vocal machine... 'CANTOR allows you to enter your lyrics in plain English and then "sing" your lyrics instantly just by playing the melody on your MIDI Keyboard.' (7/9/2004)
    1. www.VirSyn.com:

  129. Wallpaper: From Tom Tyner: eaa.org - Desktop Wallpaper: White Knight carries SpaceShipOne (7/7/2004).


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  131. CRN - Breaking News - Dell To Offer Linux-Loaded PCs In Europe: "The computers being sold online by Questar of Milan, Italy, will ship with Lindows' Linspire Operating System... " (7/7/2004)

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  133. Technology: Defense bill could stifle computer trade CNET News.com: "Today, computer sellers are required to get a license to export any computer with performance equal to or greater than a system with 32 Intel Itanium processors. The current version of the defense authorization act would lower that limit to systems deemed "militarily critical" by the Department of Defense. That level is currently set to the equivalent of a computer using a Pentium 3 processor running at 650MHz, state of the art in 1999 but considered feeble today." (7/3/2004)


  134. Microsoft posts work-around for IE flaw CNET News.com: "an ActiveX scripting component... Microsoft's configuration change blocks the ability of the ADODB.screen ActiveX component to write to the PC's hard drive..." (7/3/2004)

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  141. www.ExtremeTech.com - Industry-Wide DRAM Glitch Spurs HP Recall: "Specifically, the flaw resulted from a poor self-refresh exit timing circuit, HP's Hockey said, which governs an execute refresh cycle. When the timing was thrown off, he said, the DRAM could become corrupted." (6/30/2004)

  142. Tape: StorageTek gets set for tape release CNET News.com: Tape Lives! "StorageTek plans to unveil a Tape Device for Midsize Businesses..." (6/29/2004)

  143. Web Browsers: IE flaw may boost rival browsers - News - ZDNet: "The suggestion to use other browsers also underscores some security researchers' arguments that software diversity can improve security. (6/28/2004)


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    1. www.MinnetonkaAudio.com:

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    In this case, the thin film on a pad area was only partially removed, causing the real-time clock circuitry to be susceptible to excessive leakage, according to Howard High, a spokesman for Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel." (6/28/2004).
  146. Memory: HP says as many as 900,000 notebooks buggy CNET News.com: "Hewlett-Packard has discovered a memory flaw that could be in as many as 900,000 of its notebook computers and is offering customers free memory modules as a remedy." (6/28/2004)


  147. Trade Shows: www.MeetingNews.com - Comdex Cancelled for 2004: "Last year, Faurot said, Comdex attracted about 40,000 qualified buyers and sold approximately 150,000 net square feet of exhibit space to about 550 companies combined.

    By comparison, in 1997 the show boasted 212,000 attendees, 2,480 exhibiting companies, and 1.38 million net square feet of exhibit space." (6/25/2004)
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  149. images/bullet2.gifChipsets: Intel.com - Chipsets: New 915 & 925 Chipsets for 12 MotherBoard improvements designed to lower heat output (less impedance) and increase I/O throughput. Includes: PCI Express x16 / x1; DDR2 RAM; Gigabit Ethernet on PCI Express instead of on CSA; LGA775 socket (No more 478-Pin Package CPU pins!) supporting 90 nm CPU's with new CPU Numbering scheme (marketing); High Def Audio - DVD-Audio (24 bit / 192 KHz) on the MotherBoard; ICH6 Controller Hub supporting Native Command Queuing (NCQ) currently supported on Seagate & Maxtor HDD's; SATA Matrix RAID support; Intel Wireless AP on Desktop; etc. Whew! Consider this to be Phase One!

    Our main concern will be LGA775 socket CPU Installation. Following proper ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Guidelines for Component handling Intel also suggests using ESD antistatic white gloves. To that we would ADD using a Suction Pen to prevent touching the CPU underside. We'll be using 'Thermal Interface Material' for HSF placement. The new HSF is easier to install than prior renditions since orientation is now generic.

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    1. www.micron.com - DDR2 Memory Modules:
  157. Linspire P2P Distribution: From Lindows - "...get the Linspire Operating System - including a complete Office Suite and at the same time, experience the power of the latest peer-to-peer (P2P) Technology - BitTorrent. Using P2P means your download can start immediately at great speeds. You'll be tapping the newest P2P Technology to Download the easiest Desktop Linux Product!" Use Coupon Code: linspire4benelux - Don't bother! (6/21/2004) 
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    1. www.Linksys.com - Network Storage Link: Share you External Hard Drive on the LAN!
    2. Maxtor & Linksys Establish Strategic Alliance Promoting Easy Home Network Storage: (6/15/2004).
    3. Linksys NSLU2 - Network Storage Link for USB 2.0 Disk Drives:
  162. Bell tolling for DSL CNET News.com: "The suspension this week of rules regarding local phone competition could play havoc with fast-growing broadband services, experts said, bolstering the position of the Bells at the expense of smaller players and of consumers." (6/15/2004).
  163. www.eWeek.com - Free and Open Port 25 Use Is Doomed: Comcast Blocks Port 25 to thwart Spammers (6/15/2004).
  164. images/bullet2.gifGet 40% Off Selected IT Professional Books from Microsoft Press through June 30! (6/12/2004). 
  165. Smart Computing's May Focus - To Build Or Not To Build: "Shedding some light on the subject of making a 'Home-Brewed PC' and gives reasons why you should and shouldn't assemble your own PC." Published in May. Read and see if you agree with their observations (6/12/2004).
  166. www.ExtremeTech.com - AMD Sempron To Replace Duron: "...the Sempron will replace the existing 32-bit Duron processor in emerging markets." "Semper", Latin for "always", is more commonly used in the phrase "Semper fidelis", or "semper fi", a slogan used by the United States Marine Corps meaning "always faithful". HOOYA (6/12/2004).
  167. X-bit labs - Hardware news - AMD Sempron Described in Details: "The initial AMD Sempron processors will be designed for Socket A infrastructure and will contain cores used in the current AMD Athlon XP microprocessors. The Sunnyvale, California-based chipmaker plans to replace AMD Athlon XP processors with AMD Sempron chips in the third quarter of the year..." (6/12/2004).
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  171. images/bullet2.gifwww.BinaryResearch.net - Universal Imaging Utility- PC Software - Cloning Software: On the road to Disk Drive Imaging Recovery Success... From the people who brought us Ghost Disk Drive Imaging for Windows Users -  Changing Hardware Platforms requires changing the HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer. Binary Research has simplified the process for us with this new Tool! "Welcome to the next evolution in disk imaging - easy universal imaging!"

    Simplify System Management Tasks... Prior to creating the Master Image, run the UIU on your Source Computer. The resulting Image file will be Hardware-Independent, suitable for nearly any Desktop or Notebook in your Environment. Older, non-ACPI compliant systems (generally pre-1999) may require a separate image due to Power Management issues. Before everyone gets too excited over this Tool - The catch: Pricing. Do the math. $19.00 Per License for 10 - 99 License Price = A Minimum Order Price of $190.00! All that just for changing the HAL. (6/8/2004) 

  172. SurfSecret Win32newsCell Phone Directory to be Released (6/4/2004). 
  173. images/bullet2.gifJune Events - Houston TX : Windows XP Service Pack 2 System Builder Roadshow in Houston, TX: In Houston, TX on 6/17/2004, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM; Register to attend! (6/4/2004).
  174. images/bullet2.gifJuly Events: AMD 2004 Spring Tech Tour: In Houston, TX on Thursday July 1,2004, 4:00 PM to 9:15 PM; Register to attend! (6/4/2004)
  175. images/bullet2.gifJuly Events: AMD 2004 Spring Server Symposium: Same Day in AM. And... Same location as AMD Event above. 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Register once to attend both AMD Events! (6/4/2004)


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    1. Motherboard Selector Guide: Compare Intel Architecture Based MotherBoards from Intel & Third Parties.

    If you have trouble with the Intel links above using Internet Explorer 6, click here for a Browser Selection change. Pick your take - Enjoy!

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  194. Social Responsibility: Microsoft on the Issues Making Connections To End Domestic Violence: "Technology can play a crucial role in helping to protect battered women and children." (5/20/2004).
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  196. Demand for memory to stay strong, Samsung says CNET News.com: "Prices of dynamic random access memory, or DRAM chips, which are used mainly for computer memory, have soared since the start of the year on tight supply, as chipmakers switch to making flash memory and hit problems introducing new production technology." (5/19/2004)
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  198. WinFS: Longhorn goes to pieces CNET News.com: "Microsoft does plan to include WinFS in the client version of Longhorn, which is expected to ship by mid-2006." (5/17/2004).
  199. AntiVirus News: Antivirus companies muting false alarms CNET News.com: "They were wrong, and they were annoying, so now they've been stopped." (5/12/2004)
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  216. Web Mail Services: www.eWeek.com - Web-based Mail Threat Looms: "...a vulnerability in Web-based e-mail services could lead to the theft of password information as well as open a user's machine to attack by worms or other threats." (3/26/2004)
  217. PC Recycling from Microsoft... 3 PC ways to get rid of an old PC: 1-2-3 When getting ready to Build a new PC! (3/25/2004)
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  226. FBI adds to wiretap wish list CNET News.com: "The FBI's request to the Federal Communications Commission aims to give police ready access to any form of Internet-based communications."(3/12/2004)
  227. FBI pushes for broadband wiretap powers CNET News.com: "...a new proposal from the FBI." (3/12/2004)
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  231. The Register: Linksys clarifies Netgear comms breakdown (3/5/2004).
  232. Trade Shows & Events: Come Together over WinHEC 2004 - Keeping up with PC Technologies Today & Tomorrow? "WinHEC allows Device Engineers to come together over Windows Technology Solutions, May 4-7, 2004. Register by March 22, 2004, and save $300!" (3/2/2004)
  233. Harmony-Central.com - Acoustica 3.1 Update Adds LP-to-CD Transfer Tools: "Acon Digital Media released a new version of the audio editor Acoustica, version 3.1. Most of the improvements in version 3.1 are aimed toward using Acoustica to transfer LP records or tape recordings to Audio CDs." (3/2/2004)
  234. Need help on How to do Digital Video Editing? Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap by Greg Perry from Sams Publishing. ISBN: 0672325691; MSRP: $24.99. "Learn how to work with digital video using the tools built right into Windows XP. Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap is organized into a series of bite-sized, quickly accomplished tasks that lets the reader zero right in on the tasks they are trying to accomplish and get back to making great videos." (3/2/2004)
  235. Search: Do you Google? Easy Google by Shelley O'Hara from Que Publishing, ISBN: 0789731045; MSRP: $19.99. "Easy Google is the perfect book to search the Web successfully using Google, teaching individuals how to narrow their search so they get ONLY the information they want." (3/2/2004) 
  236. Cases: www.extremetech.com - Exceptional Cases: "Bye-bye, beige..." Looking for something different? (2/29/2004)
  237. Audio VST PlugIns: Voxengo releases Soniformer 2.0 - An innovative (spectral balance) Mastering Tool for DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) allows Users to form and reform (compression and expansion) the sonic structure of any sound material. (2/27/2004)
  238. Microsoft considering update dubbed 'XP Reloaded' CNET News.com: "Calling it an interim release is overstating the current plan," Sullivan said. "We are exploring ways to add value to Windows XP." Sure. (2/27/2004) 
  239. images/bullet2.gifWindows Update: www.eWeek.com - Microsoft Adds More Features to XP Service Pack 2: "Service Pack 2 (SP2)—due out around mid-2004, according to Microsoft's timetable—will include so many new features that it is practically a new version of Windows. Some Microsoft executives have admitted as much." (2/25/2004)
  240. www.ExtremeTech.com - DVD Owners Fight the Power!: DVD X Copy by 321 Studios is off the market. No more Backups! (2/25/2004)
  241. www.eetAsia.com - The trouble with Rover is revealed: "When the Mars rover Spirit went dark on January 21, 2004 a Jet Propulsion Laboratory team undertook to reprogram the craft's computer only to find themselves introducing an unpredictable sequences of events.

    The Spirit rover has a radiation-hardened R6000 CPU from Lockheed-Martin Federal Systems at the heart of the system. The processor accesses 120MB of RAM and 256MB of flash. Mounted in a 6U VME chassis, the processor board also has access to custom cards that interface to systems on the rover.

    The operating system is Wind River Systems' Vx-Works version 5.3.1, used with its flash file system extension. In operation, the real-time OS and all other executable code are RAM-resident.

    The flash memory stores executable images that are loaded into RAM at system boot. Separately, about 230MB are used to implement a flash file system that stores "data products," or data files that are created by the rover's subsystems and held for transmission to Earth." Murphy strikes on Mars - When in doubt, reboot, reboot, reboot... (2/25/2004).

  242. images/bullet2.gifSpecials: Zone Labs Special Offer: Capture and Analyze Activity Passing Through Your Network with CommView, from TamoSoft Inc (2/24/2004). 
  243. Fuel Cells: www.eetAsia.com - Intel proposes hybrid fuel cell for notebooks: "Intel Corp. is proposing a concept for a hybrid fuel cell that could drive a thin-and-light notebook computer for eight hours. The chipmaker is trying to rally notebook, battery and component makers to turn the idea into a viable product by 2007." (2/24/2004)
    1. Smart Battery System Implementers Forum:
  244. Sheffield Today: Computer technology gives sufferers a voice - Motor Neurone Disease (MND) patiences using their Laptops to communicate through the help of voice synthesizers.

    "MND affects a lot of younger people and it is quality of life issue. The system works with a metallic silver sticker, which is put onto the rim of the patient's glasses (or dummy glasses if they don't wear spectacles). A camera on top of the computer screen follows the movements of the sticker and converts this information to move the cursor on the screen. When the patient moves his or her head they can move the cursor onto a keyboard on the screen and select the letters and words needed to spell out what they want to say. The patient can ask the computer to 'speak' the words for them." (2/23/2004).

  245. images/bullet2.gifAudio: www.ExtremeTech.com - Dolby Turns Motherboard Audio Up to Eleven

    "Intel's HDA Spec [Azalia] provides three basic things for MotherBoard Audio:

    1. Support for up to 7.1 channels
    2. DVD-Audio support (multi-channel 96KHz/24-bit, two-channel 192KHz/24-bit)
    3. Dynamic jack configuration (jack-sensing)

    The spec is currently at version 0.9 and plans call for HDA audio devices to ship with Grantsdale motherboards later this year." (2/19/2004)

  246. Low-tech 'hack' takes fizz out of Pepsi-iTunes promo CNET News.com: No Peeking! (2/19/2004)
  247. From Sharon Hendrix, BuildOrBuy Member: Order the Windows Security Update CD: Free! (2/19/2004)
    1. Register for the Microsoft Security Newsletter for Home Users:
  248. www.ExtremeTech.com - Intel's Alderwood Chipset A Rocket Sled For Enthusiasts: "Both Grantsdale and Alderwood share the following characteristics: support for Prescott and Tejas processors using 800-MHz and 533-MHz front-side buses; dual channel memory; four Serial ATA ports, 8 USB 2.0 ports; RAID 0 and RAID 1, which Intel has architected to run on only two drives, not four; four PCI Express x1 lanes for use with ExpressCards; and Intel's High-Definition Audio, formerly code-named Azalia. The chipset also includes a soft access point for wireless communication." (2/19/2004).
    1. Intel Chipsets for Intel Processors:
  249. Home Net: Intel uncorks home-networking plans CNET News.com: "Intel on Tuesday unveiled a variety of product ideas and design guidelines aimed at making it easier to shuttle media throughout a networked home." (2/19/2004).
    1. Digital Media Adapters (DMAs):
  250. images/bullet2.gifMay Trade Shows: Is your PC ready for Longhorn CNET News.com: Longhorn Hardware Requirements to be revealed in May @ WinHEC (2/19/2004).


  251. RIAA steps up file-trading suits CNET News.com: "The record label group has accelerated the pace of its legal action considerably, filing more than 1,000 lawsuits since the beginning of 2004, compared with less than half that amount in the last four months of 2003. The increased pace comes after evidence arose early in January that the initial dissuasive effects of the RIAA's legal threats were wearing off. " Pepsi anyone? (2/18/2004). 
  252. Intel reveals new 64-bit server chip CNET News.com: "Technically, the chips are code-named Nocona for dual-processor systems, Prescott for single-processor systems and Potomac for four-processor systems, and the 32/64-bit capability goes by the code name Clackamas Technology." (2/17/2004)
  253. images/bullet2.gifwww.pcmag.com - We're Stuck with MP3: Alternatives? (2/17/2004).
  254. Spam: www.pcmag.com - Spam Blockers: MailWasher Pro did not fair so well! (2/17/2004)
  255. New lawsuit targets DVD copying CNET News.com: 'The Macrovision lawsuit is "completely baseless and frivolous on the merits," said 321 Studios President Robert Moore.' (2/16/2004).
  256. www.ExtremeTech.com - IDF Session Preview: Intel Developer Forum (2/14/2004).
  257. www.eWeek.com - No Rumor Windows Source Code Leaked on the 'Net: "...portions of the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 source code were illegally made available on the Internet." (2/14/2004).
  258. Security: Microsoft warns of widespread Windows flaw CNET News.com: "The latest flaw exists in Microsoft's implementation of a basic Networking Protocol known as Abstract Syntax Notation One, or ASN.1." (2/11/2004)
  259. www.ExtremeTech.com - IDF Are You Ready For The Tera Era: And... Offering IT Solutions (2/10/2004).
    1. Intel.com - Storage and I-O Products:
  260. GigaStudio Disk Based Sampler: Harmony-Central.com - Upgrade Pricing for GigaStudio 3 Announced: "TASCAM has announced upgrade pricing for the new version of the GigaStudio 3 software sampling workstation. GigaStudio 3 comes in three versions -- GigaStudio 3 Orchestra, GigaStudio 3 Ensemble and GigaStudio 3 Solo." (2/10/2004)
  261. www.ExtremeTech.com - ATI Licenses Intrinsity Tech For Faster Chips: Four Times Faster... "Intrinsity Inc., Austin, Tex., is a fabless semiconductor company whose Fast14 technology enables semiconductor logic to run at very high clock rates while using standard design tools." (2/7/2004)
  262. MS TechNet: Apply Critical Security Patch for Internet Explorer Now Microsoft has just released a critical security update to eliminate newly discovered vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer that could allow remote code execution (2/4/2004).


  263. www.eetAsia.com - IEEE gears up for Ethernet backplane standard: "The effort, focused on 1- and 10Gbps data rates, will have to come to grips with an industry split over binary versus multi-level signaling approaches to the issue." (2/4/2004)
  264. Super Audio CD: Harmony-Central.com Sonic - Studio Ships DSD.1 with Lower Price: "Developed in cooperation with Sony and Phillips, the format's creators, DSD.1 is comprised of a full length PCI interface card supporting 8 bi-directional channels of DSD via the SDIF-3 protocol or DSD-raw." (2/4/2004).
  265. Processors: www.pcmag.com - Prescott Brings More Cache to Intel's Future: "Intel has introduced its next-generation Pentium 4 chips—code-named Prescott..." (2/2/2004)
  266. www.eWeek.com - SCO Launches New Site Following DDoS Attack: "Battered by the MyDoom distributed denial-of-service attack, SCO on Monday took down its old Web site and launched a new one for the duration." (2/2/2004)
  267. The Register: Microsoft wins Lindows fight in the Netherlands - "Resellers of the Linux distribution Lindows in the Netherlands were ordered today to stop selling the product." (2/2/2004)


  268. The Register: Microsoft wins Lindows fight in the Netherlands - "Resellers of the Linux distribution Lindows in the Netherlands were ordered today to stop selling the product." (2/2/2004)
  269. AntiVirus: www.eWeek.com - SCO's MyDoom DDoS Hammering Begins: "The SCO Group Inc. confirmed that by midnight EST today, a large-scale, DDoS (distributed-denial-of-service) attack had rendered its Web site completely inaccessible." Both SCO and Caldera seem to be Off-Line and possibly removed from DNS for the time being. (2/1/2004)


  270. images/bullet2.gifInformationWeek Hardware Report Big Changes Coming For PCs January 23, 2004: "The year 2004 will bring tumultuous transformation to the market that will forever alter the nature and appearance of PCs," said D'Elia. "PC and motherboard makers [will] flood the market with a host of new products in 2004." Reported on 1-23-04 (1/30/2004)
  271. E-mail scam taps antiterrorist push, says FDIC CNET News.com: "The link to the Web site provided in the e-mail message leads to a server in Karachi, Pakistan, CNET News.com has discovered. Moreover, the link is formatted to take advantage of an Internet Explorer flaw allowing an attacker to hide the true destination of the link..." (1/30/2004).
    1. 833786 - Steps that you can take to help identify and to help protect yourself from deceptive (spoofed) Web sites and malicious hyperlinks: Pay Attention to URL Link Details! Know where you're Browsing!
  272. images/bullet2.gifOS Options: Sun Java Desktop System - Other Boot Options... "Join the Desktop Revolution and save a bundle. Get 50% off the price through June 2, 2004. This offer is open to any customer interested in replacing their existing desktop with Sun Java Desktop System a comprehensive, secure, and highly affordable desktop system. There is no requirement to submit a proof of purchase or license." (1/30/2004)
  273. Microsoft ad campaign takes aim at rivals CNET News.com: "Microsoft plans to launch a multifaceted advertising campaign this year that touts the advantages of its software over rivals, including the Linux operating system." Microsoft's 'Get The Facts' Campaign promoting 'Office System'. (1/30/2004)
  274. Intel shifts 64-bit emphasis CNET News.com: "Intel plans to demonstrate a 64-bit revamp of its Xeon and Pentium processors in mid-February--an endorsement of a major rival's strategy and a troubling development for Intel's Itanium chip." (1/29/2004)
  275. Portable memory format gets set for launch CNET News.com: "A new year, a new portable memory card format! The format is the brainchild of a newly founded group called the Universal Transportable Memory Association (UTMA)..." (1/28/2004).
  276. Processors: Intel price Drop on selected boxed Desktop Processors expected February 1, 2004. Further details to be made available same date (1/28/2004).
  277. SCO offers $250,000 reward for arrest of Mydoom worm author - Computerworld: "Experts have said ...the Mydoom worm is spreading faster than last year's Sobig.F, which topped the charts as the most widespread e-mail worm of 2003." (1/28/2004)
  278. www.pcmag.com - Breaking Virus News MyDoom Hobbles Internet E-mail: "The virus will also open a backdoor on TCP ports 3127 thru 3198 to allow an attacker access to the system." (1/28/2004).
  279. www.eWeek.com - MyDoom E-Mail Worm Spreading Quickly: "A fast-moving Windows worm..." Suggestions for removal (1/27/2004).
  280. New virus infects PCs, whacks SCO CNET News.com: MyDoom worm "A mass-mailing virus [masquerading as an e-mail error] quickly spread through the Internet Monday planting a file instructing infected computers to attack SCO Group's Web server with a flood of data on Feb. 1" (1/27/2004)


  281. Intel's Prescott makes multimedia play CNET News.com: New CPU in February followed by new Chipset in June (1/27/2004).
  282. www.ExtremeTech.com - MSN Toolbar Appears To Take Cues From Google: Another Market Takeover in Progress from Microsoft (1/27/2004).
  283. images/bullet2.gifGraphics: Corel Graphics Suite 12 - Arriving in February! A bundle of applications for illustration, page-layout, vector-drawing, digital-imaging and animation... $399; $179 Upgrade & $99 Educators. www.Corel.com (1/26/2004)


  284. Audio Soft Synth: Cakewalk, FREE Project5 (soft synth workstation) 1.5 update announced at NAMM Project5.com (1/26/2004).
  285. MikeRoweSoft settles for an Xbox CNET News.com: "Rowe's new Web site, which is called MikeRoweForums.com, already has more than 700 members and carries advertising banners for file-sharing service Warez P2P." 1/26/2004
  286. The Register: Microsoft prepares Mike Rowe legal exit [www.MikeRoweSoft.com] (1/21/2004).
  287. GigaStudio Audio Sampler: www.Harmony-Central.com - NAMM- GigaStudio 3.0 Announced: "Version 3.0 of Tascam's software sampler, [GigaStudio] is a complete rewrite, delivering support for 24/96 samples, VST plug-ins, ReWire, sample recording, and more. Available in three versions - Orchestra, Ensemble and Solo - Offering unlimited polyphony..." (1/21/2004)


  288. www.EETAsia.com - Foxconn penetrates U.S. motherboard market: "Foxconn has entered into the U.S. channel motherboard market. Foxconn's products include the Intel 865 and 875 series core logic-based motherboards in both microATX and ATX form factor." (1/21/2004)
  289. images/bullet2.gifDigital Audio Extraction Tools: High Critieria, Total Recorder Standard Edition 4.4 Released! Available in Standard, Professional and Developer Editions. "New Standard Edition upgrade has a number of new features including the ability to play and record Windows Media Audio (WMA) files, the ability to normalize mp3 files and a number of other minor enhancements." (1/20/2004)
  290. www.ExtremeTech.com - I'll Never Buy Another Computer Again!: "A lousy Compaq and crashing games drive Jim Lynch to go the do-it-yourself route and build his own machine." For the first time Builder! (1/20/2004)


  291. Fuel Cells: Membrane could rev up fuel cell industry CNET News.com: "Start-up PolyFuel has commercially released a membrane for creating fuel cells for laptops and cell phones, a milestone in the budding fuel cell industry." (1/19/2004)


  292. DVD-Audio: www.Harmony-Central.com - NAMM- DVD-Audio Authoring Gets Affordable: Create DVD-Audio for Under $100 with Minnetonka's Latest - discWelder BRONZE, a basic DVD-Audio authoring program that allows consumers and prosumers to deliver surround and high-resolution audio on DVD-Recordable media, at the affordable price of $99. (1/17/2004)
  293. Athlon64: www.ExtremeTech.com - Review Athlon 64 FX Motherboards: Pricey Processor! Gigabyte K8NNXP-940 MotherBoard (1/17/2004).
  294. Wireless: Intel updates Centrino with new Wi-Fi part CNET News.com: "Chipmaker Intel is making new Wi-Fi parts available in its Centrino bundle of chips so that PC makers can use the latest Wi-Fi standard in their notebooks. The 802.11g-based component gives Intel and its PC manufacturing partners access to the most popular segment of the Wi-Fi market, something the company did not have previously." (1/17/2004)
  295. Wireless: www.ExtremeTech.com - Intel Begins Shipping 802.11b-g Module: "The new Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG modules will be included in new Centrino notebooks due this quarter, Intel said. Another open question is whether customers will actually require triband 802.11a/b/g connectivity, which Intel will offer sometime around mid-2004." (1/16/2004).
  296. Win9x Versions: www.ExtremeTech.com - Microsoft Bows to Pressure, Extends Support for Older Windows Versions: "Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition and for Windows Millennium Edition (ME) until June 30, 2006." (1/15/2004)
    1. Microsoft Windows Life Cycle Resource Center
  297. Wireless: Wi-Fi testing finds weak links CNET News.com: "At least one in every four Wi-Fi products examined by the Wi-Fi Alliance has failed its certification test - A sign that many pieces of wireless equipment on the market are incapable of working as well as users might expect." As well can be witnessed and expected by those who were fortunate to attend the Demos during our BuildOrbuy Meetings. In short, keep your wireless gear philosophy a 'one brand' solution for now (1/14/2004).
  298. Rights issue dogs CD protection CNET News.com: Copy Protected CD Royalty Rights Disputed (1/13/2004).


  299. DVD-Audio: Intel Announces Name Of Next-Generation Audio Specification - New Audio Technology, New Name. "The High Definition Audio specification [Azalia] is currently at the Rev. 0.9 level. Intel expects to release the final specification by midyear under royalty-free license terms. The technology will also be featured with the "Grantsdale" chipset scheduled for release in the first half of 2004." So which is it? Azalia, as Intel would have to believe or Azalea like the flower? (1/12/2004)


  300. Cisco Press, Book - First Mile Access Networks and Enabling Technologies - "Refers to the connections between business / residential subscribers and the public network's Central Office (CO) or Point of Presence. The massive growth of Internet traffic and simultaneous increase in computing speeds has led to a high speed Network core and high speed Desktop Computing, leaving a void in the access region. This access region, popularly known as the first mile area (sometimes also called the last mile) is a market segment witnessing phenomenal growth even in bearish times. This book discusses the multiple technologies in the first mile area, thus showcasing network solutions that help solve the first mile bottleneck." (1/10/2004)


  301. Harmony-Central.com - New DVD Helps You Build Your Own PC: Entire DVD is approximately 15 minutes (1/9/2004).
    1. From www.pcAudioLabs.com: More Setup Tips for PC DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)... Plus pcAudioLabs Audio Storage Calculator!
  302. CES 2004 Digitizing entertainment CNET News.com: "Technology companies large and small descend on Las Vegas as competition for a piece of the digital living room heats up ...in a market marked by rapidly falling prices." (1/9/2004). 


  303. Windows 98 support shifts to CD CNET News.com: "Before Microsoft removes the live update function for Windows 98, Users will be able to download and burn the patches onto a CD, in case they are needed at a later date." (1/9/2004).
  304. USB: Keyspan introduces USB Server - "Easily connect USB devices to a PC via a wired or wireless Ethernet-based LAN. The USB Server enables attached USB devices to be used and shared by client PCs on a LAN. In addition to printers, the USB Server supports other USB devices such as hard drives, scanners and more." USB Server ships in late Q1 2004, MSRP $129. Showcased @ 2004 International CES this week! (1/7/2004)
  305. Bible Study Software Research Tools: Logos Pre-pub announcement - The Interlinear Literal Translation of the Greek New Testament: Logos Bible Software Series X Suggested Retail: $29.95
    Prepublication Special: $19.95 (1/7/2004).
  306. Portable Storage: XIMETA: NetDisk™ with NDAS Technology... External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) connects directly to PC through Local Area Network (LAN) using either Ethernet (CAT5) cable OR directly using a USB cable! NDAS - An acronym for Network Direct Attached Storage, XIMETA's patented disk storage technology. (1/7/2004)
  307. Portable Storage: Hard drive summons up memory power CNET News.com: WDC Media Center HD - Reads Eight Memory card types. Functions as USB 2.0 Hub (1/7/2004).


  308. 2004 The Year of the Upgrade: Pointers to remind us of what to expect... (1/5/2004).
  309. Writing an end to the bio of BIOS CNET News.com: "Intel and Microsoft are gearing up to move toward the first major overhaul of the innermost workings of the personal computer--the boundary where software and hardware meet--during 2004." Talks of Ditching the Bios (1/5/2004)
  310. Electronic News In-Stat-MDR Research Highlights: PCI Express to be Rapidly Adopted (1/5/2004).


2003 News Logs:
  1. Storage: www.eetAsia.com - Toshiba to show 0.85-inch drive at CES: "Toshiba Corp... developing a 0.85-inch diameter Hard Disk Drive with a capacity of between 2GB to 3GB for use in mobile devices." (12/24/2003).
  2. Security: www.microsoft.com - Security Tools: Update your Security Toolkit (12/24/2003).
  3. Speakerswww.ExtremeTech.com - 2.1 Speaker Smackdown Xhifi versus Logitech: New Speaker Manufacturer, Xhifi's Xducer 2.1 - Pricey PC Stereo Speakers (12/23/2003).
  4. Security: www.eWeek.com - Windows XP SP2's Firewall Will Be in Your Face: (12/19/2003).
  5. Check Point to buy Zone Labs for $205 million CNET News.com: Expect the FREE version of Zone Alarm to disappear soon! Article modified 12-15-03 (12/19/2003).
  6. ITworld.com - New Microsoft unit will focus on core of Windows: "They have been studying Linux extensively. Part of their study has been on how Linux has been able to maintain a high level of consistency in the kernel while groups around it maintain maximum flexibility,"... (12/17/2003).
  7. Virtual PC: www.eWeek.com - EMC's Latest Acquisition VMware: "VMware's technology enables multiple Operating Systems—including Microsoft Corp.'s Windows, Linux and Novell Inc.'s NetWare—to run simultaneously and independently on the same Intel-based server or workstation and move live applications dynamically across systems with no business disruption." (12/17/2003)


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