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Equipment Upgrades And Assembly Guidelines:

Members of BuildOrBuy agree to Volunteer Assistance, when possible, with the review of equipment for potential upgrades and the installation of Upgrades under the following Guidelines below:


I. Orientation Guidelines - THE PC OWNER MUST: 

    A. Attend at least three BuildOrBuy (3) Meetings prior to signing up for assistance outlined in paragraph 3 below, and

    B. Have opened and read any installation instructions pertaining to installs/upgrades to be performed, and be prepared to answer questions of the assisting volunteer regarding same, and

    C. Be present during all review or work.

    D. Be specific, brief and respect our time as volunteers.

    Example - Required: Manuals printed or PDF; Tools to open your PC. Know you MotherBoard Brand, Model Number, Revision Number; Chipset and Bios Date + a history of what, if anything, was done to create or correct the current problem. And do you have current O/S Drivers for the Device in question. We will help you to solve your problem. We will NOT solve it for you. We will learn together and have fun in the process!

    E. In return for your new found knowledge learned you will be asked to participate in our BuildOrBuy Help Section on our web sites and in person just as you may have received. To whom much is given, much will be required.


    A. Be the property of the BuildOrBuy Member (not friends, neighbors, grown children, etc), and... 

    B. Be from the Owner's Residence (not a separate commercial office or business), and...

    C. Have been purchased or assembled from new Components for which the owner has documentation and software as needed, and... LEGAL Licensed Operating System CD!!!

    D. Have, or be installing, a Pentium class or higher CPU. (386/486 PCs will no longer be VIEWED for Upgradability - NO work will be performed on a PC with a 386/486 or below CPU.) It is the opinion of our BuildOrBuy Team that older equipment, not meeting this requirement, is not a cost-effective upgrade to the user and is of no educational benefit to the BuildOrBuy Members or Readers.


MUST BE SCHEDULED by completing appropriate information on the Priority Category sign-in sheets on the SIG sign-in table. This form is different than the SIG sign-in sheet! At that time info must be provided regarding the type of equipment and the desired upgrade or other reason for review. Five "Priority Categories" are assigned as below. Signing up on the wrong priority will result in being reassigned to the last position on the correct priority. We will be unable to help anyone just showing up who has not participated in BuildOrBuy. You want help? Give to receive!

    A. PRIORITY #1 - Advice and guidance to help PC owner build or buy a PC or upgrade components, aimed at completion of SIG specification sheet to upgrade or build a PC. Should be specific to the planned PC - general questions from which all SIG members may benefit should be asked in the open Question and Answer session of the SIG.

    B. PRIORITY #2 - Advice and guidance to help PC owner install or upgrade components.

    C. PRIORITY #3 - Advice and guidance to help PC owner diagnose and correct configuration problems due to new hardware or new software (other than HALNET ISP).

    D. PRIORITY #4 - Advice and guidance to help PC owner determine cause of system crashes and how to recover.

    E. PRIORITY #5 - Advice and guidance to help PC owner with HALNET ISP Installation and problems - Only as time permits.

IV. Equipment should be brought into the SIG work area and set up - R-T-R!

BEFORE 1:00 PM start of the BuildOrBuy Meeting; Or be brought in AFTER 3:00 PM. No setup or work is to be performed from 1:00-3:00 PM. As it is rude to speakers and disruptive to the BuildOrBuy Meeting. Installation work may require the user to bring the equipment to multiple BuildOrBuy Meetings to complete all work. Yes - Bring E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G required to make your PC work! This includes monitor, keyboard, mouse and power supply cable. Restated below...

V. Members must bring their own stuff! 

Everything needed to operate the PC or make the desired change (CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, MANUALS, software, tools, extension cord, etc.)

VI. Please remember... 

All assistance is provided AS IS on a VOLUNTEER basis, and NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES ARE PROVIDED, Expressed or Implied!

PC Build Specifications:

images/bullet2.gifIf I were Building a System Today... by Joe Whinery

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