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BuildOrBuy Group Network
www.buildorbuy.org | www.buildorbuy.net ]

BuildOrBuy Group Help Committee List:
Phone assistance for BuildOrBuy Members ONLY!

The BuildOrBuy PC Computers Group SIG Members were at one time listed below. They volunteered to answer phone call questions regarding The BuildOrBuy Group activities. And we asked Members - PLEASE call one of the below members for these questions. Gill Boyd, our SIG Leader, can NOT answer such calls due to the weekly meetings and the volume of calls (up to 30/day).

Since our volunteers cannot provide the needed assistance, efforts have been made to accomodate Members who attend our weekly Meetings. It may also be suggested that the question be asked at the next BuildOrBuy SIG Meeting so that all may benefit from its educational aspects. Please be specific & brief! AS always, we will encourage Members to follow our established Guidelines for assistance. We look forward to seeing you!






Please let us know if you would like to participate in our BuildOrBuy Help List above. Email us!

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