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BuildOrBuy Group Network
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 BuildOrBuy CD-ROM Indexes
  1. images/bullet2.gifBuild Or Buy A PC CD Index Disc 1, 9-29-99 - Bootable CD
  2. images/bullet2.gifBuild Or Buy A PC CD Index - Disc 2, June/July, 2000 - AutoPlay CD
  3. images/bullet2.gifBuild Or Buy CD Index 3... Yet to Be Released! Creating our Build Or Buy domains took over precedence on this CD project for the time being.
  1. readmecd.html - CD2 Replication Instructions
  2. This Doc was on CD Disc 2 for those who participated in this exercise and now on our site for those seeking to understand the technology of CD replication. Using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe Version 4.01 (202) & Win98SE.
  3. images/bullet2.gifCD ROM Drive Speed Comparisons 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, etc...
  4. images/bullet2.gifEl Torito CD-ROM Boot: Windows 98 CD-ROM Startup Menu Screen
  5. images/bullet2.gifWin98SE CD-ROM Boot Menu: - El Torito CD-ROM Boot Spec Notes (html format)
  6. images/bullet2.gifEl Torito CD-ROM Boot Spec v1.0 PDF
  8. images/bullet2.gifBootable Floppy Disk: Win98SE
  9. images/bullet2.gifBootable CD
  10. images/bullet2.gifAutoPlay CD

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