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BuildOrBuy Group Network
www.buildorbuy.org | www.buildorbuy.net ]

What do WE DO? That Thing You Do! 

The How To BuyOrBuild A PC Special Interest Group (SIG) started for those HAL-PC Members who wish to advance their knowledge of PC Computer Technologies, both hardware and software, toward the purchase and assembly/installation of total PCs or PC Component Upgrades. We advocate Building a PC and we focus our weekly discussions on Technology!

BuildOrBuy has grown from those initial Meetings to the web presence we now share with you today. And yes, we still have our Focus Group Meetings - Only better!

BuildOrBuy meets weekly on Wednesday from 1-5 pm. Programs, Discussions, and Q&A Sessions are usually held from 1-3 pm, and an Advice & Guidance Session For Upgrades from 3-5 pm - On an as needed basis!

BuildOrBuy does not "repair" PCs; We assist Members to establish which component has failed and is in need of Replacement, if the PC meets the Minimum Guidelines For Equipment Upgrades established by the BuildOrBuy Steering Commitee & Gill Boyd, SIG Leader.

For Replacement's, BuildOrBuy recommends following the 60/40 Rule. When an Upgrade is between 60% to 40% of a new PC, we strongly advise using those Resources for a new PC.

New and "less knowledgeable" Readers & Members are always Welcome -We all started at the same place once upon a time...

Due to the wide range of topics and the variety of PC experience levels represented, attendance at multiple BuildOrBuy Meetings may be necessary before a newcomer gains an acceptable comfort level. Please hang in there with us! We always try to have a mix of Topics to interest all levels of PC Users from Professional to Consumer.

TO LEARN - ASK QUESTIONS! The only dumb question is the one NOT asked. We'll learn together! Email Us!

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