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BuildOrBuy Group Network
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BuildOrBuy Newsletter Archive:

    We've finally posted our original BuildOrBuy A PC Computer Newsletter handouts, as requested, in pdf files with formatting intact. Since we've now created BuildOrBuy PC CD 2, other newsletters will have to wait a while longer! While you're waiting, we're trying a different on-line weekly format to cover what BuildOrBuy is all about... "People Helping People With Education Through Technology!" Try our TechBriefs - Enjoy! And... Take a look @ our BuildOrBuy Participation Guidelines under Operations too!

    For those of you who regularly attend The Build Or Buy Group, we appreciate your participation! For those of you who only know us on the Net, enjoy!

  1. Vol I, No 1 - VLB BUS is Dead, CPU Deals, Best 586 Chip, Compuserve CD+...

  2. Vol I, No 2 - CD Format Wars, ZELOS Deal, Books on CD Discs...
  3. Vol I, No 3 - PC BUS Technology and Terms, RAM, and Dynamic RAM...
  4. Vol I, No 4 - PC Specs at 3 Levels, Multimedia Devices, Personal Scanners, OCR...
  5. Vol I, No 5 - Get Connected - Communicating, Fax, Fax Modem, Ways of Communicating.
  6. Vol I, No 6 - Review of Netscape Navigator, Windows 95 Version.
  7. Vol I, No 7 - EDO RAM, Burst EDO DRAMS, Pentium Chipsets Supporting EDO DRAMS.
  8. Vol I, No 8 - PCI Bus, 82430FX PCIset, AMD 486/120 CPU, Enhanced AMD Features.
  9. Vol I, No 9 - How To Diagnose a Dead PC W/ AMI BIOS, Technical Support Numbers.
  10. Vol I, No 10 - Selecting Partition Sizes on Hard Drives, Definitions - byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte.
  11. Vol I, No 11 - Suggestions for Installing a Hard Drive.
  12. Vol I, No 12 - And All That JAZ - Review of JAZ one gig removable drive from Iomega.
  13. Vol I, No 13 - USB: Universal Serial Bus for PCs, A Step Closer to Plug and Play.
  14. Vol I, No 14 - FireWire Technology Update Explosion, Adaptec Promoting High Speed Serial Bus.

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