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Build Or Buy A PC CD Index Disc 2, June/July, 2000

    Thanks to all who participated in the success of Phase 1 of Disc 2! Disc 2 did NOT include any of Disc 1 - Too much material @ 647 Megs! We used 700 Meg Discs.

    We had planned to include Disc 1 Updates as well as new materials! This Disc is NOT CD Bootable as Disc 1. Only AutoPlay enabled - Enjoy!

    As requested, for those interested in the full Disc 2 Index, it's on the disc! Available during the Build Or Buy A PC SIG Presentations.


In the Works Additions to be included... ;) 

    From Robert Clay... 

  • DU Meter - Monitor your D/L & U/L speeds on the Internet.

    From Racy Sanford

  • www.centered.com - data back-up program

    From Tom Tyner... 

  • GetRight - www.headlightsw.com -

    Download manager.  Resumes incomplete downloads.   Can schedule unattended downloads with registered version. Shareware - $17.50 to register

  • CDex - http://www.cdex.n3.net/ - CD ripper and file converter. Expect better success with the new Beta version.  Freeware.

  • CD-r Diagnostic  - http://www.cdrom-prod.com/software.html  - Examine and recover data from CDs normally unreadable. Full featured trial version available.  Appears to be 30 day trial; Registration $30.00?

  • SuperBlank - http://www.ping.be/kris-schoofs/  - Erases CD-RWs that other programs won't.  Apparently Freeware.  No registration fee mentioned.

    Useful URLs for CD-Rs, CD-RWs and digitizing music.

  • http://resource.simplenet.com/   CD primer

  • http://www.fadden.com/cdrfaq/   Andy McFadden's CD Recordable FAQ

  • http://homepages.nildram.co.uk/~abcomp/lp-cdr.htm

    LPs to CDs.  Good info and lots of good links.

  • Print Folder - http://no-nonsense-software.com/ Prints contents of a folder or save to disk as text file.

  • Nero CD Burning Software - http://www.nero.com/ - Beats Adaptec hands down! There is a full featured, time limited demo available.  Registration = $49

  • Nero CD Burner Firmware Links -


    From Gus Hrncir... 

  • www.beatnik.com - beatnik browser plugin

  • www.mixme.com

    From John R. Sovinski...

  • Download Wonder - http://www.forty.com/download_wonder.htm Organize and keep track of Download files. Free, written in FoxPro.


Recommended Speed Test Sights...

From J Kolenovsky...


DAE - Digital Audio Extraction Tools & Technologies:

Copyright 2000-2001, Build Or Buy Special Interest Group!
Author, Gill Boyd - Updated 01-06-2001