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Subject: Ai Squared Announces ZoomText 7.1 Release

Press Release:

Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 14:54:18 -0500
From: Megan Long <mlong@aisquared.com>

Ai Squared Contact:
Scott Moore
Product Manager
(802) 362-3612 x113

For Immediate Release:

Ai Squared Announces New ZoomText Releases Powerful New Features and Support for Windows XP

MANCHESTER, VT - November, 2001 - Ai Squared, the worldwide leader in computer access solutions for the visually impaired, today announced two upcoming releases of ZoomText® - Ai Squared's award-winning magnification and screen reading software.  ZoomText magnifies and speaks the contents of the screen, making computers accessible and friendly to low-vision users.

Later this month, Ai Squared will release ZoomText 7.1, featuring support for Windows XP, the latest operating system from Microsoft.  In addition to enhanced reliability, security and performance, Windows XP offers an exciting new look and feel to the PC experience.  With ZoomText 7.1, low-vision users can enjoy all the new benefits of XP, while using the same high quality magnification and screen reading they've grown accustom to. ZoomText 7.1 continues our commitment of CompatibilityOne - support for all Windows operating systems in a single package.  CompatibilityOne saves the end user an enormous amount of time, money and effort, alleviating the need to purchase and install new accessibility software when migrating to a new operating system.

"Ai Squared and Microsoft have been working together to ensure that low-vision computer users have the appropriate tools to take full advantage of Windows XP", said Ben Weiss, President of Ai Squared. "We are committed to delivering the best computer access solutions for all Windows operating systems."

In early 2002, Ai Squared will release the highly anticipated ZoomText 8.0, offering computer access that's faster, friendlier and far more productive.  New magnification technology provides dramatic improvements in the enlargement of text.  At all magnification levels, characters are clearer, contrast is sharper and navigation is easier to follow. The ZoomText 8.0 screen reader provides full narration of program activity and user input, comprehensive reading commands, complete configurability and ease of use.  Specialized support for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office will allow users to easily navigate and read web pages and documents - always in the correct reading order. ZoomText 8.0 also features CompatibilityOne, providing support for Windows XP, Windows ME  (Millennium Edition), Windows 2000, NT 4.0 and Windows 98.

Low-cost upgrades to ZoomText 7.1 and ZoomText 8.0 will be offered to all registered users.  Alternatively, a new annual subscription plan can be purchased, which includes all upgrades and maintenance releases during the subscription period.  For more information, contact Ai Squared sales department.

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