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Registered Memory:

After having had a brief discussion with Steve Gunderson regarding Registered Memory, we have included this Info for our BuildOrBuy web sites.

Q: Could you give me a brief description of what "Registered Memory" is?

A: Are you Building a Server? No? Then you don't need "Registered Memory".


To Answer The Question:

Registered Memory is a memory module containing registers that hold the data for one clock cycle before it is moved on to the motherboard. This process increases the reliability of Hi-Speed data access. Registered Memory modules are typically used only in Servers and other Mission Critical Systems where it is extremely important that the data is properly handled.

Registered Memory refers to how the memory module processes signals. Registered Memory modules contain a register that delays all information transferred to the module by one clock cycle. This type of memory is primarily used in servers and was designed for modules with 32 or more chips on them to help ensure that data is properly handled.

While most PCs will accept only unbuffered SDRAM, there are some that accept registered
SDRAM. Keep in mind that when you install Registered SDRAM, all of the modules installed in your PC must be Registered because Unbuffered and Registered modules are NOT interchangeable!

You can tell if you are using Registered Memory by looking at one of the modules currently installed in your system. If it has one or more small black chips mounted horizontally on the module, you have Registered Memory. If not, you have Unbuffered Memory. And more than likely, unless you have a Server, you do NOT have nor require Registered Memory.

IF you're using a Dual CPU M/B, then that would be considered a Server M/B and that would be able and more likely to use Registered Memory. And IF you were to use Registered Memory in that type of System - Don't mix it with Unbuffered Memory

BuildOrBuy meets every Wed from 1-3 PM. We will be glad to answer any questions during that time. We look forward to your participation. We're getting ready to Build PC's again! Interested?

IF you drill down through Crucial.com for the Giga-Byte GA-7VRXP(RAID) we're using and recommending for this Build Session, Crucial does show a Registered ECC Memory. Use: 2 sticks of # CT3264Z265 - DDR PC2100 CL=2.5 Unbuffered Non-parity 2.5V 32 Meg x 64 for $63.89 - IF you purchase Direct from Crucial. Otherwise, use the part number from AxionTech.com on our BuildOrBuy PC Spec Sheet.

images/bullet2.gifwww.simmtester.com - DDR Registered Modules: "Registered memory modules are usually used in server applications and these modules are built with address line registers and clock PLL (phase lock loop) to ensure the clock signal integrity." (5/15/2003)

Joe Whinery or George Walker can give you a better, more detailed answer than this if needed. Enjoy! GB

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