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Weekly Tech Brief Updates For Today! Wed, 02-20-02

Patriotism - Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave! Compassion For All!

images/bullet2.gifThis Week... Disabling CD Auto Play - Win98 & Win2000 Instructions. Good way to get a new PC? Got kids? Even if they have their OWN kids... Lou Warren finished tweaking her PC's this week. Her daughter is in for a treat! Great way to recycle your PC gear - pass it on!

Wed 2/20/02 Update: A brief Summation of PC Technologies Today, this year and on the horizon. ATA HD growth, ATA/133x2, Serial ATA II; CD-MRW; 128 MB DDR AGP Video; DVD-RW finally! Have you built a new PC lately? OK since 1998? Or since a PII-350?

Wed 2/20/02: You'll just have to wait and see! ;) Joe Whinery has already announced those plans! And... Joe's specs are so good, now I'm Building one too! 1GB of RAM - Whew! Well I never... We'll have some thoughts on this later. George Walker's Boot.ini Presentation Notes are now on-line to study. If you're ever wondering where the latest new pages live, go to the Site Map - Navigation Bar on Right.

Some of you have asked about computer-camera monitors & security issues. We're working on it. And for those who have asked about BuildOrBuy & Streaming, we're looking into it. Not sure if everyone would want to pay for that. It would cost money and someone has to pay to do the job right.

If you're following Streaming Technologies, watch Sonic Foundry. They've done the legwork behind Microsoft's Streaming Technologies and are now working with Real Media. See: Web Casting (2/15/2002).

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