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BuildOrBuy News -
2001 Christmas Wish List:

Instead of a Wish List for 2002, we decided to refer to the following List for your perusal:

ExtremeTech.com:  Geek Gift Guide 2002 (11/26/2002).


Sam McJunkin says, "I wish In-Win would manufacture a case with a front panel door for USB ports, microphone, earphone, speakers. I notice that some Motherboards have connections for the front panel, and still have a redundant rear panel connection also.

I found some cases that have this feature at CaseDepot.com but they are either aluminum or mid towers without a removable Motherboard tray, or is there a better mousetrap out there already?" Check out our BuildOrBuy Case options - Enjoy! GB

OK Sam, Do you believe in Santa Claus? They do - IW-J508-IW- For Intel P4 CPU: Front USB ONLY (12/18/01).

New PC Computer Technologies Attainable Today

  1. Big Drive - 160 GB by Maxtor or...

  2. IBM's new Deskstar 120GXP: Travelstar 60gh, 40gn and Deskstar 120gxp announcement (11/07/01).

  3. HP DVD+RW or Pioneer DVD-RW -DVR-A05? (11/26/2002)

  4. Ultra320 SCSI - Do we really need it today?

  5. Dual Athlon MP - Gigabyte M/B

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