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SIMM Memory Nomenclature:

    Looking in the Sunday paper and computer store ads and in the section for MEMORY you'll see 4x32x60 SIMMs listed. What is that and is it what you need for your PC?

    SIMM (Single Inline Memory Module) chips are the basic form of RAM (Random Access Memory) used today in PCs. They have chips on one side of the stick of memory, which is about 4 inches long for a 72 pin SIMM. DIMMs (Double Inline Memory Module) sticks, with chips on both sides of the stick, are now available but the SIMMs are still the most common.

    The three numbers in the sequence represent the:

  1. First Number - One-fourth of the MB (Megabytes) of memory on the stick; i.e. - 1=4MB, 2=8MB, 4=16MB, 8=32MB, etc.

  2. Second Number - Parity Indicator: 32=Non-Parity and 36=Parity Memory.

  3. Third Number - Speed of the memory in nanseconds. Lower is faster as it refers to access time.

    So our 4x32x60 SIMM is a stick of 16MB, non-parity, 60 nanosecond RAM.

    RAM remains the single easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to improve the performance of your PC.

RAM, Get It, Use It, Enjoy It!

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