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BuildOrBuy Group Network
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Tech Rumors:
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Update: We only update this page when we hear something of interest. If you have something to share, let us know! Send To: techrumors@BuildOrBuy.net

Until we hear something useful, check out these locations:

  1. Techdirt. (5/12/2004)
  2. Software release calendar - Software Reviews - CNET.com (5/12/2004).
Past Rumors:
  1. Heard the latest? Sounds like Comdex may be quickly becoming a thing of the past. We'll see after this Fall Comdex in Vegas (11/12/2002).
  2. Since Advertising Sales are down, how long can some of the 'Power House' Technology Publications & Industry Trade Shows last?
  3. Firewall: Have you heard? ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0 release Release date: December 2001!!! (12/4/01)
  4. Audio: BIAS (MAC) will be shipping a Windows PC product version by the end of 2001. Announcement - Same as below (10/31/01).
  5. Audio: TASCAM GigaStudio Upgrading before end of 2001. Expect an announcement around AES in December.
  6. Vortex AU8830 chipset sound card driver support should be included in WinXP if you believe the rumors! See: Vortex of Sound - We have not verified yet, have you? (12/07/01)
  7. Windows XP Ready PCs - (July 4, 2001)

  8. 200 X CD-ROM - Plextor? (08-16-2001) Nothing yet! (11/13/01)

  9. What did you expect? Check back later! While you're here... 
  10. As of June 2000, expect new Scanners to be 1394 equipped! [Yes! 8-21-01]

  11. Maxtor... New HD: 58 Gig, 8500 RPM, ATA/100? [Never Saw It! 8-21-01] Instead we have Maxtor Big Drive Technology / Fast Drive Technology bridging the gap to Serial ATA with 160 HD's!

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