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LuraTech, Inc - eNews November - 11/2001

READ IN THIS ISSUE: - New version release of LuraWave SmartCompress - Special offer for eNews subscribers - Now faster compression with LuraWave.jp2 CSDK (Win) - Featured Product of the MONTH "LuraDocument(r) Capture" FREEWARE

New version release of LuraWave SmartCompress 3.0

LuraTech, Inc., is pleased to announce the newest version of LuraWave SmartCompress 3.0. This stand-alone application is now JPEG2000 compatible. Using LuraWave's image data compression you can now convert the most common image file formats like Windows bitmap, portable pixelmap / portable graymap, Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) and JPEG into or from LuraWave.jp2 (JPEG2000) or LuraTech Wavelet Format (*.lwf). This newer version also offers new dialog windows for opening and saving files, plus it's now able to handle any type of grayscale image.

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Special Rebate Offer for eNews subscribers:

LuraTech, Inc. is currently offering a Rebate to all eNews subscribers who are interested in being the first to get the newest implementation of JPEG2000, LuraWave(r) SmartCompress 3.0.

Normally sold for $19.95, we are offering a special price of $14.95, for anyone interested in purchasing LuraWave(r) SmartCompress. Offer expires December 31, 2001. To receive your $5.00 rebate, please include Code SCPROMO in the "How you heard about products" section.

For those of you with customers in the digital imaging field, we are also offering volume discounts for this product. For more information about this Special Offer, please contact


Now faster compression with LuraWave.jp2 C-SDK Version 1.7 (Windows)

LuraTech continues to make improvements to its family of jp2 (JPEG2000) compatible products. This newest release compresses and decompresses up to 10-50% faster than before.

The LuraWave.jp2 C-SDK 1.7 still includes all the same great functionality as before. Lossless compression/decompression, Lossy Compression to a given file size or given quality, control of transformation level, embedded compression, tiled decompression and compression of unlimited image size. Additionally this also supports JPEG2000 Codestream, JPEG2000 Fileformat and RAW (raw data).

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Featured product of the MONTH "LuraDocument(r) Capture" FREEWARE

Take advantage of LuraTech's most popular Freeware. LuraDocument(r) Capture is a high-quality capture solution for the scanning and compression of colored, multipage documents. LuraDocument(r) Capture offers the following abilities: Control of the scanning of documents over a TWAIN interface, Compression and storage of incoming scans, viewing and handling of incoming or previously saved files, and the ability to build multipage documents. For users of older scanners, obtain the newest version of the TWAIN driver from your scanner manufacturer, and start compressing with LuraDocument(r) Capture!

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