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----- CABA E-Bulletin Nov. 19, 2001 // Volume 1, Issue 4 -----

A newsletter from the Continental Automated Buildings Association focused on cutting-edge industry and membership developments. This E-Bulletin is distributed to over 8,000 industry contacts and includes thousands of media contacts.


* News from CABA *

CABA's New Online E-Vents to deliver industry research cost effectively ( )

CABA announces new membership categories to expand its reach ( )

CABA announces formation of the CABA Intelligent Buildings Council ( )


* CABA Members in the News *

2Wire Completes $61 Million Financing ( )

ADC Announces Highest-density VoIP Gateway for Cost-effective, Future-proof Evolution to IP Cable Telephony ( )

AMX Corporation Names New CEO and Reports Second Quarter Earnings ( )

Andover Controls Selects Stelex' Compliancebuilder To Achieve 21 CFR 11 Compliance ( )

American Power Conversion Announces Symmetra MW, the Largest Static Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Available ( )

DoBox and National Semiconductor Announce Partnership to Deliver Family-Friendly Residential Gateway Solutions to OEM and Broadband Partners ( )

DSC Partner Program Offers Community Support ( )

First Russian Integrator Joins Echelon's Open Systems Alliance ( )

Gatespace and Jungo Team Up to Provide an Open Services Residential Gateway ( )

HomePNA Launches New Retail Initiative in Conjunction with Micro Center ( )

Interlogix Brands Together to Build Your Business New catalog features full line of Security & Life Safety Group products ( )

OnQ Technologies Receives HANA Award For Home Entertainment Connection Center ( )

Proxim Harmony 802.11a Awarded Best of Comdex for Wireless Networking Systems ( )

Sonance Names New CEO ( )

Tality Launches High-Performance IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Controller Solution; Powers Multi-Mode and Wi-Fi Baseband Chip Designs ( )

Ucentric Systems Offers Personal Video Recording (PVR) to Enhance In-Home Entertainment Experience ( )

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* CABA's first E-Vent to feature Technology Roadmap *

CABA is pleased to announce that it will be holding its first online seminar, or E-Vent, on December 6, 2001. CABA E-Vents are interactive Web based/conference call seminars designed for busy executives wanting to profit from the latest industry research, while saving money on travel budgets. Because a CABA E-Vent is designed to be viewed on a PC along with a conference audio link, there is no limit to the number of participants from your company. As Your Information Source for Home & Building Automation, CABA is committed to offering you rich and diverse content to help you reach your business objectives.

Please sign up to participate today at

CABA's first E-Vent will feature information about the Technology Roadmap for Intelligent Building Technologies. If your company needs to know about the present and future opportunities in the intelligent building space, then you need to sign up. Share in the preliminary results of this project as its head research, Frank Spitzer, Senior Associate at IBI Group, discusses the key areas of opportunity in the sector.


* ASHRAE Seminar/Trade Show On Interoperability *

The Ottawa Valley ASHRAE Chapter is pleased to invite you to attend their first Seminar/Trade Show on Interoperability.

With the advent of Open Protocols such as BACnet and Lonworks, Building Owners, Managers and Tenants are expecting more and more of their Control Systems. Increased flexibility, accessibility and above-all compatibility between various products are just some of the requirements that the building industry is exercising on consultants and control companies.

This seminar is designed to offer an introduction to this topic in several areas such that all attendees should leave with a basic understanding of Interoperability and its related issues.

Who should attend:

To attend the session, send in the registration form.

For more information, please check the following Web site:

To obtain program information about the session, please go to:

To attend the session, download and fax in the registration form at

CABA is pleased to participate and support this event. For more information on CABA's efforts to facilitate standards/protocol interoperability please see: ( or contact Kirk McElwain, CABA's Technical Director at: 888.798.CABA (2222) or


* Upcoming Events *

CABA endorses and sponsors a wide selection of industry events. Surf our special "Upcoming Events" calendar to find out about the best networking opportunities in the home and building automation industries.


* New Members *

CABA continues to grow. Check out our newest members.

CorAccess Systems (

Worthington Distribution (

Internet Home Alliance (

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