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LS-120 Issues in Win2000 & WinXP:

Windows 2000

  1. Retry Option Is Not Honored Using DISKCOPY with Dissimilar Drives
  2. Re-enabled LS-120 Drive Requires Shutdown and Restart
  3. 120 Superdisk Not Supported by Removable Storage Manager Snap-in
  4. LS-120 Drive Is Not Supported During Text-Mode Portion of Setup
  5. Copying Files to LS-120 Floppy Disk Causes Error Message
  6. AVI and MPEG Files Do Not Play Properly Using LS-120 Removable Drives in Windows 2000
  7. LS-120 Drive May Be Displayed as a Removable Drive Instead of a Floppy Disk Drive

Windows XP Pro

  1.  Q301959 - Cannot Format an LS-120 Disk with the NTFS File System

LS-120 Help

  1. - LS-120 SuperDisk drive help
  2. - 86100A - Create your own LS-120 SuperDisk upgrade


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IO Bus - Peripheral Bus
Transfer Rate Specs

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