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Laser Master: High Resolution Printing way back when (Win 3.0 to WFW 3.11)

The GS1280 used a coax type video cable with a resistor in the cable. The controller used 2m of RAM from the printer controller for rasterizing video display and was connected to the LX6 by a 50pin ribbon cable. The Monitor was made by Sampo. Both the printer controller and the outline font monitor controller were manufactured in two styles: 8bit ISA for standard PC Clones, MCA for IBM PS/2 Micro Channel Architecture machines. These were Full Length ISA cards. Yes they were long enough to require resting on the adjacent ISA Case Slot Support Cage.

Date: March 20, 2001

Subject:  Merger between Teco Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. and Sampo Corporation. The merged company will operate under a new name "Teco-Sampo Co. Ltd." ("Teco-Sampo"). Don't expect any help from Sampo.



As of 12:10 AM 9/8/2001 (CST) according to NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LaserMaster.com is currently owned by MacDermid ColorSpan. The  LaserMaster.com site appears to be currently Off-Line during the ColorSpan.com changing of the guard.

    If you require further assistance with LaserMaster gear, the ColorSpan.com site has some of the old documentation regarding LXO's, LaserMaster GS-1280 Outline Font Monitor (Fixed Frequency) and LX6 Controllers. If you still need help, please let us know and we'll try to accommodate you! Expect to find other info here @ BuildOrBuy mirrored sites as deemed appropriate. Contact us for a quote: Gill Boyd

  • www.colorspan.com/aboutus/

Excerpt: ColorSpan Corporation was acquired by MacDermid, Inc in June 2000, and now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary under the name of MacDermid ColorSpan, Inc.

LaserMaster is a Registered U.S. Trademark of MacDermid ColorSpan Inc.

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