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PC133 SDRAM Or DDR Memory?

The following information was current @ the time of that particular PC Build Session. This Data provided for Historical Reference. The significance of this Data relates to the choice in changes from PC133 SDRAM to DDR Memory. Either of which were an acceptable performance decision. The later (DDR Memory) proved to be a better choice.  Our only mistake was in recommending Window ME as the O/S. That choice proved to be a mistake from which has since left us skeptical and somewhat cautious of new renditions of Microsoft Operating Systems. That too has proven to be a wise schedule to follow. We learn from our mistakes and we share.

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  1. NON DDR: build-may-specs-pc133-(04-18-2001).xls -

  2. NON DDR: build-may-specs-pc133_5-9-01.xls -

  3. DDR: build-may-specs-rev-a-(04-18-2001).xls -

  4. DDR: build-may-specs-rev-a_5-9-01.xls -


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