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If I were going to build a system today, I would use:
DDR 333 By Joe Whinery 5/1/2002
  Item Brand Model Est. Price Actual $ Axion # S/N
1.) Case Enlight 300W EN7237 incl.  2 fans


2.) CD-ROM Acer 56X CD-656P


3.) CD-RW Lite-On Burn-Proof LTR32123


4.) CPU Athlon XP 1800+ 1800 MHz  266MHz FSB


  PRAMAXP1800R Retail Box
5.) Fan Included with Retail Box Athlon   *   ACCMEP56I11  
6.) Floppy Samsung


7.) Hard Drive Maxtor 60 GB 7200 RPM UDMA133


8.) Keyboard Logitech Cordless


9.) Memory Samsung 512 MB   (2, 256MB sticks)


^   MESA256D333  
10.) Modem Lucent (chipset) 56K


11.) Monitor AOC 9KLR  Flat Screen 19"


12.) Mother Board Giga-Byte GA-7VRXP(RAID)  7VRX W/O


*   MBGA7VRXP $91.95 w/o RAID
13.) Mouse Logitec Cordless Optical, with KB


14.) Operating Sys Windows XP Professional


15.) Video Card ATI Radeon 7500 64Meg





images/bullet2.gifAssembling your PC by Joe Whinery (1/26/02).

images/bd10265.gif If I were Going to Build a System Today... Rev 3 by Joe Whinery (01/12/02)


More Components:
  1. ^ Options - Crucial  DDR by Micron - 512 MB   (2, 256MB sticks @ $111.59 each).

    Editor's Note on Memory Price, Performance, Speed & Capacity: Keep in mind, with this new M/B, we have 2 choices for DDR Memory from Crucial - PC2100 (DDR266) & PC 2700 (DDR333). The next DDR performance level will be PC3200 (DDR400). We're just letting you know what you're looking @ and what's coming. Why? For the money one might ask, "Is it worth the sacrifice to purchase faster DDR333 when higher capacity DDR266 may do the job? Faster DDR333 from Crucial is currently only 256MB whereas Higher Capacity DDR266 from Crucial is @ 512MB." Builders who purchase Samsung are not hampered by this current limitation with Crucial. does have Samsung DDR333 in 512MB sticks thus eliminating this possible confusion.

    See: Micron Announces DDR400 Device Performance (3/20/02).

    Although this M/B can accept 3GB of DDR RAM, the economics of practicalities offer us 1.5GB of DDR RAM. That's 3 DDR Slots Total, 1 stick of DDR RAM each. This makes our total capacity of 1.5GB of DDR Ram a realistic possibility. By the time denser RAM is available, we'll have Built a new powerhouse PC with a faster RAM. And so it goes...

    We have provided this brief insight since we have used Crucial Memory in most of our Build Sessions until this May 29th, 2002 Build Session and have so stated some of our reasons. Bang For The Buck PC Performance - We want our Speed & Capacity! 

  2. Speakers
  3. Routers
  4.  Windows Catalog - This link is provided in case you need to check other  additions not listed for Win XP Pro HCL (Hardware Compatibility List).

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