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Minimum Configuration For New PC

June, 1997

If you have a question on why this recommendation is the way it is, then come to the SIG meeting and find out.

  1. Pentium-133 CPU with PCI Bus 

  2. 16 MB (MegaBytes, approx. 1 million bytes) RAM (Random AccessMemory)
  3. Graphics/video accelerator card with 2 MB Video RAM 
  4. 1.6 GB (GigaBytes, approx. 1 billion bytes) Hard Drive 
  5. 1.44 MB (3-1/2") Floppy Disk Drive 
  6. Monitor, 15" or 17" (bigger IS better), non-interlaced,.28 maximum dot pitch (.26 is even      better), 72 hertz vertical refresh rate, capable of 1024x768 resolution if 15" or 1280x1024if 17".
  7. Mouse, trackball, or other pointing device 
  8. Keyboard - 101 or 104 keys 

Additions: (in no particular order) As allowed by funding and desired uses:

  • 1.2 MB (5-1/4") Floppy Disk Drive if have older size diskettes that will be used.

  • CD-ROM (Compact Disc - Read Only Memory), 8X (Eight speed). Much of the new software is being issued on CD-ROM instead of diskettes. (See Note 1. below)
  • Sound Card and Speakers, to hear audio from games, audio compact discs, and used in many multimedia applications coming out. (SeeNote 1. below)
  • Modem, 33,600 speed. To connect PC to phone line to use Internet or BBS (Bulletin Board Systems), and send/receive files direct from other Pcs.

Note 1: Multimedia "Kits" including cd-rom, sound card, and speakers may be purchased.

Better quality and results may sometimes be obtained by buying separately.


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