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Houston Flood, June 8-10,  2001 - Emergency Resource List 

Let common sense prevail! Keep a Cool Head...
Keep your wits about you and be strong for those around you. If your PC was damaged by water, your HD Data may possibly be salvageable. Don't expect much of other mechanical devices such as tape drives, floppy drives or even CD-ROM / CD-RW drives. People are what counts. This stuff is just a tool to perform a task. In other words, don't sweat the small stuff!

Upon entering a water damaged facility, make sure ALL Power is OFF 1st! Make sure other utilities such as gas are also OFF! Proceed to assess your situation from there. You're going to need a Plan Of Action.

You'll need battery powered lights, rubber & work gloves. Keep your shoes ON and wear long pants. Watch for snakes and varmints which might inhabit small spaces in your place of operations as well as inside your PC case.

Everything will need to be aired out to dry as soon as possible. A generator may be required while getting started until utilities can be restored. Do NOT assume it is safe to turn anything on until everything, everywhere is checked for safety. One mistake could cost someone a life. Be safe and be careful as you proceed with caution.

Anything touched by storm water should be considered a health hazard and handled accordingly.


They claim to keep the Houston Medical Center Generators Fueled & Running!



Problems To Expect: 

Mold & Mildew - 

Easily cleaned with Bleach. Do NOT mix chemicals! Fans & spotlights wil do wonders to exposed areas for drying them quickly and thoroughly. Although a hassle to remove and dispose of, wet sheetrock and insulation are easily replaced.

Mosquitoes - Contact your County Mosquito Control For Help Or Direction. 

Stay protected! Get prepared! This Summer may prove to be too friendly for mosquitoes. Drain any standing water. Keep tall grasses & weed cut and areas of debris as clean as possible. Rats may also hover in contaminated areas which might prove to also be a greater threat than in past years. Above all, stay prayerful! This too shall pass.


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