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SoundSystem DMX 6fire 24/96, ProAudio Sound Card TerraTec DMX 6 Fire 2496!

An affordable & Complete ProAudio Hardware Interface.

images/bullet2.gifTerraTec AudioSystem DMX 6fire 24/96

images/bullet2.giffostex.com:  Terratec Products (3/21/2002).

  • Fostex Press Room: The REAL revolution in sound! The new TerraTec Sound System DMX 6fire 24/96

images/bullet2.gifDMX 6Fire - Move over Creative!

images/bullet2.gifTerratec DMX 6 Fire - audioMIDI.com - $249.00!

Our 1st reason for evaluating this card - GigaStudio version 2.5 GSIF support. Our 2nd - An alternative to Creative Labs consumer offerings. We needed quality @ an affordable price. We required an all-in-one solution from a ProSumer Sound Card capable of allowing us with minimal hassle or other outboard gear to get started right away making music. Too many of the ProSound Cards require other out-board gear. We need a plug-in-play Sound Card, install GigaStudio, plug in speakers to that Sound Card, hook up our Midi I/O and start working our Audio magic! After all, it's all about the Music! Right?

We were originally introduced to TerraTec in 1998 when they were showcasing to us an EWS64 ISA Card then a PCI Sound Card, EWS88. They both worked but nothing outstanding to mention. TerraTec then abruptly pulled out of the US market for what we were told @ that time was to refocus their efforts on a ProSumer level market instead of the Consumer level. TerraTec in the US is now distributed by ProAudio specialist Fostex.

TerraTec Electronic, claims to be Germany's largest manufacturer of sound cards and is said to be forging ahead with its uncompromising quality policy @ a convenient price. Fostex is a leading manufacturer and marketer of innovative digital recorders / editors / mixers and performance products for creative musicians and producers, as well as personal and professional studios. Surely you've heard of Fostex Studio Monitors?


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