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DigiDoc 5 Comments:

By Sam McJunkin (1/20/2002). Remove: '_NoSpam_' before sending email.

My daughter gave me a DigiDoc 5 for Christmas, and I was up until 11:30 PM last night installing it. It came with a CD, but the only thing on the CD was an Adobe Instruction Manual - no software. I'm sure you know what this thing is, it fits in an external 5 1/2" bay and monitors RPM and voltage for up to 8 fans (if the fan has a yellow wire for RPM sensing), It also had 8 thermocouples that I attached to different things on my PC to measure temperature. It worked like a champ first time, of course it's idiot proof! It was really big fun for me to get physical with a PC again. I need to capture the phrase from the movie from "The Great Escape" where Steve McQueen is caught by the guards trying to retrieve his baseball across the warning wire - my theme - from the Nazi Colonel Herr Oberst, "What were you doing by the wire?" I was running thermocouple wires and fan connections all over my PC with DigiDoc 5. I gotta go back and use tie wraps to clean it up.

Concerning water cooling kits at Axion, Gus e-mailed and counseled against it. I was hoping to get a rise out of Joe. I'm sort of fascinated by this water cooling thing, and the plan is that when my teenagers crash my oldest PC, I'll just have to explain to my wife Hilda, that I'll have to fix it with a Super Duper water cooling thingy.

Incidentally, the PC's that I built at BuildOrBuy work great. I've got a little bit of an IRQ conflict on my wife's PC, and I'm going to tackle that one day, but she doesn't want her PC unavailable. I guess I'll have to work on it at night after she's asleep.

Check BuildOrBuy Web Site often, it's great! See you at the Build Session or before. Thanks for all of your help.

Sam McJunkin, P.E.

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