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Bond Girls Music!

Bond to appear and perform again at the Miss Universe Pageant!

"The four beautiful Bond girls are joining the hopeful contestants in this televised event. The show will air live from Panama City (South America) on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003 on NBC in the US. It will also air EVERYWHERE Internationally so check your local listings for details!" (3/28/2003)


Communiqué's from Christina... Bond Team.

  1. BOND - Japanese Site: Tour announced! More Audio too! (1/13/2003)
  2. Bond's current Album, Shine-ing - Buy it! Worth Every Penny!
Bond Girls Videos:    
Bond 'Shine' Windows Media (300K)
Bond On Bond, BOND   (300K)
(Real Player Required) (56K) (ISDN) (200K)

"Time" - New! (2/14/2003)

"Shine" (Indian Summer Mix) - New! (2/14/2003)

Listen to "Bond On Bond" 007's Theme - Real Audio
"Fuego" Video (10/29/2002) Low Medium High
"Shine" Video Low Medium High

Remember the DeBeers & Zales Diamond Commercials? Listen to the Bond Girls version of "Allegretto" (Track 1) written by Karl Jenkins from the 'Diamond Music' album.

Amazon.com Karl Jenkins Diamond Music Karl Jenkins, Duncan Riddell, Karl Jenkins, Konstantin Stoianov, London Philharmonic Strings, ORTF Ensemble Ars Nova, Dermot Crehan, Robert St. John Wright Music (12-27-09)

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