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Weekly Tech Brief Updates For Today! 10-15-03

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Windows Updates & Drivers:

Keeping your Windows Operating System current can be a daunting Task even with a Broadband Connection. The Operating Systems Security is only one challenge. Device Drivers will also keep one busy. And having current Device Drivers is essential when Building a new PC.

During this Session Discussion, we'll take a closer look into How we handle this today in hopes of better Solutions for tomorrow. For our BuildOrBuy System Builders who have used the BuildOrBuy CD's in the past, we want to make sure New Users will know how to have current Drivers for essential Devices like Video cards, MotherBoard Resources & LAN cards.

Usually these Drivers will be included with Components when purchased but they may not always be the most current. Especially true when utilizing OEM System Components. Multiply that by many PC's and this could get tedious!

Video Card changes & options:

The ATI 9000 Pro on our Spec Sheet was a Dual Display capable video card, both the Retail and OEM versions. The DVI Adapter for VGA Dual Display was not included on the OEM card. Since the Sapphire OEM Radeon 9000 Pro 64Meg is no longer available from Axion, we move on to the next ATI Video Chipset - ATI 9200. And still using the OEM Sapphire version. Personally, I prefer the ATI Retail version. We'll discuss this further during the Meeting Wed.

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The ATI 9200 offers three Chipset choices: 9200SE, 9200 & 9200 Pro. Cutting to the chase, the ATI 9200 Pro allows both VGA & DVI output. OEM - The DVI to VGA Adapter is an extra cost to allow Dual VGA Display. Prior Spec below was posted 8/25/2003.

  1. Prior: Sapphire OEM - Radeon 9000 Pro 64Meg = $68.95 - 46307 - Discontinued!
    (Updated 09/17/2003)

  2. Current: Sapphire OEM - Radeon 9200 64Meg = $62.95 - 47543
    (Updated 10/15/2003)

Saving $6.00 was the end result and not the primary goal. And for those who still prefer the OEM Video card, the DVI to VGA Adapter adds around $8.00 to the mix to provide Dual VGA Display output. Options!

First we determine the Technology then we consider @ what price to determine priorities and the final decision to see if this product meets our perceived needs. Know your Specs before making a choice and consider all Options. Why are we changing Video cards now? Just as with MotherBoards, Chipsets Rule. As Chipsets become obsolete, so do the products created to make use of them. Hence, we're Upgrading Video cards. That's how fast Technology is moving forward even in the 'Bang For the Buck' market today.

During our Wed 10-15-03 Discussion, we'll walk through the Component Selection & Change / Option process showing why it's important to know your Components Specs as well as your final PC Build Goal as well as Driver implications of those choices - Perceived & Real Value!

  1. www.ati.com/products/radeon9000/radeon9000pro/specs.html
  2. www.ati.com/products/radeon9200/radeon9200/compare.html
  3. www.ati.com/products/radeon9200/radeon9200/specs.html
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