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AntiVirus  News:

Dateline: Wed 10-03-01 News...

images/pointred.gif  HITACHI TO END DRAM CHIP PRODUCTION (10-1-01) ...more. 

This Week's Topics Include:

The Educated PC Builder; RAM Cram - How much RAM can I use on my new M/B; PC LAN Security; Working with Digital Audio - System Event Association; DA Extraction / CD Ripping & CD Writing, File types, RedBook Audio and Q&A. ...more.

october01_v3.xls - Version 3 - (9-22-01)
images/update.gif Interim Specifications for the October 31 build session ...printer friendly.

Microsoft Office - Converters and Viewers - Microsoft Office., PC Upgrade Strategies ...more.

images/pointred.gif  Basics of DDR Memory: What is PC2400 DDR Memory ?News-Latest publications from CST. (9/27/01)
images/pointred.gif  JEDEC Clock Reference Board For PC2700 (DDR333) DIMM - (8/23/01)
images/pointred.gif - CSTInc The Online Memory Tester and Testing Solution Company.

images/pointred.gif  Q: Can a PC1600 DDR DIMM be mixed with a PC2100 DIMM ?



images/pointred.gif  Identify the Source of Intrusion Attempts: Order ZoneAlarm Pro and get VisualRoute FREE - Only 39.95! Special Offer expires October 12, 2001.

images/pointblue.gif images/paperpbx8.jpgTo pre-order your copy of PaperPort Deluxe 8.0, click here.

, PC Upgrade Strategies ...more.

From Barry Woolbright - - Consumer Groups Blast Windows XP in Report

Crucial Europe - The Crucial Guide to Windows XP

Korean companies to fight Windows XP - Tech News - CNET

The Register - Athlon XP, anyone...

AMD's Athlon Give me an X...Give me a P - Tech News - CNET

The Register - Intel's Desktop Roadmap


Audio Updates:

From SonicFoundry & ACIDplanet: NETGUI - Streaming Media Studio - Create Flash programming
without learning Flash!

Harmony Central® SEK'D Introduces EDL-Convert for Windows -

Supported formats for import and export with EDL-Convert Standard:

VEGAS Video/Audio
Wavelab 3.0
Cool Edit Pro


Crown Audio - IQ for Windows software version 5.0. software application for configuring, controlling and monitoring Crown IQ Systems. ...IQ Audio Systems or Crown Amplifiers Microphones System Control for Professional Audio. ...Harmony Central: IQ for Windows Software Reaches Version 5.0.




images/pointred.gif  Password Recovery Software
images/pointred.gif  LANguard - Network Security Products


WTC & World News -

IACSP Website! - The International Association For Counterterrorism & Security Professionals


FBI - Most Wanted ...more.

images/pointred.gif  FBI teams up with industry on computer security (10/2/01)

FBI Publications - Terrorism in the United States

FBI: Internet Fraud Complaint Center

U. S. National Central Bureau -

Interpol - September 11th Task Force

Internet Societal Task Force


Helping Hands:

images/pointred.gif American Liberty Partnership

images/pointred.gif - United Way of New York City, The United Way September 11th Fund

images/pointred.gif  Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

PC Computer Technology News Updates...

images/pointred.gif  The Band of the United States Air Force Reserve

images/pointred.gif  BuildOrBuy Downloads: Programs, Wallpaper & Midi Files ...more.

WinXP Updates:

Sony VAIO's (With P4's) + WinXP @ BestBuy Stores - (10-2-01) ...more on CNet

From Barry Woolbright - - Consumer Groups Blast Windows XP in Report

Crucial Europe - The Crucial Guide to Windows XP

Korean companies to fight Windows XP - Tech News - CNET

The Register - Athlon XP, anyone...

AMD's Athlon Give me an X...Give me a P - Tech News - CNET

The Register - Intel's Desktop Roadmap


Trade Shows:

MAP: Guitar Center Houston, TX. (Westheimer)

Emagic clinic
Digidesign TDM tour

images/pointred.gif  Emagic Logic Audio 5 / Logic Control - Preview Tour + Specials!: October 8, Guitar Center, Houston TX. (Westheimer) ...more.

Customer Relationship Management Conference & Exposition: Dec 12-14, 2001, Los Angeles Convention Center ...more.

Computex Taipei 2001 - TAIPEI INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER SHOW--TWTC EXHIBITION HALL - JUNE 4-8, The 21st Taipei International Computer Show (2001, June 3-7)

COMDEX Fall (Las Vegas) is less than 45 days away!

Build Or Buy Notes... Windows Problems -

DSL Modem compatibility with SWBELL & Windows XP using WinXP Built In DSL Driver Software (PPPoE).  (9/29/2001) ...more. ...more.

Windows 98 and Windows Me Error Message Resource ...more.

Printer Problems - How to Troubleshoot Spool32 Error Messages (Q191949) ...more.

Windows Decisions 2002
Windows 2000 dnscache
Win2000 DNS problems - ISP-DNS Archive dnscache
Flushing local DNS cache - ISP-Win2k Archive dnscache
ActiveWin2k Windows 2000
ActiveWin2k- Bugs Fixed In Windows 2000 SP 3 dnscache (5-14-01)
Windows NT-2000 Channel
Windows 2000 Downloads
Windows 2000 Event Log Errors
  1. images/bullet2.gifWin2000 Event Logs
  2. Windows Help

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: dnscache
Event Category: None
Event ID: 11050
Date: 9/29/2001
Time: 9:29:27 PM
User: N/A
Computer: PC_NAME
The DNS Client service could not contact any DNS servers for a repeated number of attempts. For the next 30 seconds the DNS Client service will not use the network to avoid further network performance problems. It will resume its normal behavior after that. If this problem persists, verify your TCP/IP configuration, specifically check that you have a preferred (and possibly an alternate) DNS server configured. If the problem continues, verify network conditions to these DNS servers or contact your network administrator.
Data: 0000: b4 05 00 00 ´...

  1. Fdisk Does Not Recognize Full Size of Hard Disks Larger than 64 GB (Q263044)
  2. Post: New index.html pages (web5.html, indexweb6x.html)
  3. attack_1.pps - WTC Remembrance: patriotism.html link
  4. Link: ppt viewer & html. OK
  5. Laptop Pics? - Gus Hrncir
  6. Laptop article - Printer Friendly ver.
  7. Build Specs: xls to html - Done!
  8. Link: Excel Viewer - Done!
  9. defrag.html - HD Defrag Utilities
  10. diagnostics.html - PC Computer Diagnostics
  11. Reading QIC Files: WinMe, M/S BackUp or Seagate Desktop 98.
  12. Load: floppies of BuildOrBuy Pics



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