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PC Computer Technology News Updates: 

Dateline: Wed 09-19-01

Notes... And Discussion Topics: 

Keep your AntiVirus current and your Firewall Up! Also... Expect to see several new products around the time WinXP ships.

  1. Firewall: ZoneAlarm Configuration -

  2. security.html - LAN Security Precautions
  3. LapTop Upgrades: Potentials!
  4. 9-11-2001.html - Attack On America: Be Safe America - LAN Security
  5. What we can do individually & collectively. 
  6. From Sam McJunkin: World Trade Center - Minoru Yamasaki - Great Buildings Online
  7. Compassion - We Shall Overcome. Business Shall Continue! The Human Factor...
  8. BRIAN LIVINGSTON (CRASH TEST DUMMIES): "Window Manager" from InfoWorld.com, Monday, September 17, 2001



PCPitStop.com - XP Readiness Test - Test My PC




Technology News & Trends To Watch: 


Reminder - Windows XP Dates To Watch (As of 8-21-01): 

    1. Friday, 08-24-2001 -  XP Gold Code: Microsoft previously told computer manufacturers expect final code Aug. 22, then pushed back delivery for final tweaking.

      1. Desktop Real Estate (Competing Icon Placements)
    2. Cancelled: September 15th, 2001 - Houston, TX: XP Preinstallation Training - Preinstalling Microsoft Windows XP Professional using the OEM Preinstallation Kit (Nationwide - Sept 6 thru Oct 13 @ selected locations)
    3. September 24th, 2001- New PCs shipping with XP Installed
    4. October 25th, 2001- Public Retail Launch: Packaged Software


Storage :


Security Solutions: 

God Bless America! taps.mid

Trade Shows:

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