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 The Build Or Buy Group Network
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PC Computer Technology News Updates: 

Dateline: Wed 08-22-01

Check back often for crucial updates! As the news builds each week, we'll continue updating this page until the above date expires. After that date, we start a new!

Discussion Topics: 

  1. Getting Ready to Build PC Overview +

  2. Win XP Pro & Win 2000 Pro Comparisons & Differences - Joe Whinery

  3. Creative Labs - Audigy Sound Cards - New Chipset replaces EMU 10k1  

    Our Take: 24 bit / 96KHz Sounds ProSumer. Hope the specs live up to the specs! ;) Expect Audigy.com to go live soon since Creative Labs owns the domain name!


  4. Maxtor 40 Gig USB 2 HD 
  5. M/B Chipsets 
  6. Curent Component Prices & Specs
  7. And More Technology News Updates! 
  8. PC Build next week! - 



  • Creative Audigy Sound Cards - Audigy chipset

  • HP - DVD+RW Drive (dvd100i) Shipping in September For $599 SRP!
  • Maxtor 40 Gig USB 2 HD 
  • SeaSound ProAudio Interface - As of 6/29/01 SeaSound.com is Out Of Business!

...SeaSound was launched on December 7, 1998 by Tom Oberheim, legendary inventor of electronic musical instruments and audio products, and a core team of seasoned professionals...

None of the info below is functional! The Support FAQ, updated 6/12/01, does function!

SeaSound, LLC 
2955 Kerner Blvd. 
San Rafael, CA 94901, USA 

Ryan Kallus - ryan@seasound.com | sales@seasound.com / 415.485.5124 
Phone:  (415) 485 - 5119 & Fax:  (415) 485 - 39001 

Excerpt from FAQ: 

1.) When will Windows ME, 2000 WDM, XP, NT or GigaSampler drivers be released?

The Solo/Soloist /Expander are currently supporting Win 95, 98 and 98SE. Windows ME, 2000, XP, XP, NT and GigaSampler driver development has been suspended, so no firm date of completion can be given yet. Some users report success with using current driver with ME, but it is not officially supported.

2.) Why can't I get a response to my email or tech support call? 

Since SeaSound is now out of business, callback support is now discontinued.  Firmware upgrades are available however by emailing teo@seasound.com

Our Comments: Drivers ARE available for D/L.

SeaSound.com: Since SeaSound is no longer in business these will be the final versions of the driver releases.




Technology News & Trends To Watch: 

  • Windows XP Dates To Watch (As of 8-21-01): 

    1. This Friday, 08-24-2001 -  XP Gold Code: Microsoft previously told computer manufacturers expect final code Aug. 22, then pushed back delivery for final tweaking.

      1. Desktop Real Estate (Competing Icon Placements)
    2. September 15th, 2001 - Houston, TX: XP Preinstallation Training - Preinstalling Microsoft Windows XP Professional using the OEM Preinstallation Kit (Nationwide - Sept 6 thru Oct 13 @ selected locations)
    3. September 24th, 2001- New PCs shipping with XP Installed
    4. October 25th, 2001- Public Retail Launch: Packaged Software

Note: Microsoft XBox scheduled to ship: Nov. 8 - Competition From Within?


Storage Solutions: 


August Trade Shows: 


Joe Whinery, Gill Boyd & Team, Authors