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PC Computer Technology News Updates: 

Dateline: Wed 08-15-01


Check back often for crucial updates! As the news builds each week, we'll continue updating this page until the above date expires. After that date, we start a new!

Discussion Topics: 

  1. PCIsig.org - PC Technology Trends - PCI 3.0... AMD 3GIO & AMD Hypertransport -

  2. CD-R / CD-RW BURN-Proof List Of Drives -
  3. Code Red Problems... 
  4. Drivers: How To Know Where To Go And When...
  5. Windows XP Follow Up - Windows XP 64-Bit Edition - In The Works!
  6. From Racy Sanford, Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide -
  7. Windows 2000 Pro Installation, Problems, Headaches & Successes

    1. Maxtor Knowledge Base - http://maxtor.custhelp.com/
    2. Area1394.com: IEEE 1394 Firewire - fireLINE™ PCI ComboCard -
  8. PCmag.com - 10 Technologies To Watch - (08-12-01)
    1. Nanotechnology - 
    2. Alternative Energy - EyeForEnergy.com | FuelCellsForEnergy.com | 
      1. What's in a Name? See ARPA-DARPA @ http://www.darpa.mil/
    3. Holographic Storage - 
    4. Light-Speed Networks - Fiber IS NOW! 
    5. Information Security - 
    6. Electronic Paper - 
    7. Biotechnology - 
    8. Robotics - 
    9. Virtual Reality - 
    10. Natural Language - 
  9. Need RAM? Crucial.com -
  10. Desktop Customization - Build Or Buy Desktop Wallpaper






Technology News & Trends To Watch: 

Copy Protection - From O/S To ProAudio To Audio CD's


Copy Protection - Our Thoughts

Where are we going with Copy Protection? What does this really mean to users? Two trends in business are becoming more prevalent.

  1. The New Business Model - Do they want our Business or our Money? 

  2. Security - 
    1. For Business - Look to those who hold the keys. Your problem may be closer to home than you want to admit. Holding customers / users hostage for your own misguided truths... Where do you think this will lead to? Just go ahead and lock everything including the front door. Business goes where it is wanted and stays where it is appreciated!
    2. For Users / Consumers - Do Businesses really worry about THEIR security? Or do they really tell us, "We want you money NOW. Our product works AS IS. Do not change anything and expect help from us unless you're willing to pay more!" What do you think those Vendor System Restore Disks do to your system? Ever tried one? Our point exactly!

      The real question is NOT about THEIR alleged security. The real question is about OUR support. Retail products - Microsoft support. OEM products - OEM support, not Microsoft. Go figure.

We'll comment more on this Wed. with examples. See if you see what we're seeing as the new business model practiced on us, the user. Can business get away with this? Just say no. It's easier to KEEP a customer than to get a new one. Funny how that works.




Storage Solutions: 


- A proprietary technology, which helps protect from Buffer Under Run Errors while burning CD-R/CD-RW's. BURN-Proof stands for Buffer Under RuN error Proof.

BURN-Proof, developed by SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., is the technique to record the end point of the data and the following data beginning point without the gap even if the write error (Buffer Under Run Error) which occurs by data forwarding from host (PC) cutting temporarily while writing of the data from the CD-R/RW drive to the CD-R/RW media.

BURN-Proof prevents the record failure of CD-R/RW and it is remarkable as technology to make it be possible to use safely as the back-up media of choice.

When product has passed verification, it is issued an authorization proof and a product name as mentioned in the authorization product list. Note Firmware Version on Certification List. See Drive Manufacturer regarding Firmware Revisions. System Solution Center Tochigi Co., Ltd.; 'BURN-Proof' is a Trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.


Further News: 

CineBOXX is the first Microsoft Windows 2000-based system to offer I/O and PCI bus architectures for uncompressed 2K digital film playback, and in combination with Commander delivers breakthrough performance in the film post world.


Gill Boyd, Author 



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