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PC Computer Technology News Updates: 

Dateline: Wed 08-08-01

We've been busy with a Workstation upgrade, O/S & Hardware. Check back soon for crucial updates! As the news builds each week, we'll continue updating this page until the above date expires. After that date, we start a new!

Discussion Topics: 

Windows XP Professional Upgrade from Win2000 Pro... 

  1. O/S Changes - Which Windows Is Right For You? Similarities & Differences

  2. Chipsets Rule! What Chipset To Use & Why 
  3. Review Of Build Procedures - 
  4. Member Questions... As always! 
  5. The NEXT Build Or Buy CD... Soon!
  6. The Digital Audio Workstation - The PC-DAW Book - (08-03-2001)
    • Covering "How to Build, Optimize and Maintain a PC Based Digital Audio Workstation"
  7. Specials - TBA! 



    Based on last weeks' Q&A - Who needs large HD's? After our prior discussion of Maxtor's Big Drive initiative of Petabyte size HD's and you ask why? We wanna know when we can get it & where! So how does this leave us with SerialATA due by 2003? We're not sure yet.

  • ExtremeTech.com - Big Disk Faceoff - (July 24, 2001)

Intel finally giving up the ghost on Rambus? No more subsidies to purchase Rambus Ram? Intel is finally coming out with a new DDR Chipset after the 1st of the year 2002. The first edition of that Intel 845 Chipset will olny have PC133 Ram Supprt enabled even though DDR support is said to alreday be built-in. Version 2 of the 845 Chipset will be DDR enabled. Now who leads the pack? Way to go AMD!

Next battle appears to be coming from the PCI SIG over the next great leap for the PCI Bus transition - Intel or AMD? Wanna take bets?

Win2000 Users having problems with VIA Chipsets & AGP Video cards should get the Win2000 SP2 which now properly recognizes and configures VIA / AGP, thus alleviating any previous problems.



Sonic Foundry's VideoFactory 2.0 - SAVE 50%! - ONLY THROUGH AUGUST 10 - Save 50% on VideoFactory 2.0 and receive 1001 Sound Effects CD FREE!

List price $99.95, get yours for ONLY $49.98! 


So Teac / Tascam bought NemeSys Music, what does that mean to us users? Still waiting for a Win2000 application upgrade? Wait on... We'll share more as we can. For now, all special offers are gone. Let's just hope Tascam keeps the technology of NemeSys GigaStudio affordable! Too many great technologies are bought only to be killed. Please not this one!

According to Microsoft, Windows XP Professional Upgrade Edition will be available October 25th for an estimated retail price of $199.00 U.S. (June 29, 2001) Our Take: Buyer Beware!


Technology News & Trends To Watch: 

Copy Protection - Challenged / Response Installation a.k.a. Windows Product Activation

Sonic Foundry products utilize the Challenged / Response Installation. I do NOT like it but it works for both of us! Sonic Foundry products always work everytime, anytime!

People will either accept copy protection or not. If you make a customer mad, guess what they won't use anymore? Your product! All this can possibly acheive is to keep honest people honest.

Besides, business will go where it is wanted and stay where it is appreciated. Funny how that works too! Think of it as power of the purse! Time is money. We don't waste either resource on purpose. Microsoft, you guys listening - We change hardware on a regular basis! Think outside of your own box in your space on your time, not inside mine! Anti-piracy or Anti-user? EULA, who loves ya baby?


Storage Solutions: 

isitSTORAGE.com - From IsIt.com, The Magazine


Events Watch:  

Windows XP Professional - Don't Get Left Behind! Get ahead of the competition.

"Managing Windows XP Professional" October 24th 2001  @  The New York Marriott Marquis - Early Bird Rate: $395; save $100 if you register by August 15, 2001! (With Michael Miller, award-winning editorial director for Ziff Davis, and Eric Lundquist, Editor-in-Chief of EWEEK Magazine)


By Joe Whinery, Gill Boyd & Team, Authors

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