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PC Computer Technology News Updates:

Dateline: Wed 07-18-01


  1. Mandrake Linux Demo by John Gillstrap, HAL-PC Member
  2. Adaware - OptOut >>> GRC.com


BuildOrBuy Features:  

ProAudio Interfaces, WDM Driver Model, Yamaha's MLAN, etc.

Tradeshows - BuildOrBuy Trade Shows & Seminars List 

PLUG.IN, Presented By Jupiter Media Metrix in association with Billboard Magazine -
The Digital Music Revolution Continues 
July 23-24, NY City, Sheraton Hotel & Towers 


Sound Card Selections - From The Applications' Point Of View! 




Excerpted: Isn't it already possible to drag and drop data to CD-RW?

Yes, packet writing applications are currently available that enable CD-RW drag and drop capability in most major operating systems. What the Mount Rainier initiative changes is that this functionality is targeted to be included in future versions of the Operating Systems, both for reading and writing.

Excerpted: How will CD-RW drives that are not Mount Rainier capable and CD-ROM drives handle the discs?

Only Mount Rainier capable drives will be able to write to the Mount Rainier formatted discs. Other drives, including legacy CD-RW drives, as well as CD-R, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM drives will be able to read the discs. A "defect re-mapping driver" will be needed for these drives, which have to be Multiread compliant. It is expected that the OS vendors will provide the driver.

Excerpted: Is there a relation between this format proposal and DVD-writable formats?
The Mount Rainier group is currently focussing on CD-RW technology only. 


Technology - In The News: 

Excerpted: Housed in Pixar’s 250-seat main theatre, DigiPro projects onto a 16-foot high by 39-foot wide Stewart Ultramatte screen with a screen-to-projector throw distance of 71 feet. DigiPro features 13000 ANSI lumens, a contrast ratio of over 1000:1 and complete compatibility with 720-line and 1080-line HDTV standards. Integrating the latest DLP Cinema technology, DigiPro is a powerful and reliable tool for creative digital filmmaking.

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