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BuildOrBuy News - Wed, 04-17-02
Today's Topics include...

Ed Hanson's Presentations

images/bullet2.gifCombining bootable rescue floppies on to a Single Bootable CD-R or RW disk.

To many rescue disks? Many of our utility programs require separate bootable rescue floppies. To name a few: Partition Magic; Drive Image; Norton AntiVirus & Western Digital Hard Drive Diagnostics. Learn how to composite all of these utility programs on a Single Bootable CD-R or RW disk.


images/bullet2.gifInstant Shutdown W98 SE

Create a shortcut on your Desktop. Right Click, New, Shortcut. Target: C:\Windows\Rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindows

Use the Icon Above for your new Desktop Exit Windows shortcut (stop.ico).

Travel @ your own risk! We will not be responsible for anything if this does not work on your PC!

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