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BuildOrBuy Group Network
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BuildOrBuy News - Wed, 03-20-02
Today's Topics include...

1.) PC Build Review For Next Week's Special PC Build Session - Tools & Procedures

Phillips Screwdriver, Ground Wrist Strap, Flashlight, Bent Needle Nose Piers, extra floppies, extra ATA cables (40 wire or 80 wire ATA/133 cables for bare OEM drives) + CD-ROM Analogue Audio cable. For those using an upgrade version of their Windows Install CD, bring you previous Windows CD but do NOT install it! When in doubt - ask!

2.) File Management from Joe Whinery - www.Ztree.com

3.) Creative Audigy & Windows XP Home / Pro appears to currently be a bad combination. WDM Probably driver related.

Creative's Response:
images/lime_bullet.gifCreative Labs Americas: Knowledge Base Document ID: 959 - Occasional system lock up with squealing noise... Sound Blaster Audigy; Sounds like fun? (3/15/2002).

Two Ways To Purchase Diskeeper -
1.) Diskeeper
Defrag Utility Special Offer... We have started a pre-order signup sheet. You'll have to attend BuildOrBuy live to signup in person! Favorable pricing will be extended to those who signup in person as well as those BuildOrBuy & HAL-PC Members who attended the Executive Software Diskeeper Presentation

images/bullet2.gifSpecials: Best price we've found so far: $35.00, on-line. Anyone find a better price, please let us know. And don't bother to D/L the eval version! The Eval version has less than stellar performance and is not indicative of Diskeeper 7.0.

2.) A little research reveals Diskeeper 7.0 Workstation Full OEM Single from BuyCheapSoftware for $35.00 Details. We've never done business with them but... That's the best offer we have as of today (2/23/2002).

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