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Weekly Tech Brief Updates For Today!

Patriotism - Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave! Compassion For All!


Joe Whinery has updated our PC Build Specs for this month! Get on the List if you want to Build A PC! The xls spreadsheet file is the latest. We'll get the other supporting docs current this weekend.

Sam McJunkin Fried his "8 Fan Hovercraft". Go figure? Nope! /AGP Video card required resetting. Sometimes they would come lose. That's no longer an issue on these new systems since the New AGP Video cards & NEW M/B AGP slots utilize a hook & pin technique to keep them together.

Next... Question: What's the best way to get 2 Printers connected? Alternatives? On Wed! OK, Print Server.

images/bullet2.gifJasc has a new product - Jasc After Shot. A program designed just for you and your digital camera! Find out more about Jasc After Shot and the special introductory offer (3/5/2002)!

Diskeeper Defrag Utility Special Offer... We have started a pre-order signup sheet. You'll have to attend BuildOrBuy live to signup in person! Favorable pricing will be extended to those who signup in person as well as those BuildOrBuy & HAL-PC Members who attended the Diskeeper Presentation

images/bullet2.gifSpecials: Update... 4.) The Saga Continues... Diskeeper Special Offer to Members ONLY $30.00. Details this Wed 03-06-02 @ BuildOrBuy Live! No email please on this offer! Executive Software

Update... 3.) Famous last words - Guess no news is good news. We have no news from . Silence is Golden? Best price I've found so far: $35.00. Anyone find a better price, please let us know. And don't bother to D/L the eval version! The Eval version has less than stellar performance and is not indicative of Diskeeper 7.0

A little research reveals Diskeeper 7.0 Workstation Full OEM Single from BuyCheapSoftware for $35.00 Details. We've never done business with them but... That's the best offer we have as of today (2/23/2002).

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