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Weekly Tech Brief Updates For Today! 1-16-02

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PowerQuest & AccessData Presentations by Gene Barlow - Data Migration, Security & Restoration / Recovery. 

Gene Barlow will present to our BuildOrBuy Group at 1:00pm at the HAL-PC SIG meeting room. He will be accompanied by his wife and partner, Linda Barlow. Gene has presented to BuildOrBuy several times and is an interesting and informative speaker. This Wednesday, he will focus on the following topics...

Organizing your Hard Drive. This section will introduce everyone to some of the basic ways to organize your hard drive for the best performance, safety, and security. He will also demonstrate the latest version of PartitionMagic v7 so that all can see how easy it is to do some basic organization of your hard drive.

Managing your Operating System. There are many operating systems to choose from today and Gene will show us how easy it is to set up more than one operating system on our hard drive so that we can experience all of them if we choose. He will also show us how to houseclean our operating system to clean up the deadwood stored on our hard drive that causes our systems to crash. Then he will talk about the steps you need to follow to move to a new version of an operating system, for example to WinXP. There are six ways you can get to XP and Gene will describe the best way for you to do this.

Protecting your Hard Drive. In organizing your hard drive, you need to plan on how you are going to protect your drive from a hardware or software crash. This means backing up your system on a regular basis. Gene will show you the latest techniques to easily backup your entire hard drive and to frequently backup your important data files. The methods he will describe should cost you little lost time and can be automated so you don't have to
think about it. A good backup plan is very important to protecting your hard drive.

Securing your Hard Drive. Your hard drive safely stores your important and private information for you. To prevent loss of your important information, the architecture of hard drives have been designs to keep information longer than you want or need it. In fact, with the proper tools, your hard drive contains a wealth of information about you that you thought you deleted months ago. If someone should get access to your hard drive, they could retrieve this lost data and find out all of your personal information. The only way to clear off this private information from your hard drive is to periodically wipe the drive with zeros using some special utilities.

Gene will bring with him handouts and door prizes. In addition, he will have products available to sell to the audience at the deeply discounted user group price. So, bring your checkbook and your friends and enjoy the afternoon learning all the hidden secrets about your hard drives.


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