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Weekly Tech Brief Updates For Today! 01-02-02

Patriotism - Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave! Compassion For All!

Happy New Year!

Even though we have no meeting today, we have a few things to share!

images/bullet2.gifIf I Were Building a Computer Today… by Joe Whinery

Heard the latest about Be? We wrote an article in October 1999, "Be Four Five or Be Gone…" and now, exiting stage left: Founder Gassee leaves Be (1/2/2002).

Although Promise OEM ATA/133 Controllers shipped weeks ago, the Retail versions are just now showing up @ CompUSA Stores.

images/bullet2.gifIntel P4 MB List Updates...

We Thank you for your continued support of BuildOrBuy! We look forward to your participation and seeing you next week, Wed, 1-3 PM! Our Presentation then will be from Larry Trochesset. Curious? Email him for details!

images/bullet2.gifDigital Video: Dual Duel - Six dual-CPU workstations reviewed (12/29/01).

images/bullet2.gifFrom Barry Woolbright: HardwareCentral - Reports - Weekly Platform Trends Picking the Ideal High-End Platform - Features Drivers Pros and Cons for Eight Intel and AMD Chipsets (12/29/01).


images/bullet2.gifNext Week...

images/bullet2.gifWindows XP Highlights... Firewall, Video & FAT to NTFS Conversions.

images/bullet2.gifUnderstanding How To Diagnose & Remove SPAM!

images/bullet2.gifUnderstanding How To Diagnose & Remove SPAM!

images/bullet2.gifRoyalty Free, Buy Out Music For Your Audio / Video Project or SF Acid Tracks Library additions.

images/bullet2.gifData Recovery Links

images/bullet2.gifCopy Controls we loath to hate! 

images/bullet2.gifFirewall Discussion

tecChannel VIA-chipsets slow down PCI cards? (12/21/01)

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Urgent Browser Security Notice – Immediate Action Recommended?
Bowser Security Issues? .Net - Got Your PassPort? How 'Bout Dot NOT!

images/bullet2.gifMicrosoft TechNet: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-055 - Cumulative Patch for IE (Ah Oh Chango!)

images/bullet2.gifSafe Internet Microsoft Privacy and Security Fundamentals:

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