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Volume I, Issue No.14 AUGUST 2, 1995


Adaptec Promoting High-speed Serial Bus Interface for Desktop Computers

Adaptec, the industry leader in input/output (I/O) technology, announced a licensing agreement with Apple Computer, Inc. The agreement will enable Adaptec to use Apple's FireWire technology to develop products capable of interfacing with a new class of peripherals. FireWire makes this possible by providing a high-speed serial bus with isochronous data transfer rates up to 400Mbps. In addition, FireWire offers a common easy connection to both consumer electronic peripherals such as digital VCRs and video cameras, and traditional computer peripherals such as optical drives and hard disk drives.

As a FireWire licensee, Adaptec will use Apple's FireWire technology as a basis for future products. Adaptec supports the emerging Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 1394 standard as the optimal high performance serial I/O solution for the desktop PC. Apple's FireWire technology is compatible with the IEEE 1394 standard.

"FireWire [is] a key enabler for entertainment and new media. We are very happy to be working with Adaptec on this important program," said Satjiv Chahil, vice president of New Media & Entertainment for Apple Computer, Inc.

Today's multimedia applications require real-time data transfer which can only be achieved through a dramatic increase in bus bandwidth and isochronous (time dependent; occurs in real time) mode communications. Most existing solutions fail to meet these requirements because they are not designed for high-speed data transfer and operate asynchronously (unsynchronized events, resulting in loss of data stream or dropped video frames). FireWire, in contrast, provides isochronous service that guarantees latency while providing the bandwidth needed for imaging, video and other streaming data.

FireWire supports up to 63 devices on a single bus, making it the ideal interconnect for multimedia applications. With FireWire, connecting to a device is as easy as plugging in a telephone jack. In addition, FireWire provides users with the ability to "hot plug" devices. "Hot plugging" allows users to instantly connect devices without first turning off their PC.


FireWire-fast, real-time and inexpensive. The essence of personal I/O for the next century!

Adaptec's implementation of FireWire is expected to make the standard more widely available on PCs in the future, giving peripheral developers an assurance of ports for connectivity to every platform.

"Adaptec licensed FireWire because we believe that desktops will require new levels of performance and ease of use as they become more consumer oriented," said S. Sundaresh, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's Personal I/O division.

Founded in 1981, Adaptec is a recognized market leader in high-performance I/O technology. They currently employ approximately 1,800 people, and with their global distribution network, serve customers worldwide. Adaptec and IOware are trademarks of Adaptec, Inc. FireWire and FireWire Logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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