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Volume I, Issue No.12 JULY 26, 1995



Removable Gigabyte Disks, Unlimited Capacity At Less Than $500 from Iomega

The new Jaz drive - a one-gigabyte removable drive, still underdevelopment, providing virtually unlimited capacity, willbegin shipping by the end of this year. Prices, as low as $499,are expected to be in line with today's fixed hard drives, andoffer users one of the highest-capacity, fastest and most versatiledisk drives for desktop and mobile computing.

Iomega expects the Jaz drive to find considerable acceptance atthe high end of the home and small office/home office markets,where memory intensive applications such as multimedia, graphics,online services, games, and education programs make expandablestorage a necessity. The Jaz drive is also ideal for 'power-user'markets such as video and audio production, electronic and desktoppublishing, graphics, CAD/CAM and Fortune 1000 business. The 3.5-inchgigabyte Jaz disks are expected to sell as low as $99 each.When users need additional hard drive space, they simply use anotherJaz disk. The drive is capable of operating with virtually anydesktop system ranging from Windows, Windows 95, Macintosh andOS/2 formats to high-end workstations.

Mr. Gill Boyd, Speaker / Journalist CSN News Email:

A one-gigabyte Jaz disk will store and play: a movie (MPEG1 compressed),up to eight hours of CD quality audio, up to eight minutes ofbroadcast quality video, up to two hours of MPEG1 compressed DSSsatellite quality video, a digital family album of more than 1504x5 color photographs, or more than 20,000 scanned documents fordocument imaging. "People's Mouths Will Water" "Jazopens up a new kind of usage for our systems," said MatthiasZahn, founder of FAST

Multimedia, a leading developer of non-linear video editing systemsusing the IBM-compatible PC platform. "In one package, itoffers the benefits of a high-capacity hard disk, portabilityand is as easy and interchangeable as a VCR tape. Consumers willget infinite capacity from disks that are removable and portablefor easier editing and transport and faster transfer rates ata price significantly less than anything on the market.


"Our customers range from hobbyist musicians to recordingartists who want to store digital audio directly onto a high-capacitymedium," said Steve Claflin, vice president of marketingfor Ensoniq, a Pennsylvania manufacturer of electronic music keyboardsand multimedia sound cards. "In the past, this has meantusing expensive fixed media. Jaz brings high capacity and portability,which makes it a real breakthrough for digital audio recording."


The Jaz drive is simply unmatched in the removable storage industry.It delivers 12 millisecond average seek time, 17.5 millisecondaverage access time and has a 256 kilobyte read/write cache. Witha sustained transfer rate of up to 6.73 megabytes per second anda 10-megabyte-per-second synchronous SCSI transfer rate. Jaz isfast enough to deliver full-screen, full-motion video. As a backupsolution, it can transfer a gigabyte of information in as littleas five minutes, making it ideal for either desktop or networkservers. And the Jaz drive is highly reliable, offering 250,000hours of MTBF. The external drive itself is extremely portableand attractive. Weighing just two pounds, it fits easily intoa briefcase or computer carrying case.

For further info, 1-800-MY-STUF.

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