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Building & Buying a PC

Volume I, Issue No.11 JULY 19, 1995

KISS! Method--


I. Verify integrity of system

A. Make sure system works, as is. Document what you areworking with.

1. Plug system in & turn on.

Watch boot up sequence. If ok, proceed.

2. Hookup printer (for hard copy results).

3. Create a bootable floppy disk on A drive.

4. Create diagnostic file by running MSD at DOS prompt. Donot run MSD from a DOS Window in Windows! Save results tothe bootable floppy.

5. Boot disk should contain appropriate hard drive formattingprogram(s). (fdisk & format)

To double check HD parameters, follow next step.

6. Reboot computer.

i. Go into system BIOS routine during boot up sequence.

ii. Go to the setup menu showing hard drive parameters.

Press Print Screen to dump info. to printer. Once you havecovered all bases on documenting current configuration, proceedas follows:

II. Take inventory of parts

A. Hardware ID

1. Identify new hard drive to be installed.

2. Dual hard drive controller cable.

3. Jumper pins. May be necessary for configuring a 2 HD installation.

4. Mounting brackets and or screws.

5. Extra power cable, if needed.

B. Software

i. Boot disk

ii. Licensed copy of installation software.

iii. Licensed copies of other programs to be installed.

C. Tools

1. Phillips screw driver & needle nose pliers.

III. Proceed with installation

A. Safety first

1. Turn system off & unplug.

2. Remove case cover.

3. Unplug power cables & controller cables from existing harddrive(s).

4. Place drive on a firm flat surface close to computer.

Physical installation of hard drive into case will be doneafter HD operation is verified.

5. Plug cables into new drive. The physical C drive usually goeson the end of ribbon cable. Next connector closest to C drivewill accomadate D drive.

Verify what you have done, always!

6. Place boot disk into the boot drive.

B. Power Up!

1. For older PC's, turn system on & go into BIOS setup routine.

2. For hard drive parameters, change settings to reflect new harddrive configuration.

3. Exit BIOS setup routine & save changes.

4. System will now proceed to boot.

5. You will now run appropriate hard drive Fdisk & Formatprograms.

When you see "MS DOS Starting" on screen, press F5.At DOS prompt, type: fdisk & press enter on keyboard--followmenu. After fdisk, then repeat to F5, type format drive:/u/s to configure HD for new apps.

6. After new hard drive is setup & installed go back and add2nd hard drive to your configuration. Jumpers & dual controllercable required for 2 Hard Drives.

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